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Robert Lawson

I have also contacted MIS about doing a track day out there in the Fall. The idea is a pre Daytona test for those serious about finding a hot set up.

This would be an Oval Only Test. Anyone serious about contending at Daytona would find this a 1 of a kind opportunity regardless of class or kart type.”

The Speedway is currently looking into the dates I sent them. I have been corresponding with them this week, no issue has been brought up about running ONLY the Oval with karts.

Obviously nothing in stone yet but I don’t want to waste my time and theirs for nothing. So….

This may be a bucket list gig guys. Where else will you get the opportunity to run a Super Speedway without a road course?

It brings back fond childhood memories of the “Speed Runs” at Daytona back in the 70’s. I spoke with Bob Cole about this today, he has some memories of this long lost opportunity  as well. After practice day concluded you could pay a fee and run what ya brung, one kart at a time, and set an average speed (lap speed). My Pops got a Certificate from the Speedway “100 mph Club” as he ran 118 in a Margay C-Open owned by Gene Kurlonko. Geno had just run 112.5 (he was much bigger than my Pop’s) in the same kart and gave Pop’s some “pointers” on what not to do to go fast! No body work in those days, and they ran 100+ on Good Year Blue Streaks and Carlisle Super Slicks. That alone was nuts!

So think about it, I’ll update Y’all when I know more.