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Robert Lawson

Back out there today and glued up the “skin” panels on the model. This isn’t the quickest form of Modeling but its dirt cheap. We have many Composite Supply Shops nearby with all the junk you can think of to use but its not at all cheap. And, we are making this “moldless” because its simply a test bit so its much much cheaper than a full blow model-mold-part production.

If you want to follow this (Part 3 video up now) or other stuff we’re doing just keep an eye on the YT channel:


There are almost 200 videos on there, helmet cam… some tech/mech/fab, DIY stuff, Big Daddy even thumps you with some Scripture now and again! We have over a dozen different playlists of things to look at. Overdue for a “Garage Talk” clip with the Bro’s!!!! Soon, very soon!!!

I hope Y’all are working on yer stuff…. if not, come over and help me!!!

Be back tomorrow!!!