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Robert Lawson

It was cold out there today so my play time was short! Getting the kart ready for April – 1 project at a time!!!

I shot a quick video, it uploaded OK but is being delayed in the publishing process. I’ll post it when its done.

The past week has been very productive. Cleaned the joint up and consolidated much of the stuff in the Garage. Well overdue. Moved a bunch of things over to Rich’s place, we will do glass and paint in his Garage!!!! Found our old banner, it was a mess. Had been rolled up and sitting for 10-12 years with tire dust from the Indoor karting place on it. I finally got it looking respectable and hung it on the wall. Think we had that made in like 98′ for the Troy OH Winter swap meet, displayed all the bodywork in the stands at the Ice Rink!!! Good Times! Also found a bunch of framed pics, rolls of developed pics, plaques & trophies…. a bunch of junk! The Garage is getting to feel more like the old place now.

So, just a heads up, we have just 9 weeks until April 13-14 so start making plans. In a few weeks I’ll come to wake Y’all from yer slumber and start collecting!

Movies comin’



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