Flying Solo: Tiffany Kelly Samples the Stars Championship Series

In karting, you’re never really ‘going at it alone’

Jan 17, 2023
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As most people know, racing is not always sunshine and rainbows.  Besides the glorious moments of euphoria when standing on a makeshift podium, holding a priceless plastic trophy, spraying a cheap bottle of champagne, racing can be one of the most tasking endeavors anyone can undertake.  Yet, I have found that the grueling process of […]

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Making History: The Kellys Take on the Park

Tiffany Kelly is back with a new installment of her intro into karting

Nov 30, 2022
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A new column series has been established by new karter Tiffany Kelly. 2022 was a full dive into the sport on the competitive level, hitting major events throughout the country. Her first column – Leveling Up – provided the background of her journey into the sport. Now, in the second installment, she’s discusses the opportunity […]

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Oct 06, 2021
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October is known worldwide as ‘Breast Cancer Awareness’ month. Karting, as a sport, would not be what it is today with the many influential, inspiring, and dedicated women. Be it the many mothers and grandmothers there each weekend supporting their family, the very talented female drivers who continue to make history year after year, or […]

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May 13, 2020
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Article by Blake Hunt Lifers. The karting paddock is filled with people who have spent the majority of their lives either in the seat or with a wrench in their hands. In a way, that says something about our sport and how it consumes a person. Once you’re in, the thought of being absent from […]

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