Registrations are Accepted for the WSK Final Cup. Unique Carburetor for MINI Gr.3

Registrations are open for the WSK Final Cup, with two rounds scheduled on November 19th in Lonato featuring the MINI, OKJ, OK, KZ2, X30J, and X30S categories, and on November 26th in Franciacorta with the MINI, OKJ, OK, KZ2, OKN and OKNJ categories.

MINI CARBURETOR: For the double event of the WSK Final Cup in Lonato and Franciacorta, WSK Promotion has announced that the exclusive use of the DELL’ORTO carburetor is mandatory for the MINI Gr.3 and Gr.3 Under 10 categories.



1st Rd 19/11/2023 LONATO / MINI – OKJ – OK – KZ2 – X30J – X30S

2nd Rd 26/11/2023 FRANCIACORTA / MINI – OKJ – OK – KZ2 – OKN – OKNJ

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