EXGEL Motorsport Announced as Title Sponsor for 2024 Rotax Racing Season in the USA in Collaboration with J3 Competition

EXGEL Motorsport becomes Title Sponsor for 2024 Rotax racing in USA (Photo: Kazuhisa Masuda)

After a highly successful 2023 season of Rotax kart racing in the United States, hosted by the revered J3 Competition, an exciting new chapter unfolds as EXGEL Motorsport enters the spotlight. In a joint announcement, J3 Competition and EXGEL Motorsport proudly revealed that the Japanese powerhouse will take on the role of the series Title Sponsor for 2024 and beyond.

EXGEL Motorsport, renowned for their cutting-edge products designed to enhance driver performance and protection, including rib vests, padding, and neckwear, also stands as a leader in fostering young driver development. Starting in 2024, all J3 Competition-hosted events will be marked by a close-knit collaboration between the series and EXGEL, aiming to expand its footprint while fostering global engagement.

“EXGEL epitomizes excellence in their niche within the motorsports industry. Their visionary approach aligns seamlessly with J3 Competition’s mission. Together, we are committed to offering a professional and cost-effective platform for all karting enthusiasts, while simultaneously creating a unique opportunity through our USA-Japan driver exchange program. EXGEL’s support will further fortify the series, allowing us to enhance various facets of the program,” said J3 Competition.

In the United States, J3 Competition will oversee, in partnership with their global ally, 1AIM, the EXGEL driver exchange program. This program will select three talented competitors – one each from Mini MAX, Junior MAX, and Senior MAX categories – to represent the United States at an event in the MAX CHAMP series in Japan. EXGEL’s backing will provide these selected drivers with valuable support and sponsorship. In turn, three Japanese drivers will have the opportunity to compete in the United States in these categories, forging a remarkable alliance and unforgettable experiences.

From the Japanese side, EXGEL will have its long-time ambassador and past Rotax Grand Finals winner turned Super GT GT500 standout, Ukyo Sasahara assisting in the program. EXGEL and Rotax have been very important to Ukyo during his career and the new collaboration created will allow Uyko the ability to share his experience with this new generation of talent.

With more exhilarating news to be unveiled in the coming weeks, one thing is sure: mark your calendars for the Race Rotax US Trophy East series, US Trophy West series, and US Trophy Final events. Come join us in this thrilling venture, as we embark on this dynamic partnership between EXGEL and J3 Competition on the exciting journey of driver exchange programs.

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