EKN Trackside: 2023 Rotax Max Challenge US Trophy Final – Preview

Twelve Rotax Grand Finals tickets up for grabs at New Castle Motorsports Park

The second edition of the Rotax Max Challenge US Trophy Final is set for this weekend – September 15-17 – at the New Castle Motorsports Park. Rotaxians from around the United States and handful of countries from around the world will converge on the New Castle, Indiana for a chance to take home victory, and the 12 tickets to the 2023 Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals up for grabs.

The format for the Rotax US Trophy Final has changed from the 2022 edition, continuing with the same five categories; Micro MAX, Mini MAX, Junior MAX, Senior MAX and Masters MAX. Competitors who took part in the two regional programs – US Trophy Series West and US Trophy Series East – have earned a spot on the ‘Reserved’ list competing for RMCGF tickets in their respective categories. The remaining drivers are fighting for the ‘Open’ tickets for a chance to compete at the Bahrain International Karting Circuit in Sakhir, Bahrain from December 2-9.

2023 RMC US Trophy Final Prize Package

Micro: 1st USA Ticket; 2nd $1000 Rotax Voucher; 3rd $750 Rotax Voucher
Mini: 1st Open Ticket, 2nd Open Ticket; 3rd Reserved Ticket
Junior: 1st Open Ticket, 2nd Reserved Ticket, $1000 Rotax Voucher
Senior: 1st Open Ticket, 2nd Reserved Ticket, 3rd Open Ticket (DD2), 4th Reserved Ticket (DD2)
Masters: 1st Open Ticket; 2nd Reserved Ticket; 3rd $1000 Voucher

Oliver Hodgson seeking a second straight victory in Senior MAX (Photo: EKN)

The largest category with 33 drivers representing seven different countries is Senior MAX. A total of four tickets are up for grabs with high profile drivers in the field – including nine in the top-50 of the EKN TaG Driver Rankings presented by Skip Barber Racing School. Among them is Ryan Norberg (Kosmic), a former Team USA member who led at the 2019 Rotax Grand Finals in Italy before contact took him out. A US Rotax title is missing from his historic CV. The driver who won this event last year, British driver Oliver Hodgson (CompKart) is back to defend his crown, already coming in having won a Rotax Grand Finals ticket at the Canada Final program. Among the drivers to watch with a ‘Reserved’ spot are last year’s Junior winner and West series top driver Cooper O’Clair (CompKart), Race Liberante (Kart Republic), Macy Williams (Gillard), East series top driver Aidan Lourenco (Kosmic) and Canadian Griffin Dowler. Those also gunning for victory including Aidan Fox (Kosmic), Dalton Hanes (TB Kart), recent King of the Rock double winner Chase Jones (Kart Republic), Frankie Mossman (LN Racing Kart), and Brazilian Diego Ramos (Birel ART).

The Junior MAX division is on the verge of breaking into the 30s with 29 set to battle at New Castle. Last year’s winner Cooper O’Clair has moved up, opening the door for a new winner in 2023. Nixx Eggleston (Exprit) and Wesley Gundler (Kosmic) are the West and East series champions respectively, leading the 11 drivers on the ‘Reserved’ list. Among them is last year’s Team USA member Ben Hernandez (LN Racing Kart), who finished third a year ago at New Castle. A long list of contenders in the ‘Open’ slot, including Jackson Wolny (Redspeed), recent Route 66 Sprint Series champion Austin Olds (Kart Republic), Ty Fisher (TB Kart), Nathan Dupuis (Redspeed), Turner Brown (Redspeed) and Diego Ardiles (Tony Kart). Brown and Ardiles have already won at NCMP at the recent SKUSA SummerNationals event in this direction. Canadian Lucas Deslongchamps (Kart Republic), who finished second in Mini Max last year, has a Rotax Grand Finals ticket already from the Canadian Open.

Gage Korn vying to repeat in Mini MAX (Photo: EKN)

The Mini MAX field is 18 drivers deep, featuring more big names from the USA. Defending race winner Gage Korn (Kart Republic) is back for a chance to repeat and leads the seven drivers on the ‘Reserved’ list. Matteo Quinto (Tony Kart) came away with the West title. Three drivers who represented Team USA last year at the Rotax Grand Finals are also on the list, including two that have graduated up to Mini. Last year’s winner Marco Sammut (LN Racing Kart) has been improving each weekend throughout 2023 and finished third in the East series program. Luke Kanjanapitak (Praga) won his ticket at the Rotax Winter Trophy USA last year and is looking to gain one of the three RMCGF tickets up for grabs this weekend. Fion Shi (Gillard) was part of Team USA a year ago as well. Isaac Malcuit (Birel ART) is among the top drivers in the ‘Open’ list – a multi-time winner at NCMP in Cadet racing.

Seven of the 11 drivers in the Masters MAX class this weekend are on the ‘Reserved’ list. Derek Wang (LN Racing Kart) – the new ‘Captain America’ has been part of Team USA 11 times, and already has a ticket from the Canada Final program. Billy Cleavelin (Kosmic), Wang and Christopher Mann (Kosmic) were the top drivers in the West program, while former Team USA member John Bonanno (CompKart), Ray Banach (CompKart) and Chris McGinley (CompKart) showed the way in the East series. Of those six, Banach is making his US Trophy Final debut. Defending race winner Danillo Ramalho is not on the entry list, but runner-up Laurentiu Mardan (Tecno Kart) is returning, leading the list of ‘Open’ drivers.

One lone ticket is available in the Micro MAX division. Last year’s winner Marco Sammut has moved up, with only two drivers in the field of 12 returning from last year. Cam Becker (Kart Republic) finished fourth with Conner Lypka (CompKart) placed seventh a year ago. Standing out in the entry list is Lucas Palacio (Kart Republic). The young driver has shined in the Mini division across the country – earning a SKUSA Pro Tour title this year. The age limit of 8-11 allows for Palacio to compete in the Micro division, similar to what we saw with Brent Crews back in 2018 when he went on to win the Rotax Grand Finals to become the third different USA driver to claim a victory – Juan Manual Correa (Senior) in 2013 and Diego LaRoque (Micro) in 2016. Enzo DiGennaro (Kart Republic) – who claimed the East series title – is coming off victory at the USPKS event in Ohio last month. Gage Grant (Nitro Kart) took top honors in the West series. Danny O’Gara (Kart Republic) is another one to watch, defending Indiana home turf.

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Provisional Senior MAX Entry List

No. Driver Chassis Nation Reserved
332 Josh Bethune CompKart NZL
322 Jeremy Cooper OTK USA X
355 Lai Dali Kosmic TWN
306 Griffin Dowler Tony Kart CAN X
300 Kai Fassino CompKart USA
313 Aidan Fox Kosmic USA
305 Ben Gaunt Kosmic USA
388 Matthew Goddard Kart Republic USA
389 Dalton Hanes TB Kart USA
362 Chris Harrower CompKart USA X
333 Cam Hill CompKart NZL
359 Oliver Hodgson CompKart GBR
397 Quinn Ian CompKart USA
354 Chase Jones Kart Republic USA
343 Race Liberante Kart Republic USA X
329 Aidan Lourenco Kosmic USA X
302 Frankie Mossman LN Racing Kart USA
348 Ryan Norberg Kosmic USA
321 Cooper O'Clair CompKart USA X
351 Timothy Pernod Birel ART CAN
366 Ian Qiu Falcon CAN
313 Diego Ramos Birel ART BRA
312 Yash Rampal CompKart USA X
357 Tyler Ruth Exprit USA X
303 Raif Shah LN Racing Kart USA
309 Carter Sheets CompKart USA X
398 Matthew Taskinen OTK CAN
357 Ethan Thorne EOS USA
301 Ziming Wang Falcon CAN X
318 Henry Wheeler Birel ART USA
323 Justin White Gillard USA
314 Macy Williams Gillard USA X
319 Jia Zhabin Tony Kart CHN

Provisional Junior MAX Entry List

No. Driver Chassis Nation Reserved
293 Diego Ardiles Tony Kart USA
236 Turner Brown Redspeed USA
251 Landon Cardwell LN Racing Kart USA X
290 Kaylee Countryman CompKart USA X
227 Lucas Deslongchamps Kart Republic CAN
220 Kyle Drysdale Exprit USA X
241 Nathan Dupuis Redspeed CAN
224 Nixx Eggleston Exprit USA X
222 Archer Eversman CompKart USA
219 Luke Fedowitz Gillard USA X
231 Paityn Feyen Exprit USA X
237 Ty Fisher TB Kart CAN
246 Wesley Gundler Kosmic USA X
200 Killian Harris Exprit USA
208 Ben Hernandez LN Racing Kart USA X
250 Mannix Jakubiec Redspeed USA
213 Mason Kuhn Kart Republic USA
207 Sterling MacKenzie Exprit CAN
205 Jake Millan OTK USA
254 Austin Olds Kart Republic USA
222 Sebastian Rist Redspeed USA X
271 Giovanni Santora CompKart USA X
211 Maximillian Spilger Exprit USA X
243 Ethan Tovo Redspeed USA
231 Jackson Tovo Redspeed USA
238 Cole Turney CompKart NZL
295 John Wade Birel ART USA
221 Jasper Wang Falcon CAN
296 Jackson Wolny Redspeed USA

Provisional Mini MAX Entry List

No. Driver Chassis Nation Reserved
197 Jeremy Cyr Birel ART CAN
124 Decklan Deonarine Energy CAN
171 Rayah Grandour Kosmic CAN
108 Luke Kanjanapitak Praga USA X
137 Tyrone Kemper Jr. Birel ART USA
180 Darren Kidd Benik USA X
133 Gage Korn Kart Republic USA X
111 Iago llempen OTK USA
175 Isaac Malcuit Birel ART USA
146 Max Mokarem CompKart USA X
101 Warner Oliver Kart Republic USA
177 Isaac Payn Parolin USA
134 Matteo Quinto Tony Kart USA X
155 Paxton Romero CompKart USA
157 Marco Sammut LN Racing Kart USA X
153 Fion Shi Gillard USA X
179 Benjamin Sosa Parolin USA
101 Oliver Warner Kart Republic GBR

Provisional Masters MAX Entry List

No. Driver Chassis Nation Reserved
629 Ray Banach CompKart USA X
672 John Bonanno CompKart USA X
644 Vincent Carey Kosmic USA
658 Billy Cleavelin Kosmic USA X
633 Mundy Loyer Gillard PER
618 Christopher Mann Kosmic USA X
682 Laurentiu Mardan Tecno Kart USA
671 Chris McGinley CompKart USA X
652 Randy Nelson Birel ART USA X
625 Gary Peterson CompKart USA
688 Derek Wang LN Racing Kart USA X

Provisional Micro MAX Entry List

No. Driver Chassis Nation
16 Cam Becker Kart Republic USA
16 Feliciano Bruschi Parolin USA
90 Enzo DiGennaro Kart Republic USA
15 Gage Grant Nitro Kart USA
79 Hudson Howard Parolin USA
44 Conner Lypka CompKart USA
14 Sterling Mulata Kart Republic USA
36 Holden Myers CompKart USA
67 Danny OGara Kart Republic USA
2 Lucas Palacio Kart Republic USA
7 Lucas Tarango Nitro Kart USA
9 Tyson Underwood CompKart USA
13 William Vetor OTK USA

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