Change in the Organisation of the RMC Euro Trophy

BRP-Rotax as the owner of the Rotax MAX Chal lenge (RMC), the biggest mono-brand race series in the world, announces the change of the organ izer of the RMC Euro Trophy effective from the start of the 2024 season. 

Since 2018, the RMC Euro Trophy is a fixed part in the annual race calendar of the Rotax MAX  Challenge (RMC) and became one of the most important international events of the annual Rotax  racing season. From the 2024 season, the RMCET will be organized by the Team of WSK Promo tion S.r.l. of Luca De Donno, as successor of Meik Wagner of Camp Company.  

“I would like to express our sincere thanks and respect for Meik Wagner for his energy and efforts  over the last 6 years, to evolve the RMC Euro Trophy as one of the most important events on our in ternational racing calendar”, said Peter Oelsinger, General Manager BRP-Rotax/Member of the  Management Board, Vice President Sales, Marketing RPS-Business & Communications. “Meik’s  passion, enthusiasm and commitment played a significant role in the development and performance  of the RMCET, thereby also supporting the RMC Series’ throughout Europe”, he continued. 

The Rotax MAX Challenge continues to strive to offer outstanding karting events at the highest level,  and we are thrilled to announce that Luca De Donno and the WSK Promotion S.r.l. will be taking the  helm as the new organizer for the RMC Euro Trophy. For many years well known for their passion  for kart sport as well as professional event promotion and organisation, WSK Promotion S.r.l. will  continue the successful story of the RMC Euro Trophy.  

The race calendar for the next season 2024 is in preparation and will be announced soon. 

The RMC is characterized by the engagement for fairness, parity and sportive values at controlled  costs which will still be the main objectives for the event. Paired with outstanding event organisation  and the selection of first-class racetracks, the event will create memorable experiences for the driv ers, teams, and fans. 

We would like to thank the organizer, promoters, and all involved parties for the exceptional effort in  the last years and are looking forward to witnessing a lot of thrilling races at the RMC Euro Trophy.


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