Tony Kart Pole and Win in OKJ Class at The Opening Round of The WSK Euro Series

Our Racing Team shines on the occasion of the first round of the WSK
Promotion championship, at the Franciacorta Karting Track in Castrezzato
(Italy), winning the Junior final with Scott Kin Lindblom.

The 2023 edition of the WSK Euro Series starts in the best way for our Tony
Kart Racing Team.  In the first round at Franciacorta (Italy), the Tony Kart
Racer 401 RR – paired with the Vortex VTJ engine – takes the pole position
in the qualifying heats of OKJ category and wins the final on Sunday. The
Racer 401 goes on track in the OK class, too, with the VTS engine, while in
the MINI category, as always, the team’s technical package is made up of the
Tony Kart Rookie combined with the VTM of the OTK Kart Group’s “engine

In OKJ, the weekend soon starts with the first place of Scott Kin Lindblom
in the chrono practices, the fastest on track out of 102 drivers, thanks to
a time of 48.589 recorded in the second group. The Swedish driver confirms,
during the qualifying heats, to be one of the main runners for victory with
a series of two wins, three podiums and two fastest laps out of five races,
in addition to the best time on Saturday morning’s warm-up. The final on
Sunday afternoon sees our driver starting from the front row and, despite
starting from the outside line, he is involved in the battle for first
position from the very first laps. Already on the third lap, Lindblom takes
the lead and, thanks to a perfect race management, does not give up it until
the chequered flag waved.

After a good start on Friday and Saturday, Alp Hasan Aksoy has his debut on
Sunday with a valuable third place in the B pre-final, after climbing 10
places. The Turkish driver does even better in the following final: having
started from the middle of the group, he starts a comeback of 12 positions
and hits the Top 5. Just as fast is Kirill Dzitiev, among the top ten in the
Friday’s qualifyings, is unfortunately held back by an unfortunate stop in
the Saturday’s final heat. Our driver does not give up despite the bad luck,
and finishes the B pre-final in second position, getting close to the Top 10
in the final.

Positive debut for Scott Marsch with our Racing Team. The Briton recovers 12
positions in the B pre-final which earn him the Top 10, and finishes the
final behind his teammate Dzitiev, gaining a total of 23 positions, but is
subsequently penalised by 5 seconds by the sporting marshals. Convincing
performance for Maria Germano Neto, who finishes third in the qualifying
heat and eighth in the intermediate ranking on Saturday night. Only a
collision on the second lap of the final, forces our girl to start from the
back, preventing her from closing the weekend on a high note.

Bad luck also for Davide Bottaro, involved in an accident during the final
while running in the top positions. The Italian had been, up to that point,
the leader of a tough run, made up of two podiums and a fastest lap in the
eliminatory heats as well as a Top 6 and a best lap in the A Prefinal.
Thomas Quince continues his apprenticeship with our sports division,
narrowly missing the access to the final.

In OK class, Sebastiano Pavan is our best representative in the category
throughout the weekend. The Italian driver scores three podiums in the
qualifying heats and comes close to the Top 5 in the B prefinal, before
staging a brilliant comeback of 7 positions in Sunday’s final which allowes
him to finish in 6th position. Kai Rillaerts makes his debut with our
official colours at Franciacorta and, after two Top 10 placings in the
eliminatory heats, is among the top twenty of the final.

A fine 14-place comeback in the B prefinal is not enough for Jan Przyrowski
to grab a pass for the final, also missed by his teammate Aleksandr
Bogunovic. Luigi Coluccio and Zoe Florescu Potolea focus on their work with
our staff in view of the FIA Karting World Championship, staged next month
at the Franciacorta track. Finally, Suleiman and Sofia Zanfari dispute their
first appointment as our official drivers.

In the MINI Gr.3, Ilie Tristan Crisan is among the fastest and most
competitive drivers in the category as early as Friday: the Canadian driver
signs three fastest laps in the three eliminatory heats, as well as a third
place, as his best performance. With these results, together with another
Top 3 obtained in the B prefinal, Tristan Crisan candidates for a leading
role in the final and, thanks to a series of overtakings in the last laps,
he is able to conquer the lowest step of the podium. However, at the end of
the prize-giving ceremony, the race director gives him a 5-second penalty,
who nevertheless ranks in the Top 10. Good performance for Oliver Sini, able
to recover 8 positions from the start and to close the last race of the
weekend among the top 15. A collision in the early stages of the final does
not allow Ludovico Mazzola to achieve a result worthing his performance in
previous days, starting from seventh place overall in the qualifyings. Bruno
Blanco continues with his familiarization within our team.

In the MINI Gr.3 U10, all our drivers take part in the Sunday afternoon’s
final. Starting with Sebastian Eskandari Marandi, author of the second best
time in Group 1 during the qualifying heats and subsequently able to set
three fastest laps in the heats. The Australian driver also achieves a third
place in the A prefinal, while in the final he is involved in a collision on
the last lap that irreparably ruins his race. First positive appearance for
Tiberius Müller with our Racing Team, with a fifth place in the qualifying
heats to add to his weekend scoreboard. Achille Rea shows a continuous
growth throughout the Franciacorta event and is ready to put his efforts to
good use in the next scheduled races.

Tony Kart Racing Team’s racing calendar goes on relentless, heading to
Germany to face the FIA Karting KZ World Championship, the FIA Karting KZ2
World Cup and the FIA Karting International Masters Super Cup in Wackersdorf
(September 7th – 10th).

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