Flashback Friday: 2003 Rock Island Grand Prix – Race Report

What the Labor Day street race in Rock Island was like 20 years ago

The following is pulled from the old archives of eKartingNews.com, bringing you the words by Rhonda Mims-Brown including images by Sean Buur of Go Racing Magazine, from the 2003 Rock Island Grand Prix on August 30-31. Also included is the coverage from Shifter Kart Illustrated, from the pages of the Rock Island Argus newspaper and the race results.

2003 King of the Streets winner Bobby Wilson getting the crown from SKUSA’s Jim Murley

The great racing action for the Rock Island Grand Prix didn’t stop after Bobby Wilson’s win in the headline King of the Streets race on Labor Day weekend. There were 14 classes in the 2003 event ranging from shifters to 2-cycle Yamaha to 4-cycle competition totaling 359 entries. Although Wilson gained much of the notoriety with his King of the Streets ICC win, Gary Lawson of Mentor, Ohio was the big winner with three wins, one pole and four fast lap honors over the two-day event. Lawson, who competes with a Margay chassis powered by Turner tuned engines scored victories in 2-cycle Senior Sportsman, 4-cycle Medium and 2-cycle Super Sportsman.

Another Margay driver, Todd Bolton of Bowen, Ill., added to his RIGP win streak with two wins that marked a total of eight career wins at the Rock. This performance moved Bolton up in the record book ranks of all time wins into the number two spot exceeding Scott Evans. Hurricane Racing driver, Matt Champagne had an exceptional performance in the other headline class, TAG International. The Fonthill, Ontario driver took the lead early on with his PTK-Biland powered set up and crossed the line with a 14 second margin of victory.

RIGP Race Fast Facts

Class Race Winner Hometown RI Wins Equipment MOV Pole Sitter Pole Time Fast Lap Fast Lap Driver
King of the Streets-Pro ICC Bobby Wilson Dousman, WI 1 First Kart-Pavesi 13.901 Kyle Wiegand 00:32.4 40.966 Kyle Wiegand
ICA Sean Israel Fayette, GA 1 Italcorse-Italsistem-BS 1.08 Chris Wehrheim 00:34.4 44.250 Chris Wehrheim
125cc Masters John Kindhart Lake Dallas, TX 2 Arrow-Honda-BS 4.041 Sam Walls 00:33.5 42.603 Howie Idelson
4-Cycle Stock Heavy Billy Dickson West Decatur, PA 1 1.048 Jason Birdsell 00:38.5 46.523 Gary Lawson
TAG Int'l Open Matt Champagne Fonthill, ON 1 PTK-Biland 14.023 Greg Den Herder 00:34.6 43.199 Greg Den Herder
2-Cycle Sr. Sportsman Gary Lawson Mentor, Ohio 3 Margay-Turner Yam. 10.456 Gary Lawson 00:37.9 44.953 Gary Lawson
ICC (CIK-FIA) Alan Rudolph Gilbert, AZ 5 First Kart 24.109 Noah Roe 00:32.6 41.751 Alan Rudolph
Yamaha Heavy Todd Bolton Bowen, IL 7 Margay-Switches 9.929 Todd Bolton 00:35.3 44.194 Todd Bolton
TAG Masters Mike Combs Sheridan, IL 1 Tony Kart-Leopard 43.722 Sam Walls 00:35.3 44.343 Mike Combs
4-Cycle Stock Medium Gary Lawson Mentor, Ohio 3 Margay-Turner Yam. 2.535 Matt Riggs 00:38.1 45.480 Gary Lawson
125cc Semi-Pro Robert Pretts North Branch, WI 1 0.971 Justin Mullins 00:32.9 41.659 Robert Pretts
4-Cycle Junior II Richie Kuhn Mentor, Ohio 1 Bandit-Turner 1.585 Tim Goettsch 00:39.8 48.804 Tim Goettsch
2-Cycle Super Sptsman Gary Lawson Mentor, Ohio 3 Margay-Turner Yam. 0.573 Michael Dittmer 00:35.8 43.139 Gary Lawson
Yamaha Medium Todd Bolton Bowen, IL 7 Margay-Switches 1.264 Michael Dittmer 00:35.1 42.098 John Johnson
4-Cycle Stock Light A.J. Lane Carleton, MI 1 Coyote 0.43 Dustin Morris 00:37.8 43.309 A.J. Lane

note: RI Wins column indicate the total career wins driver has had at the RIGP including the 2003 event. MOV is the Margin of Victory

125cc Masters

John Kindhart takes his Arrow to an exciting win in 125cc Masters (Photo: Go Racing Magazine)

This class produced some exciting moments of racing action between five drivers vying for the lead in this class reserved for the 35 and older shifter kart drivers. Class pole sitter was Sam Walls who set the pace with a 0.33.5 over Howie Idelson’s First Kart by two-tenths of a second as SKUSA PMT G1 class points champion, John Kindhart and Champion Racing driver, Jeff Carter positioned their Arrow and Intrepid chassis’ on row two with identical times of 33.7

After one false start, racing action got underway with Idelson taking the lead followed by Walls, Kindhart, Carter and Stanford Mitz who started in the 24th starting spot. By the second lap, Kindhart and Carter moved into the second and third positions as Walls dropped back in the field. Colorado driver, Stacey Cook joined in the lead group and took over the number five position.

With less than a handful of laps, Kindhart is all over Idelson but loops and hits the outer wall on the exit of turn six leading onto the main front straightaway. Kindhart quickly recovers and returns to race action. Harry Alden (#20) moves in behind Walls to take over the fourth spot just behind Cook. Only one lap later, Kindhart is back in the hunt and situated in third behind Idelson and Carter. One more lap by, he’s back to challenge the leader as they begin to dice through lapped traffic as Carter and Walls duke it out nose to tail. At this point, Idelson gets tangled with backmarkers and marked his participation as a frustrating encounter claiming the back markers in his line weren’t given the blue flag warning and put him out of contention on two occassions. Event promoters had some standard problems in this area with drivers ignoring their signals, identifying drivers not running their registered kart numbers and finding the right moments to signal drivers while not running in a race pack.

With two laps to go, it was Kindhart with a comfortable lead about plus four on Walls, Cook, Carter, and then Phil Gordon and Harry Alden – all dicing through lapped traffic. Idelson again got trampled in traffic but managed a ninth in the aftermath. Cook finishes out in third about 9 seconds back from Walls as Carter, Gordon and Alden were slightly off Cook by a couple of seconds.

Idelson locked down the fastest race lap at 42.603 on lap 17 of the 20 lap feature race in his come back charge as Walls also reached the 42 second mark.

As an interesting side note, Rob Howden, publisher for Howden Communications magazines and race announcer for the weekend, threw his entry into the hat after a long absence. The popular personality actually made quite a showing for his first race since March of 2001 and considering he only got one lap in qualifying after breaking a throttle cable during the short session. Fortunately, he loves the rain and Howden started 23 and moved quickly up to 11th. Turn two; however, was his down fall where he spun twice and was eventually blacked flagged and sent to the scales on lap 16.

TAG International Open – 25 Entries

Matt Champagne took his Hurricane Racing entry to the top spot in TAG International Open (Photo: Go Racing Magazine)

The TAG International class had 25 entries, diluted from the announced cap of 30 drivers as a few crossed over their entries into the TAG Masters created a few days prior to the race after the drop of the Biland World Challenge due to lack of entries. Greg Den Herder (Margay-Rotax) set the pole position with a 34.6 with Matt Champagne (PTK-Biland) setting the outside of row one with a 34.7. The second row consisted of Dallas, Texas area drivers, Dean Boyd (Trackmagic-Leopard) and Michael Johnson (Arrow-Rotax) at 35.0 and 35.1. Qualifying was extremely tight as fifth through tenth were well in the hunt with Jim Cassi, Sam Walls, Scott Barnes, Jason North, Chris Jennings and Jeff Siewert locked in with times ranging from 35.1 to 35.4 seconds.

Johnson, driving in a co-op effort with CRC Racing and BCR Racing, moved into the lead briefly on lap one but was soon passed by Champagne whose rain set-up appeared to be a class above all others. Coming around upon the completion of lap two, the young Canadian gained a couple of kart lengths over Johnson, Boyd, Walls, Scott Barnes, North and Dennis Garwood (Birel-Rotax) all tightly bunched up. The Hurricane driver stretched out to a plus one by the end of lap three as North moved in behind Walls for fourth. By the half-way point, Champagne continued to stretch with a plus seven and flawlessly moved through back markers. Boyd took over second from Johnson, who later dropped back in the pack, and tapped the barriers sending him further into the blue flag trenches.

Eventually Jonathan Koch (Hasse-Biland) moved way up from his 22nd starting position where he and Walls began to challenge Boyd for second and soon took over behind Walls who had moved into the second spot. By race end, Champagne had a dominating win with a 14 second lead and crosses with an intentional show-boat squiggly at the line. Walls crossed in second followed by Koch, Boyd and Garwood who were nose to tail at the line. Den Herder (race pole sitter) spun a few times in the race but managed fifth and fast lap honor with a 43.199 on lap 18 of the 20 lap main. Champagne’s best came on lap 8 with a 43.423. North and Mike Combs were the only other drivers able to break into the 43 second range.

In both the International and Masters class, the low end power band of the Biland and ignition timing made it a powerful set up for the rain. Den Herder, has a road racing background and considered a very smooth and consistent front runner in the WKA road racing series. He’s also just off of a second-place finish from the Putnam Park event in Indianapolis.

ICC-CIK-FIA – 13 Entries

Alan Rudolph takes his fifth RI win in the CIK ICC Class

Four-time King of the Streets winner, Alan Rudolph, makes a second attempt to add to his rock collection in the CIK/FIA version of the ICC class six races after finishing a prestigious third for the headline King of the Streets ICC class. Entry count was low with 13 entries in this bunch and only 10 who actually qualified. This class runs slightly different rules under CIK technical specs with an open tire selection. Noah Roe set the pole position with a 32.6 versus Rudolph in outside pole with a 32.8 followed by Darin Marcus, of North Brook, Ill also with a 32.8 and then Chris Fulks and Justin Stefani with 32.9 and 33 flat, respectively.

By lap five Rudolph’s First Kart/Honda package had built a comfortable lead as Roe’s KGB entry ran with a four seconds deficit. Marcus (First Kart-Pavesi) and sixth place qualifier, Ryan Conley trailed nose to tail for third followed by Fulks and TJ Koutny. Conley caught up, passed Marcus and then Roe where these two had a great show for spectators. Marcus would waiver with this pack and then into a third place three kart battle with Fulks and Koutny. Eventually, Marcus dropped out of the race on lap 11.

With two laps to go, Conely and Roe continued their battle for second but kart 42 of Roe dropped seven seconds back going into the final lap. At the checkered, Rudolph wins by 24.1 seconds over Conley, Roe ends with third and Rudolph crosses the line in between the fourth/fifth place battle between Fulks and Koutny.

Yamaha Heavy – 29 Entries

If there was an award for “Iron Man at this event, Todd Bolton, would be a top contender. Bolton, who hails from Bowen, Ill., ran four Yamaha classes this year, two were back-to-back and two were split by only one class. No doubt, the Margay-Switches powered Yamaha entry had lots of track time for the six-time Rock Island class champion. Bolton qualified on pole in Yamaha Heavy with a 35.3 followed by a closely matched filled for the Yamaha “pipe” class of Adam Johnson, Chris Larson and Michael Dittmer all with a 35.6 and then Mark Dismore, Jr and John Johnson with a 35.7 each. Scott Evans, Staple Nash, Jacob Ottto and Kris Wentink rounded out the top five rows with 35.8 to 36.3 seconds.

Bolton notched the hole shot into turn one and gained each lap from the start. On lap one he was chased by Larson, Dittmer, Adam Johnson and Dismore, Jr. On lap two as Bolton had already managed a plus four but the top five positions changed with Adam Johnson moving into second followed by Dismore, Jr., Dittmer and then John Johnson with Larson up his tail. Dismore falls out of the race somewhere on this lap and Nash spins going on to the front straight-a-way. Adam Second place driver Adam Johnson slows, drops back to fourth and then either stick or looses chain going onto the main straight leaving Dittmer and John Johnson in second and third. As the white flag falls, Bolton is gone from the field and enters turn one while second place rounds the bend going onto the short strait ending with turn six. Wentink and Dick Margison go side by side into six and Margison spins his Birel-MRP entry. Bolton takes the checkered with an official 9.9 second margin of victory in front of Dittmer who finishes out under two seconds spread from Johnson. Larson lands in fifth about four seconds back of Johnson followed by seven time Rock winner, Scott Evans, back almost six seconds.

TAG Masters – 12 Entries

This class was a last minute creation to fill a void after the Biland World Challenge was dropped due to a low entry count. There were 13 drivers to transfer from International or enter the class from the RIGP International class wait list.

Qualifying on the pole and doing triple duty in ICC, TAG International and again in TAG Masters was Sam Walls of Longmont, Colo. Walls qualified at 35.3 with Sheridan, Ill. resident, Mike Combs on outside pole with a 35.8 in his Tony Kart/Leopard package. Carrollton, Texas resident, Ken Johnson qualified in third (35.9) with his CRC-Team Arrow-Leopard package along side of Dennis Chappell (36.8) with a Rotax CRG from St. Charles, Mich.

Sam Walls takes the lead on the first lap followed by Combs, Michael Fling, Johnson, Brian Stitle and the brand new number 30 kart entry of Jim Harrison (Italcorse/Italsistems). Johnson and Fling trade for third on the second lap and by the third lap, Walls begins to stretch out on Combs. Johnson cracks a sprocket entering six and parks to the inside of the main straight. From that point, things get boring but Curt Hoegner spins while exiting turn five and wakes everyone back up as Harrison moves into the third spot. Combs appeared to close the gap on Walls around lap six and going into the white flag lap, Combs makes an inside move on Walls to take the lead. On the final turn toward the checkered, Walls attempts a re-take for the lead, loops and taps the outer wall where his kart and engine die about 200 feet from the start finish line. Walls couldn’t get his engine restarted so he jumped out and began pushing his kart toward the waving checkered and to the crowd’s excitement and beat Harrison to the line but was ultimately scored in third place. Only three karts finished the race and four of the 12 entries did not start on Sunday.

Walls earned fast lap honor with a 44.254 on lap 17 and then Combs with a 44.343. Harrison was pleased with his third place finish as the New Braunfels, Texas resident did an all-nighter putting together his new Italcorse chassis and Italsistem’s 47hp engine package.

125cc Semi-Pro – 27 Entries

Robert Pretts was thrilled with his surprise win in 125cc Semi-Pro (Photo: Go Racing Magazine)

Class pole sitter, Justin Mullins from Ontario marked the lead position on lap one followed by CRC/Team Arrow driver John Kindhart and then Mark Vielgut breathing down his neck for third in this large 27 entry class. Dale Bales and Robert Pretts charged up to the fourth and fifth spots by lap two from their seventh and 14th starting positions. Phil Gordon looses control as Dan Roe moves up one position to take sixth. Pretts moves into fourth over Bales on the next lap and then spins and moves backward by several positions. By lap five, the lead pack is already dicing through back markers and third place (Vielgut) gets a double whammy going onto the straight by slamming into the outer barrier and then back across into the inner barrier but keeps going. At this point (lap six), the leaders were Mullins, Kindhart, Roe, Scott Barnes (Bermuda entry), Garrick Miller, Vielgut, and Pretts in seventh.

Mullins’ Energy chassis disappears a few laps later moving Kindhart into the lead, Roe into second, Miller, third and Pretts and Vielgut upward and into a battle for fourth. Pretts continues forward and takes third over Miller the following lap. With less than five laps remaining, Roe takes over the lead followed by Pretts as Kindhart moves back to third. Pretts takes the lead on the following lap and stretches from there where he sets fast race lap of 41.659 on the white flag lap with Roe charging to set the second fastest lap with a 41.756.

Pretts takes the checkered by a 0.971 lead over Roe and is unaware he’s even won the race. He starts to pull into the pits when officials give him the good news and he moves back on track to take his victory lap with the checkered. “I can’t believe I won, I didn’t even know I was in the lead,” Pretts explained. “I started 14th, spun out and then just worked back up. I had no idea I was racing for the lead,” added the excited driver from North Branch, Wisc. Roe, from Minnetonka, Minn., maintained second 1.5 seconds ahead of Kindhart. Miller, from Plainfield, Ind., and Gordon from Evanston, Ill., rounded out the top five but spread considerably back from Kindhart and from each other.

2-Cycle Senior Sportsman – 30 Entries

Outside pole man, Mike Welsh from Davenport, Iowa positioned his Margay-Turner set up into the hole shot into turn one and finished out lap one with the lead. Chasing Welsh was Marshalltown, Iowa driver, John Johnson (Birel), Michael Dittmer (Margay-Boss), Todd Bolton (Margay) and Jason Birdsell (Margay) in fifth. Pole sitter, Gary Lawson had a bad start and moved back to sixth. Dean Boyd from Lewisville, Texas slams hard into the wall on lap seven but continues to tick as the race became a three kart battle for the lead between Welsh, John Johnson and Lawson. Lawson soon moved into the lead to and by the checkered flag of this short 12 lap run, he managed the win with a 0.573 over Welsh as Johnson trailed by a second at the end to take third. Bolton and Dittmer battled to the line where Bolton nabbed fourth by one-tenth of a second over race pole sitter, Dittmer. Lawson, from Mentor, Ohio, also locked down the race’s fast lap honors of 43.139 on lap 11. Lawson street races a great deal in the region.

Yamaha Medium – 30 Entries

Todd Bolton takes Yamaha Heavy and Medium (Photo: Go Racing Magazine)

Many drivers from the 2-cycle Senior Sportsman class ran back to back classes in Yamaha Medium. The beginning laps was a five kart dual between John Johnson, Todd Bolton, pole sitter, Michael Dittmer and Mark Dismore Jr. By race end, Bolton has secured a 1.264 second lead over Johnson and then Dittmer, Mark Dismore, Jr., and Staple Nash to finish out the top five. Fast lap honors went to Johnson with a 42.098 flat set on lap three of the 12 lap race.

Miscellaneous Action

Sean Israel controlled the ICA class setting pole and taking the win with a one second leader margin. The 4-Cycle Stock Heavy class was won by Billy Dickson of West Decatur, PA with a one second margin over Gary Lawson. Class pole sitter, Jason Birdsell finished out in eighth. Lawson qualified on pole and won 4-cycle Stock Medium with a 2.53 second margin over Eric Garland. Richie Kuhn bagged the win in the only junior class of 4-Cycle Jr. II with a 1.585 margin of victory over Tim Goettseh who also set the pole position.

The 2-cycle Super Sportsman was the largest entry class with 45 drivers vying for the 30 kart field with a last chance qualifier staged to set the field. Lawson also took this win by a narrow margin of 0.573 over Mike Welsh. Pole sitter for this large group was Michael Dittmer with a 35.1 as Marshalltown’s John Johnson set fast lap honors. In 4-cycle Light, Dustin Morris set the pace in ## with a 37.8 but was unable to lock in the win accomplished by A.J. Lane who bagged the win with a 0.43 second margin of victory and earned fast lap honors.

Multiple Efforts Make the Rock Island Grand Prix

Roger Ruthhart, the REAL King of the Streets (Photo: Go Racing Magazine)

There are numerous aspects to the Rock Island Grand Prix (RIGP) that make it a stand out event on the national karting calendar each and every year. Not only does the Labor Day weekend event draw the best of the best in competition classes ranging from Shifter to 4-cycle, the level of planning, professionalism and the contributions of volunteers are one of its most rewarding features. In addition, there is seldom an event in karting that brings support from various organizations all working together to promote the sport.

This year, the Rock Island Grand Prix continued to gain prestige after its ninth running set in the downtown streets of Rock Island, Ill. This lively town, situated on the Illinois and Iowa borders, is known as part of the Quad cities consisting of Davenport and Bettendorf, Iowa, Moline and Rock Island, Ill., and positioned along the banks of the Mississippi river. Each year, promoters continue to improve the quality and safety of the event and gain status among racers as the most sought after title in street circuit racing.

More than a full year of planning goes into this effort that held its first event almost a decade ago and is headed up by Rock Island Grand Prix President, Roger Ruthhart. Ruthhart, who is also the Managing Editor for The Rock Island Argus, took over the management of the event in 1997 as part of a District effort. Their goal was to improve safety and keep the event alive after a near death experience suffered from previous law suits from an accident-marred event in 1995. By working with numerous organizations and a slew of volunteers, this year’s race was considered the safest ever in its history with the addition of Tech Pro barriers supplied by SuperKarts! USA.

Roger’s right arm, “Grand Prix Becky” in the nail biting stage (Photo: Go Racing Magazine)

It was amazing to witness this assembled team in action and working together to make this event a success. It is the dedication of the volunteers who truly make this event the high caliber it is today. Among those groups was the large local volunteer race organization that coordinates everything from corner workers to registration headed up by Debbie Duffy. This group was phenomenal in their efforts and it was amazing to see smiles and enthusiasm remain on their faces throughout the rain and the level of courtesy they gave to event goers. One volunteer who stands out in this group is known as, “Grand Prix Becky.” Becky Rasmussen is often considered as Ruthhart’s right arm. Becky deserves a big thumbs up in keeping all the coordinated efforts together while under a great deal of pressure during the initial set up and tear down phases as well as grouping efforts each morning.

The RIGP also hires an on-track management group of TCM Racing headed up by company president and RIGP Race Director, Tom Argy, Jr. Tom Thelen with SKUSA managed timing and scoring aspects and SKUSA provided support and assisted with the set up of the Tech Pro barrier systems as well as being the sanctioning body of the headline class, King of the Streets. Also joining in was Bob Paladichuk as the technical coordinator who has experience with NASCAR and TAG USA. Assisting Paladichuk was IKF director, Jack Hoegerl and three Canadians – Shawn Hill, head of 4-cycle tech, Bobby Ling, gearbox tech, and Harvey Poole, an experienced scrutineer with the CIK in Canada handling the two new International CIK classes. Loren Niehaus and Tony Barton were also on hand from WKA. Under each of these groups was a dedicated team who shined throughout the weekend.

Lawson, Bolton big winners at RI Grand Prix
Steve Tappa – Rock Island Argus

When a race-changing rain began to fall Sunday morning at the Rock Island Grand Prix of Karting, Gary Lawson and Todd Bolton were not caught sleeping — at least not figuratively.

Ohio’s Lawson and Illinois’ Bolton combined to win five of the 15 races in The District, even though neither veteran spent much time stressing about the adjustments forced by the change in weather conditions.

“When it started raining, I went over to (Iowan) Scott Evans’ trailer and started shooting the (crap),” Bolton revealed about the largest part of his pre-race day.

“I went back to my trailer and took a nap,” Lawson said, echoing Bolton’s confident feelings. “A lot of guys were panicking, searching for the secret in practice. But, we’ve raced in the rain a lot this year, so I knew we had the right (rain) set-up for the kart.”


Lawson was the day’s biggest winner, taking three out of his four races and finishing second in another class after spinning out to ruin a late lead.

The Ohioan led a charge of nine first-time winners at the $25,000, ninth-annual event.

Just Texan John Kindhart and Arizona’s Alan Rudolph joined Bolton as former champs returning to the winner’s circle.

With wins in the Yamaha Heavy and Medium classes, Bolton ran his career victory total to eight — moving into second place on the event’s all-time wins list. Fellow Illinoisan Jason Birdsell is tops with 11 victories.

Rudolph (Intercontinental C) now owns five career wins — tied for fifth on the list. Kindhart (125cc Masters) was Sunday’s only repeat class champion.

“It never gets old winning here,” Bolton said. “It’s the most prestigious event in karting.

“Having been here before, and having a lot of experience running in the rain elsewhere, we were confident in what we could do.

“We spent maybe 15 minutes doing what you normally do to prepare the kart for rain. Otherwise, we just tried to drive it straight and stay out of trouble.”

Ditto for Lawson and most of the other first-time winners, which included his friend and fellow Mentor, Ohio native — Richie Kuhn (4-Cycle Juniors).

Wisconsin’s Bobby Wilson (King of the Streets) and Robert Pretts (125cc Semi Pro) also were joined on that list by Canada’s Matt Champagne (TAG), Georgia’s Sean Israel (Intercontinental A), Pennsylvania’s Billy Dickson (4-Cycle Stock Heavy), Michigan’s A.J. Lane (4-Cycle Stock Light) and Illinois’ Mike Combs (TAG Masters).

Lawson’s victories were in the 2-Cycle Senior Sportsman, 2-Cycle Super Sportsman and 4-Cycle Stock Medium.

“I’ve been street racing for six years, and have won at all the big events expect this one,” Lawson said. “Winning once here is great. But, winning three times in one day is special.”

In his debut in The District last year, Lawson thought he had one of those hard-earned victories in 4-Cycle Stock Heavy.

However, after Lawson took the checkered flag, it was discovered a yellow flag was thrown during the final lap. That meant the race reverted to the previous completed lap, in which Lawson was running second.

Ironically, Lawson finished second in that same class Sunday, despite going from the 25th starting position to the top of the field before spinning out to let Margay teammate Dickson pick off the win.

“I’m just snake bit in that class, I guess,” Lawson said. “But, I can’t complain I had a pretty good day.”

Despite sitting on the pole for a combined three races, Davenport’s Michael Dittmer and Bettendorf’s Tim Goettsch failed to crack the win column.

The defending champ in the junior race, Goettsch finished second and was trailed in order by Davenport’s Matt Pewe and Sherrard’s Travis DeVriendt.

Dittmer finished second in the Yamaha Heavy and third in the Yamaha Medium.

Fellow Davenporter Mike Welsh — a four-time champ — also posted a second (Super Sportsman) and a third (Senior Sportsman).

Dittmer and Goettsch were not the only top-qualifiers coming up short. Of Saturday’s 12 record-breaking polesitters, only Lawson (Senior Sportsman) and Bolton (Yamaha Heavy) managed to score victories.

The wet and slick conditions considerably slowed the 353-kart field.

Instead of improving as usual on record times — including a new track standard — the top laps in the finals were up to 10 seconds slower than Saturday’s time trials.

Even in the wet, the wait was finally worth it Sunday for five racers at the Rock Island Grand Prix of Karting.

Wisconsin’s Bobby Wilson and Robert Pretts, Canada’s Matt Champagne, Pennsylvania’s Billy Dickson and Illinois’ Mike Combs all ended years of frustration in The District by winning a piece of “The Rock.”

Wilson was the biggest winner of them all, taking the $2,000 top prize in the feature race, “The King of the Streets.”

However, Pretts (125cc Semi Pro), Champagne (TAG), Dickson (4-Cycle Stock Heavy) and Combs (TAG Masters) ended up singing in the rain, too.

Wilson won for the first time in five trips; Champagne, Dickson and Pretts were winless in three previous visits.

Combs owned the shortest streak but the most amazing story.

This was Combs’ second trip to “The Rock,” after missing a couple of previous planned visits while recovering from a severe accident involving an Ultra-Lite aircraft three years ago.

Combs suffered compound fractures in both legs when his Ultra-Lite nosedived 300 feet and crash-landed in a cornfield.

Doctors told Combs he’d never walk again. Amputation was a consideration for awhile. Eventually, surgeons had to fuse an ankle completely back together again.

Last summer, doctors discovered a final piece of fiberglass in his body, which had to be removed from one of Combs’ feet.

Walking with a limp Sunday, Combs called the win the biggest of his racing career.

“Any win is awesome, but this is such a prestigious race,” Combs said. “The top guys in the country are here, so to excell in this race means a lot.”

It meant a lot to a lot of other competitors, too. Here’s a race-by-race look at Sunday’s finals:

— No. 1 — King of the Streets: “I’m most excited for my dad,” Wilson said. “We’ve been coming here for so many years, only to go home angry or upset. We’ve done everything but win here.”

The former track-recordholder and top class qualifier won a duel withn polesitter Kyle Wiegand of Indiana.

A two-time champ, Wiegand led the first 10 laps of the 30-lap feature, but began trading the lead with Wilson on No. 11. By lap 21, the race was all but over as Wiegand got stuck by some lapped traffic — Wilson seizing upon a slim opportunity to pass the pack in a corner.

“I could see the lapped traffic coming up, so I wanted to make something happen,” Wilson said. “I knew if I was the first to get by (the lapped karts) and get through the turn, I had a chance to get a gap on (Wiegand). I did and I cruised from there.”

— 2. Intercontinental A: Sean Isreal got off to a fast start, but needed a fantastic finish to hold off fellow Georgian Chris Wehrheim, the polesitter.

“I thought I had a comfortable lead until the middle of the race, when (Wehrheim) caught me,” Israel said. “I led the whole way, but he tried to pass me a couple of times, so the last half of the race was intense.

“I had to really push it more than I wanted to. I rubbed against the plastic barriers a couple of times. I was running as hard as I could.”

Incredibly, Israel won despite taking just two hot laps in practice all weekend. A motor seized up on Israel during Saturday’s time trials, and he spent much of the weekend breaking in a new motor.

“When practice started in the rain (Sunday), I just went `Nah; we’ll just skip right to the final,”’ Israel said. “It was a gamble, but I figured our entire morning was better spent getting the kart ready to run in the rain. And, I was right — we hit the right setup.”

— 3. 125cc Shifter Masters: Texan John Kindhart spun out three times, yet still managed to defend his class crown in a wild race.

“Fortunately, everybody else was having problems staying on the track, too,” Kindhart said. “And, I was able to keep it going because of the new plastic barriers (temporarily ringing the city-streets track this year).

“I hit them all three times. If I’d have hit haybales, I’d have been sucked in and damaged my kart and my day would’ve been done. Instead, I bounced back and was able to get back in the race.

“You spin out once and you figure you’re lucky to still be in a race. But, to spin out three times and still win? Wow. I’m blown away. It was a real survival test out there.”

— 4. 4-Cycle Stock Heavy: Patience by Dickson paid off as Sunday’s three-event winner, Ohio’s Gary Lawson, spun out while battling with Indiana’s Eric Garland for the late lead.

“I knew Lawson was fast, and when he got up along side of me with Garland, I just let them go,” Dickson explained. “I just played it conservative. I hung back 30 feet behind them because I know Gary is very aggressive. So, I just let them go at it and waited for them to make a mistake and I was lucky that happened. My gamble paid off.”

A winner of the 2001 WKA Grand National at Rockingham, Dickson called Sunday’s win the biggest of his career. The veteran races the 4-Cycle Gold Cup and the Briggs and Stratton 300 next month at Charlotte.

— 5. TAG USA Street Festival: “It’s good to finally win here,” said the much-hyped Champagne.

“Ever since we finished second in a race here our first year, it seems like it’s been a struggle. We had a flat tire here last year; motor problems the year before that. So, it’s good to finally pull one out.”

After falling to third after the start, Champagne cruised to a 14-second victory.

“Wow. That’s a lot,” Champagne said when informed of his margin of victory. “I looked back a couple of times and didn’t see anybody there, but I didn’t realize I had such a big lead. I was just focused on running smooth and not making mistakes.”

— 6. 2-Cycle Senior Sportsman: Larson’s first win came despite clutch problems that got him off to a sluggish start. The polesitter fell to ninth before steadily moving his way up the field and then pulling away.

“Experience of running before in (the 4-Cycle Heavy) really helped,” Lawson said. “We were the fast kart in the field, but that let me know what the track felt like and what we had to do to win.”

— 7. Intercontinental C: Arizona’s Alan Rudolph repeated a feat from the first Rock Island Grand Prix — winning in the rain.

Rudolph was the “King of the Streets” back in 1994. Winning again in the wet stuff was nice, but the four-time “King” wanted to win that class again.

“I want my crown back,” said Rudolph, who finished third in the feature. “That’s why I came. But, it’s always good to win here.

“I moved up to Formula Mazda this year, so I haven’t spent a lot of time behind the wheel of a kart. It took a lot of work to get back here and it’s nice that hard work was rewarded with a win.”

Winning in the rain didn’t bring up old memories in The District, though.

“This track and this event are so much different now,” Rudolph said. “The race is so much bigger. It’s been really fun to watch it grow every year.”

Rudolph got off to a fast start and never was challenged.

— 8. Yamaha Heavy: The first of two Todd Bolton wins was a cakewalk, too.

“We got out, got rolling and kept going,” the Illinoisan said. “We were 7/10ths of a second faster than everybody else, so we just got up front and cruised to the win. Somebody bumped me early on, but we got away from them. I never felt anybody close after that.”

— 9. TAG Masters: Combs was neck-and-neck with polesitter Sam Walls until the final corner of the final lap.

Combs made it through the corner; Walls did not.

“We were both running hard at the end,” Combs said. “We both were running to the last corner, bumping each other the whole way. It just happened to be me in the end. Either that, or I was going to be in the haybales.”

— 10. 4-Cycle Stock Medium: Lawson recorded his second win, bettering Garland by just under three seconds.

“Rain is the great neutralizer,” Lawson said. “It really takes the motor out of it. It puts a lot on the driver — you really have to hit your spots, and fortunately we’ve been doing that.”

— 11. 125cc Moto Semi-Pro Shifters: Pretts started 14th, but managed to move up to 10th out of the first corner. That was a huge confidence booster, and he picked his way through the field, getting into third until spinning out and losing five spots.

“When I spun out, I did kill the motor. But when it started back up, I knew I could get back in the race,” Pretts said. “It was still early; I knew there was a lot of race left.”

However, Pretts didn’t know it when he took the lead from his friend, Minnesota’s Dan Roe, on the third-to-last lap.

“When they threw the white flag, I didn’t think it was for me,” Pretts said. “I also didn’t know I’d won until I saw somebody give me the thumbs up sign.

“After I spun out, I didn’t know where I was in the field, so this is a great surprise.”

Before Sunday, Pretts’ best was an 11th last year. Pretts was actually running 7th in that race, but was accidentally blue flagged on the final lap and pulled off prematurely, costing him four spots and $80.

“This is a nice payback for that,” Pretts said.

— 12. 4-Cycle Junior II: “I won the race with my start,” Ohio’s Richie Kuhn said. “I got ahead of everybody and stayed there. (Bettendorf’s) Tim Goettsch made a couple of runs at me, but never got around me. And, (Silvis’) Joey King had engine problems.

“It means a lot to me to win here. I beat the best kids in the nation. Last year when I came here, I flipped my kart. So, this is great.”

— 13. 2-Cycle Super Sportsman: “We just tried to be smart and drive the conditions,” Lawson said after claiming his third victory. “It takes a good chassis, good motor and good driver to win at a place like this and (Sunday) we were fortunate to have all three working for us.”

— 14. Yamaha Medium: “We spot those little guys 30 pounds,” Bolton said after his second victory. “The best we can do is weigh 360 in this class; they can get down to 335 or so.

“I still figured we’d have an easier time because of what we did in the Yamaha Heavy, but (Iowa’s John) Johnson was fast. Luckily for us, he got into some lapped traffic and we got away from him.”

— 15. 4-Cycle Stock Light: Michigan’s A.J. Lane won the last race of his karting career on the last race of the day.

Lane threw caution to the wind, starting 30th after nearly selling his equipment earlier in the day. The 16-year-old is moving up to an IMCA car next year, so he went for broke.

Lane took the lead midway through the last lap.

“Before the race, I was joking with my friends that I was in my favorite spot and that I had everybody right where I wanted them. But, no way I thought I could win,” Lane said after his only kart race of the year.

“I just blasted off at the start. I passed like 13 guys heading into the first turn and then kept picking them off, one by one, until I got the lead on the last lap.

“I’m glad I decided not to sell my stuff at the last minute. I figured, `Nah, either I win or I wreck it.’ This was one of the greatest wins of my career. Obviously, I’ll remember it forever.”

2003 Rock Island Grand Prix

Aug. 30-31, 2003, Rock Island, Illinois

King of the Streets
Sponsor: Bob Bondurant SuperKart School

1. Bobby Wilson, Dousman, WI
2. Kyle Wiegand, Bargerville, IN
3. Alan Rudolph, Gilbert, AZ
4. Matt Champagne, Onterio, Canada
5. Joe White, San Jose, CA
6. Wade VanHooser, Tuulare, CA
7. Graham Rahal, New Albany, OH
8. Preston Peebles, Lubbock, TX
9. James Willis, Middleton, OH
10. A.J. Whisler, Scottsdale, AZ
11. Joe Janowski, Carmel, IN
12. Seth Ingram, Moxee, WA
13. Darin Marcus, Northbrook, IL
14. Larry Nagy, Cedar Lake, IN
15. Scott Miller, Indianapolis, IN
16. Ryan Stringfield, New Richland, MN
17. Ron White, Santa Clara, CA
18. Brian Reimer, Tinley Park, IL
19. Cody Yarborough, Dallas, TX
20. Justin Stefani, Des Moines, IA
Fastest lap: Bobby Wilson, 40.981.
Top qualifier: Kyle Wiegand, Bargerville, IN, 32.428 (class & course record).

Intercontinental A (ICA)
Sponsor: SBC Communications

1. Sean Isreal, Fayetteville, GA
2. Chris Wehrheim, Norcross, GA
3. Brian McHattie, Youngstown, OH
4. Johnny Amba, Valley Village CA
Fastest lap: Chris Wehrheim, Norcross, GA, 44.250.
Top qualifier: Chris Wehrheim, Norcross, GA, 34.436. (class record).

125cc Shifter Masters
Sponsor: Bi-State Home Improvement

1. John Kindhart, Lake Dallas, TX
2. Sam Walls, Longmont, CO
3. Stacey Cook, Grand Junction, CO
4. Jeff Carter, Oklahoma City, OK
5. Phil Gordon, Evanston, IL
6. Harry Alden, Haslet, MI
7. Craig Pyatt, High Ridge, MO
8. Garrick Miller, Plainfield, IN
9. Howie Idelson, Pacific Palisades, CA
10. Gary Meunier, Avon, IN
11. Randy Reichart, Appleton WI
12. Greg Augustine, Lakewood, CO
13. Rob Howden, Ontario, Canada
14. Gary Shekell, Imperial, MO
15. Chris Chultz, Indianapolis, IN
16. Greg Yocum, Kirkwood, MO
17. Stephen Murphy, Orion, IL
18. Dave Doogan, Oak Lawn, IL
19. Ted Steffke, South Lyon, MI
20. Mike Cunningham, Palisade, CO
21. Chris Nodurft, Rock Island, IL
22. Sanford Mitz, Milwaukee, WI
23. Curt Ellis, Kenosha, WI
24. Raymond Nabozny, Farmington Hills, MI
Did not start: Jeff King, Sheridan, IN; Dean Duffney, Maple Grove, MN; James Bly, LaGrange, IL; Joel Brown, Des Moines, IA; Todd Vandermolen, League City, TX.
Fastest lap: Howie Idelson, Pacific Palisades, CA, 42.603.
Top qualifier: Sam Walls, Longmont, CO, 33.505 (class record).

4-Cycle Stock Heavy
Sponsor: Zimmerman Cars

1. Billy Dickson, West Decatur, PA
2. Gary Lawson, Mentor, OH
3. Eric Garland, Washington, NJ
4. Nicholas Ricketts, Indianapolis, IN
5. Matt Riggs, Pevely, MO
6. Robby Smith, New Castle, IN
7. Matthew Jordan, Punxsutawney, PA
8. Jason Birdsell, St. Joseph, IL
9. Chris Harding, Ft. Wayne, IN
10. Matt Duncombe, Hampton, IL
11. Ken Williams, High Ridge, MO
12. Jerry Miller, Springfield, IL
13. Stephan Kammerer, Mt. Prospect, IL
14. Mark Hough, Zionsville, IN
15. David Pierce, Davenport, IA
16. Jerad Ludwig, Quincy, IL
17. Scott Kleman, Tecumseh, MI
18. Tony Franklin, Davenport, IA
19. Dave Roycraft, Noblesville, IN
20. Brandon Myers, Crawfordsville, IN
21. Joe Janiga, Valparaiso, IN
22. Bob Chandler, Indianapolis, IN
23. Jason Trennepohl, Indianapolis, IN
24. Chris Toffolo, Indianapolis, IN
25. Allen Kopel, Silvis, IL
26. Richard Hale, West Terre Haute, IN
27. Kyle Erdmann, Coal Valley, IL
Did not start: Jason Ludwig, Quincy, IL; Rob Downing Jr., Topeka, KS.
Fastest lap: Gary Lawson, Mentor, OH, 46.523.
Top qualifier: Jason Birdsell, St. Joseph, IL, 38.498 (class record).

TAG USA Street Challenge
Sponsor: Biland USA

1. Matt Champagne, Ontario, Canada
2. Sam Walls, Longmont, CO
3. Jonathan Koch, N/A
4. Dean Boyd, Lewisville, TX
5. Dennis Garwood, Denver, CO
6. Greg Den Herder, Boston, MA
7. Jason North, Devonshire, Bermuda
8. Brian Gallagher, Minneapolis, MN
9. Mike Combs, Sheridan, IL
10. Chris Thode, Highland Ranch, CO
11. Michael Johnson, Dallas, TX
12. Clay Maddox, Zionsville, IN
13. Brian Stitle, Arlington Heights, IL
14. Jeff Siewert, Minneapolis, MN
15. Kevin Owen, Aurora, IL
16. Chris Jennings, Allen, TX
17. Scott Barnes, Pembroke, Bermuda
18. Gary Kannegiesser, Avon Lake, OH
19. John Grounds, Geneva, IL
Did not start: Sara Hyslop, Morris, IL; Robin Bank, Aliquippa, PA; Jim Cassi, Minneapolis, MN; Ben Romero, Dacono, CO; Brian Bryniarski, Portage, IN; Eric Chapell, Portage, IN.
Fastest lap: Greg Den Herder, Boston, MA 43.199.
Top qualifier: Greg Den Herder, Boston, MA, 34.633. (class record)

2-Cycle Senior Sportsman
Sponsor: Zimmerman Cars

1. Gary Lawson, Mentor, OH
2. Todd Bolton, Bowen, IL
3. Mike Welsh, Davenport, IA
4. Jason Birdsell, St. Joseph, IL
5. Dan Newell, Hermitage, TN
6. Stephan Kammerer, Mt. Prospect, IL
7. Kyle Erdmann, Coal Valley, IL
8. Michael Dittmer, Davenport, IA
9. Andrew Fisher, Milan, IL
10. Scott Evans, Des Moines, IA
11. Brandon Jones, Granger, IA
12. Ronnie Smith, Davenport, IA
13. Chris Hale, West Terre Haute, IN
14. Randy Smith, Davenport, IA
15. Kevin Woodard, Indianapolis, IN
16. Kevin Potter, N/A
17. Marvin Bluedorn, Davenport, IA
18. Chris Nodurft, Rock Island
19. Matt Rigs, Pevely, MO
20. Brandon Simms, Colorado Springs, CO
21. Mike Clauson, Davenport, IA
Did not start: Ty Thomas, Bettendorf, IA; Wesley Wall, Rock Island, IL; Jim Brumet, Geneseo, IL; Kenton Hensley, Des Moines, IA; Allen Kopel, Silvis, IL; Greg Weese, Moline, IL; Mike Witt, Davenport, IA; Mitch Conley, Winterset, IA; Travis England, Davenport, IA.
Fastest lap: Gary Lawson, Mentor, OH, 44.953.
Top qualifier: Gary Lawson, Mentor, OH, 37.896 (class record).

Intercontinental C
Sponsor: WHBF-TV4

1. Alan Rudolph, Gilbert, AZ
2. Ryan Conley, Eagan, MN
3. Noah Roe, Chanhassen, MN
4. Chris Fulks, Springfield, IL
5. T.J. Koutny, Ingleside, IL
6. Justin Stefani, Des Moines, IA
7. Darin Marcus, Northbrook, IL
8. Jonathan Koorsen, Marshalltown, IA
9. Kevin Harris, Zionsville, IN
10. Jason North, Devonshire, Bermuda
Did not start: Alex Scheuerell, Hartford, WI; Joe White, San Jose, CA; Ron White, Santa Clara, CA.
Fastest lap: Alan Rudolph, Gilbert, AZ, 41.751.
Top qualifier: Noah Roe, Chanhassen, MN, 32.639 (class record).

Yamaha Heavy
Sponsor: SBC Communications

1. Todd Bolton, Bowen, IL
2. Michael Dittmer, Davenport, IA
3. John Johnson, Marshalltown, IA
4. Christopher Larson, Trinity, FL
5. Scott Evans, Des Moines, IA
6. John Dixon, Evansville, IN
7. Jacob Otto, Marshalltown, IA
8. Mike McIntire, Chesterland, OH
9. Kris Wentink, Davenport, IA
10. Dick Margison, New Castle, IN
11. Don Garwood, Marshalltown, IA
12. Tibor Ujj, Ontario, Canada
13. Scott Paape, Heartland, WI
14. Adam Johnson, Marshalltown, IA
15. Staple Nash, Newbury, OH
16. Curt Hoegner, East Moline, IL
17. Travis Porter, Rock Island, IL
18. Chris Franklin, O’Fallon, MO
19. Michelle Anglea, Greenwood, IN
20. Jerry Fandrey, Oak Lawn, IL
21. Paul Passell, Waukesha, WI
22. Mark Dismore Jr., Greenfield, IN
23. Alex Angel, Paragon, IN
24. Ron Brannam, Barrington, IL
Did not start: Jason Kelling, Pella, IA; Chris Salmon, Beech Grove, IN; Brad Carter, Des Moines, IA; Andrew Fisher, Milan, IL; Kenton Hensley, Des Moines, IA.
Fastest lap: Todd Bolton, Bowen, IL, 44.194.
Top qualifier: Todd Bolton, Bowen, IL, 35.274 (new class record).

TAG Masters
Sponsor: WHBF-TV4

1. Mike Combs, Sheridan, IL
2. Jim Harrison, New Braunfels, TX
3. Sam Walls, Longmont, CO
4. Brian Stitle, Arlington Heights, IL
5. Michael Fling, Edmond, OK
6. Ken Johnson, Carollton, TX
7. Curt Hoegner, East Moline, IL
Did not start: Dennis Chappell, St. Charles, MI; Rhonda Mims-Brown, Double Oak, TX; Gary Kannegiesser, Avon Lake, OH; Cheryl Lavick, Barrington, IL; Bob Lovewell, Erie, CO.
Fastest lap: Sam Walls, Longmont, CO, 44.254.
Top qualifier: Sam Walls, Longmont, CO, 35.314.

4-Cycle Medium
Sponsor: Bi-State Home Improvement

1. Gary Lawson, Mentor, OH
2. Eric Garland, Washington, NJ
3. Billy Dickson, West Decatur, PA
4. Matt Riggs, Pevely, MO
5. Nicholas Ricketts, West Terre Haute, IN
6. Scott Kleman, Tecumseh, MI
7. A.J. Lane, Carleton, MI
8. Matthew Jordan, Punxsutawney, PA
9. Chris Harding, Ft. Wayne, IN
10. Ken Williams, High Ridge, MO
11. Robby Smith, New Castle, IN
12. Chris Toffolo, Indianapolis, IN
13. Matt Duncombe, Hampton, IL
14. Mark Dismore Jr., Greenfield, IN
15. Jerry Miller, Springfield, IL
16. Stephan Kammerer, Mt. Prospect, IL
17. Joe Janiga, Valparaiso, IN
18. Ty Schurr, Sherrard, IL
19. Mark Hough, Zionsville, IN
20. Cori Larson, Silvis, IL
21. Brandon Myers, Crawfordsville, IN
22. Tony Franklin, Davenport, IA
23. Jason Trennepohl, Indianapolis, IN
24. Jason Ludwig, Quincy, IL
25. Jared Anders, Quincy, IL
26. Jason Birdsell, St. Joseph, IL
27. Richard Hale, West Terre Haute, IN
Did not start: Rob Downing Jr., Topeka, KS; Allen Kopel, Silvis, IL; Jerad Ludwig, Quincy, IL; Kyle Erdmann, Coal Valley, IL.
Fastest lap: Gary Lawson, Mentor, OH, 45.480.
Top qualifier: Matt Riggs, Pevely, MO, 38.098 (class record).

125cc Semi Pro
Bi-State Home Improvement

1. Robert Pretts, North Branch, WI
2. Dan Roe, Minnetonka, MN
3. John Kindhart, Lake Dallas, TX
4. Garrick Miller, Plainfield, IN
5. Phil Gordon, Evanston, IL
6. Stacy Cook, Grand Junction, CO
7. John Hoppa, Ballwin, MO
8. Mark Vielgut, Hubertus, WI
9. Jason Quinn, Hampton, IL
10. Justin Mullins, Ontario, Canada
11. Shane Wells, Milan, IL
12. Harry Alden, Haslett, MI
13. Derek Denman, McKinney, TX
14. Chris Nodurft, Rock Island, IL
15. Kevin Koshkarian, Milford, MI
16. Aaron Wolfe, Freeport, IL
17. Ashley Betts, Andover, MN
18. Brandon Stroschein, Shoreview, MN
19. Dale Bales, Danville, IL
20. Scott Patchin, Rock Island, IL
21. Jason North, Devonshire, Bermuda
22. Scott Barnes, Pembroke, Bermuda
23. Chris Carlson, Eden Prairie, MN
24. Ben Kapella, Hibbing, MN
Did not start: Chris Jackson, Tuttle, OK; Dean Duffney, Maple Grove, MN; James Ames.
Fastest lap: Robert Pretts, North Branch, WI, 41.659.
Top qualifier: Justin Mullins, Ontario, Canada, 32.858 (class record).

4-Cycle Junior II
Sponsor: Rieken Racing

1. Ritchie Kuhn, Mentor, OH
2. Tim Goettsch, Bettendorf, IA
3. Matt Pewe, Davenport, IA
4. Travis DeVriendt, Sherrard, IL
5. Ryan Currie, Quincy, IL
6. Michael VanAcker, Moline, IL
7. Bret Miller, Dixon, IA
8. Mitchell Strayer, Davenport, IA
9. Andrew Coulter, Quincy, IL
10. Kory Meyer, Big Rock, IA
11. Chad Patch, Eldridge, IA
12. Josh Phillips, Wellsville, KS
13. Joshua Mattias, Indianapolis, IN
14. Joey King, Silvis, IL
15. Brandon Bealer, Coal Valley, IL
16. Jack Zweber, Shoreview, MN
Fastest lap: Travis DeVriendt, Sherrard, IL, 48.543.
Top qualifier: Tim Goettsch, Bettendorf, IA, 39.788 (class record).

2-Cycle Super Sportsman
Sponsor: Zimmerman Car

1. Gary Lawson, Mentor, OH
2. Mike Welsh, Davenport, IA
3. John Johnson, Marshalltown, IA
4. Todd Bolton, Bowen, IL
5. Michael Dittmer, Davenport, IA
6. Jason Birdsell, St. Joseph, IL
7. Adam Johnson, Marshalltown, IA
8. Dan Newell, Hermitage, TN
9. Scott Evans, Des Moines, IA
10. Christopher Larson, Trinity, FL
11. Brandon Simms, Colorado Springs, CO
12. Andrew Fisher, Milan, IL
13. Greg Weese, Moline, IL
14. Matt Riggs, Pevely, MO
15. Don Garwood, Marshalltown, IA
16. Mike Clausen, Davenport, IA
17. Bob Ropke, Wildwood, IL
18. Stephan Kammerer, Mt. Prospect, IL
19. Kyle Erdmann, Coal Valley, IL
20. Dean Boyd, Lewisville, TX
21. Chris Hale, West Terre Haute, IN
22. Mark Dismore Jr., Greenfield, IN
23. Chris Nodurft, Rock Island, IL
24. Ernie Rathz, Indianapolis, IN
25. Kyle Landon, Indianapolis, IN
26. Rick Hudson, Comiskey, IN
27. Jason Quinn, Hampton, IL
Did not start: Kenton Hensley, Des Moines, IA; Mitch Conley, Winterset, IA; Alex Angel, Paragon, IN.
Fastest lap: Gary Lawson, Mentor, OH, 43.139.
Top qualifier: Michael Dittmer, Davenport, IA, 35.813 (class record).

Consolation race
Top 5 advance to final

1. Bob Ropke, Wildwood, IL
2. Don Garwood, Marshalltown, IA
3. Rick Hudson, Commiskey, IN
4. Brandon Simms, Colorado Springs, CO
5. Chris Hale, West Terre Haute, IN
6. Randy Smith, Davenport, IA
7. Brad Carter, Des Moines, IA
8. Kevin Woodard, Indianapolis, IN
9. Al Pettis, Davenport, IA
Did not start: Garrett Bouchard, Clinton, IA; Jon Ellingham, Racine, WI; Jim Brummet, Geneseo, IL; Allen Kopel, Silvis, IL; Ty Thomas, Bettendorf, IA; Jill Rubenzer, Brookfield, WI; Travis Englund, Davenport, IA; Mike Witt, Davenport, IA; Chris Tomasik, Avon, IN.

Yamaha Medium
Sponsor: SBC Communications

1. Todd Bolton, Bowen, IL
2. John Johnson, Marshalltown, IA
3. Michael Dittmer, Davenport, IA
4. Mark Dismore Jr., Greenfield, IN
5. Staple Nash, Newbury, OH
6. Mike McIntire, Chesterland, OH
7. Jacob Otto, Marshalltown, IA
8. John Dixon, Evansville, IN
9. Chris Wehrheim, Norcross, GA
10. Andrew Fisher Milan, IL
11. Scott Evans, Des Moines, IA
12. Kris Wentink, Davenport, IA
13. Dick Margison, New Castle, IN
14. Chris Salmon, Beech Grove, IN
15. Travis Porter, Rock Island, IL
16. Chris Franklin, O’Fallon, MO
17. Kyle Landon, Indianapolis, IN
18. Matthew Monday, Plainfield, IN
19. Jerry Fandrey, Oak Lawn, IL
20. Michelle Anglea, Greenwood, IN
21. Alex Angel, Paragon, IN
22. Jason Burgess, Indianapolis, IN
23. Adam Johnson, Marshalltown, IA
24. Ron Brannam, Barrington, IL
25. Jason Kelling, Pella, IA
26. Gina Codalata, Speedway, IN
Did not start: Jared Anders, Quincy, IL; Jason Quinn, Hampton, IL; Kenton Hensley, Marshalltown, IA; Scott Patchin, Rock Island.
Fastest lap: John Johnson, Marshalltown, IA, 42.098.
Top qualifier: Michael Dittmer, Davenport, IA, 35.129 (class record).

4-Cycle Stock Light
Sponsor: WHBF-TV 4

1. A.J. Lane. Carleton, MI
2. Dustin Morris, Birdsboro, PA
3. Mathew Jordan, Punxsutawney, PA
4. Nicholas Ricketts, Indianapolis, IN
5. Scott Kleman, Tecumseh, MI
6. Joe Janiga, Valparaiso, IN
7. Matt Riggs, Pevely, MO
8. Mark Dismore Jr., Greenfield, IN
9. Chris Toffola, Indianapolis, IN
10. Tony Franklin, Davenport, IA
11. Ty Schurr, Sherrard, IL
12. Jason Birdsell, St. Joseph, IL
13. Cori Larson, Silvis, IL
14. Bob Chandler, Indianapolis, IN
15. Chris Harding, Ft. Wayne, IN
16. Jason Trennepohl, Indianapolis, IN
17. James Willis, Middleton, OH
Did not start: Jared Anders, Quincy, IL; Jason Ludwig, Quincy, IL; Robby Smith, New Castle, IN.
Fastest lap: A.J. Lane, Carleton, MI, 43.309.
Top qualifier: Dustin Morris, Birdsboro, PA, 37.813 (class record)

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