WSK Super Master Series 2023 title for Vortex

On the occasion of the last championship round, on the Cremona circuit, our
VTS engine hits the title in the OK category with James Egozi, in addition
to the podium in the final with Sebastiano Pavan.

OK – With the fourth place in the final of Round 4 gained by James Egozi
(Tony Kart Racing Team), our VTS engine conquers the title in the WSK Super
Master Series, at its debut, the second consecutive title in this
championship for Vortex in the master class of single-gear chassis. A goal
that is the result of the leading performance of our engine, as shown by the
results obtained during the four scheduled events: 3 pole positions in the
qualifying heats; 11 victories, 24 podiums and 9 fastest laps in the
qualifying heats; 3 successes in the pre-finals and 3 unconditional first
places in the decisive finals.

Egozi makes no mistakes throughout the weekend and, with a strong tactical
intelligence, easily reaches the finals in the top positions. Besides Egozi,
among the main drivers of the weekend there is Sebastiano Pavan (Tony Kart
Racing Team), always in the Top 5 of the qualifying heats and brilliant
author of a third place in the B pre-final on Sunday morning. The two
teammates join forces in the final: the American driver quickly reaches the
second place and, also thanks to the wide advantage over his rivals in terms
of scores, gives his way to the Italian driver who, at the end of the race,
takes the third position, just ahead of the new champion.

Exceptional comeback for David Walther (Koski Motorsport) who recovers 27
positions in the eliminatory heats and another 13 positions in the final
race on Sunday afternoon. At the start of the final we also find Luigi
Coluccio (Tony Kart Racing Team), Arthur Poulain (Tony Kart Racing Team),
Jan Przyrowski (Tony Kart Racing Team), Dante Vinci (Ricky Flynn
Motorsport), Maciej Gladysz (Ricky Flynn Motorsport), Roland Kuklane (Ward
Racing) and Jimmy Helias (Ward Racing).

KZ2 – Once again top performances for the VTZ engine, in the shifter
category. Tom Leuillet (Tony Kart Racing Team), undisputed leader of the
Franciacorta event, finishes fourth under the chequered flag, very close to
the first three classified. Positive Top 10 place by the young Norton
Andreasson (Tony Kart Racing Team), in a final that also sees Samuel Luyet
(Tony Kart Racing Team) and Jean Luyet (Tony Kart Racing Team) on the
starting grid. The two brothers lead some excellent heats and are
respectively ninth and eighth in the intermediate ranking. In particular,
Jean scores some really positive results in the heats, despite a penalty for
the front fairing in the wrong position, not attributable to him. In the
final, however, the two Swiss drivers are hampered due to an accident at the
start: Jean, fourth in the morning pre-final, is unfortunately forced to
retire; Samuel, on the other hand, avoids the worst, but loses several
positions and compromises his race.

OKJ – Good start for our engines in the Junior category, with Scott Kin
Lindblom (Tony Kart Racing Team) and Mees Houben (Ward Racing) second
fastest drivers in groups 1 and 2 in of the qualifying heats, respectively.
During the following qualifying heats, the “blue” Vortex units record one
win, 7 podiums and 6 fastest laps, with Lindblom firmly in the Top 5 of the
intermediate ranking. A total of 11 drivers equipped with Vortex engines
enter the final, representing 30% of the available seats. Once again it is
Lindblom leading the top positions and, with a great start, takes the third
place, however the next brawls prevent the Swedish driver from ending the
event on the podium. Important recovery of 8 positions for Arata Endo (Ward
Racing), ahead of Sebastian Lehtimaki (Koski Motorsport) and Houben in the

Scrolling down the classification we also find Kirill Dzitiev (Tony Kart
Racing Team), Oliver Kinnmark (Koski Motorsport), Alp Hasan Aksoy (Tony Kart
Racing Team), Ludovico Busso (Ward Racing), Salim Hanna Hernandez (Ricky
Flynn Motorsport), Elliot Kaczynski (Ward Racing) and Roman Kamyab (Ricky
Flynn Motorsport).

In total, in addition to the victories gained in the finals of Lonato and
Sarno, Vortex closes the championship with a total of 16 successes, 25
podiums and 9 fastest laps in the qualifying heats, nest to 2 first places
in the pre-finals.

MINI – Once again Ilie Tristan Crisan (Tony Kart Racing Team) shows off in
the MINI Gr.3, with a victory and a third place in the qualifying heats. The
Canadian driver, among the top ten in the intermediate ranking, improves
further with a fifth place in the final, which also sees a fast Ludovico
Mazzola (Tony Kart Racing Team). In the MINI Gr.3 U10, Sebastian
Eskandari-Marandi (Tony Kart Racing Team) emerges in the top positions,
twice second place in the eliminatory heats and first in the B pre-final.
With these results, the Australian driver comes to the starting grid with
real chances of excelling. Right from the start, Eskandari-Marandi is
constantly fighting in the leading group and even takes the reins of the
race in the very early stages, however in the final he his hit by a rival
that prevents him to reach of a well-deserved podium: he finishes fourth.

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