ROK Cup USA Confirms Three ROK Fest Dates

Orlando, New York, and Sonoma set for 2023 schedule

Expanding the ROK Fest program from two event weekends to three in 2023, ROK Cup Promotions is pleased to announce race dates and locations for July, August, and September where ROKKERs will do battle in Orlando, New York, and Sonoma. Dubbed ROK Florida, ROK Fest East, and ROK Fest West, teams and competitors will have three opportunities to earn ROK Cup USA prize packages as one of the three events will run under the lights as a Saturday night race.

“We’re excited to announce three ROK Fest events for 2023: ROK Fest Florida, ROK Fest East, and ROK Fest West,” explained Mike Burrell, Director of Operations for ROK Cup Promotions. “This should give most of our ROKKERs the opportunity to compete for 2023 ROK Vegas tickets close to their home regions.”

While a host of ROK tickets will be available, including tickets to the 2024 Florida Winter Tour, ROK Fest events, as well as the Canadian Karting Championships, ROK Cup Promotions is also working on several events and attractions around each of these event weekends to provide a festival type atmosphere including wine tasting in Sonoma, waterslides, and amusement parks in Orlando, and more.

Burrell continued, “The July event at Orlando Kart Center will be a ’Saturday Night Shootout’ under the lights. In August, I’m excited to make my first trip to NY Race Complex! I’ve heard Marco Oldhafer’s track is arguably the most scenic kart track in the United States and is an easy trip for our Canadian ROKKERs to grab tickets to ROK Vegas. Finally, who doesn’t like going to Sonoma, California? Our September ROK Fest West will be the last chance for ROKKERs to prepare and win tickets to ROK Vegas.”

2023 ROK Fest Events
July 14-15 – Orlando Kart Center (Saturday night race)
August 4-6 – NY Race Complex
September 15-17 – Sonoma Raceway

While ROK Cup USA wanted to confirm the dates and locations, much more information regarding the three ROK Fest events will be coming in the next few weeks.

For more information on ROK Cup USA, ROK Cup Promotions, please feel free to contact ROK CUP USA at (407) 476-5635 or or Mike Burrell via email to

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