Tony Kart on the Podium in Valencia and Lonato

On the occasion of the first round of the Champions of the Future Euro
Series, our Tony Kart Racer 401 RR gains the third place in OK class with
Arthur Poulain as well as the leadership in the championship with Jan
Przyrowski. In the WSK Open Series, on the other hand, it is the Tony Kart
Rookie finishing second and third, respectively in MINI Gr.3 and MINI Gr.3

A weekend full of satisfactions for our Tony Kart Racing Team, with the
double engagement in the Champions of the Future Euro Series, in Valencia
(Spain), and in the WSK Open Series, in Lonato (Italy). The Tony Kart Racer
401 RR conquers a third place in OK, powered by the Vortex VTS engine, and
comes close to the Top 3 in OKJ, still powered by Vortex. Our model reserved
to the youngest driver, the Tony Kart Rookie, on the other hand, reaches the
podium in both Mini Gr.3 and MINI Gr.3 U10, with the VTM unit, again of the
“engine division” of OTK Kart Group.

In OK, the Valencia weekend opens immediately with Jan Przyrowski’s second
best time in his own qualifying group and Arthur Poulain’s third position in
Group 3. Precisely the two teammates show off as the leaders of the category
during the following qualifying heats: the Polish driver scores one win,
three podiums and one fastest lap, in addition to success in the super heats
and the pole position for the final; the French driver, on the other hand,
plays on constancy in terms of results and with three Top 3 positions (as
well as one fastest lap) he joins the top five in the intermediate ranking
on Saturday evening. In the final, Przyrowski jumps with a perfect start and
is able to hold the leadership, but after a few laps he is forced to give up
several positions and finishes fifth under the chequered flag: a result
allowing him to take the provisional leadership in the championship. Poulain
also performs well at the start, despite starting from the outside row. The
transalpine driver, thanks to an excellent conduct of the race, even takes
the second position, and is able to finish in third place both in the final
and in the provisional championship standings.
Luigi Coluccio makes a remarkable comeback, finishing seventh, after
recovering 14 positions from the starting grid. The Italian, winner a week
ago of the third round of the WSK Super Master Series at Sarno, does not
shine in the qualifying heats, but manages to climb the ranking with a
series of Top 10 results in the qualifying heats, in which he also sets a
fast lap.
Sebastiano Pavan shows off with a win, two podiums and a fastest lap in the
qualifying heats: two stops (one in the heats and one in the super heat),
however, prevent the Italian driver’s path. Despite this, Pavan gains the
access to the final and signs a Top 15 finish. Zoe Florescu Potolea and
Jakub Rajski also attend the race in Valencia, training for the FIA Karting
European Championship scheduled in two weeks.

In OKJ, once again Kirill Dzitiev is our best representative driver,
starting from Friday’s qualifyings, with the second-best time in Group 3, a
result that earns him the Top 5 in the combined standings. Dzitiev continues
with outstanding results in the qualifying heats (two victories, three
podiums and one fastest lap), climbs to third place at the end of the day on
Saturday, and is a candidate to be leader in the Sunday’s final. In the last
and decisive race of the Spanish stage, Dzitiev runs well at the start from
the second row and finishes at the foot of the podium.

Scott Kin Lindblom is on the rise, fourth in his group during the chrono
practices, author of three podiums and two fastest laps in the eliminatory
heats and pretender for a Top 10 position. Good results also for Davide
Bottaro, constantly among the top ten in all the qualifying heats and able
to finish his own super heat on Sunday morning in the Top 5. At his first
official appearance this season, Maria Germano Neto records two sixth
positions as her best position in the qualifying heats and a solid Top 10 in
the super heat. On the other hand, Alp Hasan Aksoy collects a third place in
the qualifying heats, but an accident in the final puts a premature end to
his weekend.

In MINI Gr.3, Ilie Tristan Crisan is among the fastest drivers at the South
Garda Karting of Lonato. The Canadian impresses in the qualifying heats with
the best time in his group and records two podiums in the qualifying heats,
subsequently confirming himself in the pre-final on Sunday morning with a
Top 5. Thanks to a clever race and a final that sees him overtaking his
rivals in the last laps, Crisan passes second under the chequered flag in
the final. Ludovico Mazzola works hard throughout the weekend and constantly
improves his results.

In the MINI Gr.3 U10, Sebastian Eskandari-Marandi steadily runs in the top
positions and even takes the victory in the B pre-final. The Australian
driver, however, is penalized by starting from the outside line in the
final: after being sent from second to seventh position, he climbs up to
third place, a result that also gives him the provisional second place in
the championship.

Drivers of the OK and OKJ categories will take a short break ahead of the
first round of the FIA Karting European Championship in Valencia (March 23rd
– 26th), while the youngest MINI drivers will tackle the 34th Andrea
Margutti Trophy in Lonato (March 16th – 19th).

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