Product Spotlight: Comet Kart Sales – OTK Full Tank Adaptor

For decades, Comet Kart Sales has provided or manufactured products that help karters on and off the track. A unique product is now available from Comet, the OTK Full Tank Adapter. Karters who would like to utilize a smaller tank on OTK karts know there is no easy way to mount it. The Comet OTK Full Tank Adaptor allows you to mount a 3.5 Liter KG fuel tank to replace the 8.5 Liter jug. This gives competitors the option to run less fuel and save a little bit of weight, while freeing up the space under the steering shaft.

The full Comet OTK Full Tank Adaptor kit includes a 3.5 Liter KG fuel tank, mounting adapter and hardware. The adaptor and hardware are also available for purchase separately.

Head to to learn more about this product and the many more as we head into the spring season of 2022.

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