EKN Tent Talk: EP3 – Parolin USA – Superkarts! USA Winter Series – AMR2

What better way for eKartingNews to introduce you to the industry and those competing in the sport then to go straight to them for a sit-down discussion. That is the goal of the ‘EKN Tent Talk’, the newest component of the EKN Trackside coverage program. EKN sets up shop with one of the teams in the paddock and welcomes guests under the tent.

The third episode of the EKN Tent Talk with another trip to the AMR Homestead-Miami Motorplex presented by MG Tires to complete the 2022 Superkarts! USA Winter Series program. Parolin USA welcomed Rob Howden and David Cole inside their tent following the full day of practice at the Homestead, Florida facility on Friday, February 11. Joining them for a few questions was Yannick Rolland, along with team drivers Alessandro de Tullio, Alessandro Truchot, and Sarah Bradley.

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