Briggs & Stratton Weekly Racing Series Announces 2021 Champions

The 2021 season marked the seventh year of the Briggs & Stratton Weekly Racing Series presented by RLV program. This unique point system provides Briggs to continue its focus on the ‘Operation Grassroots’ program of supporting local tracks and clubs, while promoting those drivers competing at the grassroots level across North America.

The Briggs Weekly Racing Series collects results from April 1 through October 31 with each track/club allowed to submit 10 race dates. The program is broken up into three categories: Junior (USA/Canada), Senior/Master (Canada), and Senior/Master (USA). The final standings for the Briggs WRS program include the best seven results of the first eight events submitted.

In total, 45 tracks were involved in the 2021 Briggs & Stratton Weekly Racing Series programs within the United States and Canada. Results from those programs in 2021 put together a total of 3531 drivers results submitted over the three different categories.

One of the key components of the Briggs Weekly Racing Series is the prize vault. This year’s total value is at $76,500, which equates to 31% more than 2020. The top prize includes a new MGM Espionage kart chassis. Other companies to provide prizes for 2021 include RLV, Weber, Milwaukee Tool, Vega Tires, TS Racing along with returning supporters Cup Karts North America, Franklin Motorsports, Target Distributing, Hilliard Clutches, and AMSOIL.

Prize breakdown:

1st Place: MGM Espionage Kart Chassis
2nd Place (USA): VLR Emerald Kart Roller
2nd Place (Canada): Weber SX-335 Stainless Smart Grill
3rd Place (All): Weber SX-335 Stainless Smart Grill
1st-3rd Place: CKNA Grands Entries
4th-11th Place: Milwaukee Impact Wrench
12th-16th Place: Weber Q1200 Portable LP Grill
17th-26th Place: Briggzilla Bison Cooler
27th-41st Place: Snap XD 550CFM Blower with Battery & Charger
42nd-45th Place: Franklin Motorsports $200 Gift Card
46th Place: VEGA Tires
47th-56th Place: 12 quarts of Briggs & Stratton 4T by Amsoil
57th-66th Place: Noram Stinger & EK Chain from Target
67th-81st Place: Hilliard INFERNO Flame Clutch
82nd-83rd Place: Amsoil Tech Jacket
84th-87th Place: TS Gift Certificate
88th-92nd Place: Briggs Animal Hitch Cover
93rd-100th Place: RLV Xtreme Reaper #35 Chain, 106 Link

Here is a quick profile of the three drivers (Senior/Masters Canada, Senior/Masters USA, and Junior) who finished as the #1 driver in their respective categories. Briggs & Stratton Racing has confirmed the Weekly Racing Series will continue in 2022. For more on the program and a complete list of the standings, visit Also, below is a video recap of the 2021 Briggs & Stratton Weekly Racing Series featuring all three champions.

Senior/Master USA #1 – Ryan Gensheimer
Points: 200.25
Track: Twin Fountains Raceway

Age: 18
Hometown: Bowling Green, Kentucky
Occupation: Student at University of Louisville
Chassis: Margay
Sponsors: No formal sponsors but I would like to thank my family, friends, Jamie and Christine Bradford with the Tennessee Karting Association (TKA) and Robert Smith with Kart City Performance
Years Karting: 3

When and where did you get your start in karting? I got my start in 2017 at the National Corvette Museum Motorsports Park in my hometown, where I participated in their rental karting leagues. I then learned of the Atlanta Motorsports Park rental kart endurance races, and my team competed in two 10-hr Enduro races in 2018 and won the second race.

What was your first kart? My first kart was a Margay Ignite K3

When did you begin racing at the club you are currently racing at? I began racing with the Tennessee Karting Association (TKA) in 2019. My first ever race in Briggs karting was with TKA.

What brought you to racing the Briggs 206 engine package? After our success in rental karts, my family began looking at how to get into competitive karting. The Briggs 206 package was the only option that we could afford. Reliability was also a big factor for the Briggs 206. We realized we could run the same engine for multiple years unlike two-stroke engines. The support that Briggs & Stratton provides for their drivers and clubs is something unlike any other company, from small help at any track to the huge prize vault at the end of every season.

What are some of the great aspects you like about karting and racing at the club you are at? The Tennessee Karting Association (TKA) is a family. I am grateful for the friends I have made on and off the track. Karting brings people of all backgrounds together to produce some of the best racing there is. The competition in Tennessee is top-tier every race weekend with championship-winning drivers making their way over from many surrounding states. I am constantly challenged to be a better driver.

Senior/Master USA Top-100

Pos. Points Driver Track
1. 200.25 Ryan Gensheimer Twin Fountains
2. 199.75 Adam Crepin Gateway Kartplex
3. 198.5 Nick Ksobiech Wolf Paving Raceway
4. 197.5 Logan Stephens New Castle Motorsports Park
5. 197 Michael Bergren Action IMI SBR Grand Junction PPIR
6. 195 Steve Knight New Castle Motorsports Park
7. 194.25 Avery Scott TNT Kartways
8. 194.25 Scott Cherry Rimrock Raceway
9. 193 Garrett Adams New Castle Motorsports Park
10. 193 Duncan Warnke Action IMI SBR Grand Junction PPIR
11. 191.75 Doug Cook G & J Kartway
12. 191.75 Clay Settles New Castle Motorsports Park
13. 190 Brandin Moore Gateway Kartplex
14. 187.5 Ronald Swift G & J Kartway
15. 185.75 Todd Baron GoPro Motorplex
16. 185 Ian Koentges Action IMI SBR Grand Junction PPIR
17. 183.75 Connor Yonchuk GoPro Motorplex
18. 183.5 Bradly Jacks PKRA
19. 183.5 Nathaniel Labhart Michiana Raceway Park
20. 183.25 Andrew Zimmer Horn Rapids Kart Track
21. 182 Eric Kuzemchak Desert Park Raceway
22. 181.75 Nick Brough Michiana Raceway Park
23. 181.5 Jamie Bradford New Castle Motorsports Park
24. 181.25 JD Gunn Michiana Raceway Park
25. 181.25 Victor Turner GoPro Motorplex
26. 180 Luke Webster Gateway Kartplex
27. 178.25 Craig Loddeke Gateway Kartplex
28. 177.75 Sam Griffin G & J Kartway
29. 177.5 Chris Slinden Stockholm Karting Center
30. 177.5 Joey Neuzel G & J Kartway
31. 176.25 Jon DeMaster CTECH Manufacturing Motorplex
32. 176.25 Myles Pederson Glenn Morgan Raceway
33. 176.25 James Stegman AMR Motorplex presented by MG Tires
34. 175.75 Rich Alten PKRA
35. 175.25 Landon Bily PKRA
36. 175.25 Richard Pearson Lamar County Speedway
37. 173 Kiara Stai Stockholm Karting Center
38. 172.5 Deeahmee Malone Desert Park Raceway
39. 172 James Michael Sullivan Action IMI SBR Grand Junction PPIR
40. 171.75 Madison Knox North Texas Kartway
41. 171.25 Jeff Scott TNT Kartways
42. 171.25 Brandon Helton G & J Kartway
43. 171 Sean Guillen Action IMI SBR Grand Junction PPIR
44. 170 Cam Ebben CTECH Manufacturing Motorplex
45. 170 Lucas Eyth MAC Track
46. 169.75 Tyler Stephens JRP Speedway
47. 169.5 Ava Elder North Texas Kartway
48. 169.25 Corey Flint New Castle Motorsports Park
49. 169 Ethan Wolfe North Texas Kartway
50. 169 Alyx Smith Twin Fountains
51. 169 Rachael Williams Desert Park Raceway
52. 169 Kody Johnson Pittsburgh International Race Complex
53. 167.75 Blake Galloway Mid-State Raceway
54. 167.25 Ryan Beightol Horn Rapids Kart Track
55. 167.25 Daniel Llizo AMR Motorplex presented by MG Tires
56. 167 Riley Scott TNT Kartways
57. 167 Zak Rinker Wolf Paving Raceway
58. 167 Mac Frewen Liberty Track
59. 165 Tiffany Shawver Glenn Morgan Raceway
60. 165 Curtis Crawford New Castle Motorsports Park
61. 164.5 Jordan Hernandez AMR Motorplex presented by MG Tires
62. 163.5 Noah Rivers Lamar County Speedway
63. 163 Noah Koenig Stockholm Karting Center
64. 163 David Williams Action IMI SBR Grand Junction PPIR
65. 163 Seth Axelson Action IMI SBR Grand Junction PPIR
66. 163 Mark Woodward Action IMI SBR Grand Junction PPIR
67. 162.25 Keegan Clark New Castle Motorsports Park
68. 161.5 Austin Smith CTECH Manufacturing Motorplex
69. 161.5 David Hilburn PKRA
70. 161 Tom Harleman New Castle Motorsports Park
71. 160.25 Randall Pierce G & J Kartway
72. 160 Tyler Grafton Mid-State Raceway
73. 159.5 Brody Kellner Sandy Hook Speedway
74. 159.5 David Roddy HCKC Raceway
75. 159 Tyler Krug Action IMI SBR Grand Junction PPIR
76. 158.25 Rohan Ramsaroop AMR Motorplex presented by MG Tires
77. 157.75 Kyle Lohmar Concept Haulers Motor Speedway
78. 157.5 Micah Hendricks PKRA
79. 157 Nate McCarley Horn Rapids Kart Track
80. 156.25 Adrian Cruz North Texas Kartway
81. 156 Collin Miller Sandy Hook Speedway
82. 156 Cory Osborn Gateway Kartplex
83. 155.5 Joey Curry Mid-State Raceway
84. 155.25 Greg Mefford Gateway Kartplex
85. 155 Dennis Wilburn Gateway Kartplex
86. 155 Cody Donaldson Lamar County Speedway
87. 155 Blake Young Twin Fountains
88. 153.25 Emily Ellsworth Gateway Kartplex
89. 153.25 Taylor Roddy HCKC Raceway
90. 153 Jacob Kaszubski Michiana Raceway Park
91. 153 Morgan Moses HCKC Raceway
92. 152.5 Ryan Cassity Mid-State Raceway
93. 151.5 Myles Pederson Kart Idaho
94. 151.25 John Ewing New Castle Motorsports Park
95. 151 Derek Sokol GoPro Motorplex
96. 151 Joshua Dickens AMR Motorplex presented by MG Tires
97. 151 Rudy Agras Pittsburgh International Race Complex
98. 150.5 Dakota Hampton Rimrock Raceway
99. 149.5 Jeremiah Davis 61 Kartway
100. 149.5 Kevin Llizo AMR Motorplex presented by MG Tires

Senior/Master Canada #1 – Skylar Dunning
Points: 204.25
Track: Rotax Mojo Raceway

Age: 25
Hometown: Edmonton, Alberta
Occupation: Mechanical Engineer
Chassis: 2016 Tony Kart
Sponsors: Apollo Motorsports
Years Karting: 17

When and where did you get your start in karting? I started in 2004 at the Edmonton and District Kart Racing Association (EDKRA) when they were still racing at Stratotech Park in Fort Saskatchewan. The club has since moved to the Rotox Mojo International Speedway in Warburg, Alberta.

What was your first kart? Used, early 2000s CRG chassis with a 5.5 hp Honda 4-stroke engine.

When did you begin racing at the club you are currently racing at? I have raced with the EDKRA since 2004. Since approximately 2006 or 2007, I have also raced almost full time with the Calgary Karting Club.

What brought you to racing the Briggs 206 engine package? The Briggs engine package was attractive because of the cost and parity. Unlike other engine packages in our sport, you can pull a brand-new Briggs 206 engine out of the box and be competitive immediately while it will last multiple seasons with basic maintenance. Also, due to the lower speed and harder tires, the chassis age is less critical, and you can be competitive with used equipment unlike other classes where it is common for the top drivers to have brand new chassis for every major event. These factors allow the Briggs 206 class to be relatively affordable. Also, because of the engine parity and low horsepower, the pack racing makes Briggs 206 classes some of the more exciting events of the weekend. Finally, I believe the driving skills you develop in the Briggs 206 class are an asset when participating in the higher horsepower classes as well.

What are some of the great aspects you like about karting and racing at the club you are at? The family atmosphere at the EDKRA is unparalleled. The racing is competitive on the track, but off the track the drivers and families are all genuine friends. I participate in karting as a hobby with my family and having good off-track relationships with my competitors makes it more enjoyable. That being said, the on-track racing at the club is very competitive and we have produced some of the most skilled racers in Canada across multiple classes.

Senior/Master Canada Top-100

Pos. Points Driver Track
1. 204.25 Skylar Dunning Rotax Mojo Raceway
2. 192 Josh Perepeletza Rotax Mojo Raceway
3. 191.5 Stephen Bachalo Manitoba Karting Association
4. 191.25 Kiefer Peet Strathmore Motorsports Park
5. 189.5 Griffin Todgham Brechin Motorsport Park
6. 189 Maddock Heacock Mosport Karting Centre
7. 188.5 Jordan Prior Canadian Mini Indy
8. 188.25 Haley Gulash WF Botkin Raceway
9. 188 Brad Walker Strathmore Motorsports Park
10. 188 Paul Galecki Strathmore Motorsports Park
11. 187.75 Jeff Bachalo Manitoba Karting Association
12. 187 Nicky Palladino Goodwood Kartways
13. 183.75 Symeon Zawalak Rotax Mojo Raceway
14. 183.25 Andy Lloyd WF Botkin Raceway
15. 181 Spencer Perreault Rotax Mojo Raceway
16. 180 Zach Boam Goodwood Kartways
17. 179.25 Von Hanesiak Manitoba Karting Association
18. 178 Rudy Aguiar Brechin Motorsport Park
19. 177.5 Ari Korkodilos Mosport Karting Centre
20. 174.25 Barry Nickerson Scotia Speedworld
21. 172.5 Devon Boyle Martensville Speedway
22. 171.75 Ayden Gough Brechin Motorsport Park
23. 171.5 Daniel Demaras Goodwood Kartways
24. 171.25 Brad Bachalo Manitoba Karting Association
25. 170.75 Jeff Conte Goodwood Kartways
26. 169.75 Ian Macintyre Mosport Karting Centre
27. 169.25 Kevin Detlor Brechin Motorsport Park
28. 169.25 David Barnes Canadian Mini Indy
29. 167.75 Dale Lajoie Point Pelee Karting
30. 167.25 Mackenzie Matthews Brechin Motorsport Park
31. 167 Dennis Bauer Strathmore Motorsports Park
32. 163.25 Matthew Chan Strathmore Motorsports Park
33. 162 Eli Yanko Mosport Karting Centre
34. 161 Tom Frederiks Canadian Mini Indy
35. 161 Kolby Short Canadian Mini Indy
36. 157.25 Anthony Quezada Canadian Mini Indy
37. 156.5 Greg Scollard Mosport Karting Centre
38. 156.25 Jason Rothman Mosport Karting Centre
39. 155.25 Javier Ruiz Goodwood Kartways
40. 153 Neil Boyle Martensville Speedway
41. 152 Angelo Amorim Rotax Mojo Raceway
42. 152 Hudson Hamelin Brechin Motorsport Park
43. 149.5 Isaac Teed East Coast Karting
44. 149.25 Easton Hudson Martensville Speedway
45. 149.25 Dave Corscadden Brechin Motorsport Park
46. 146 Tyler Simmons Strathmore Motorsports Park
47. 145 Bruno Polo Goodwood Kartways
48. 145 Dave Cameron Strathmore Motorsports Park
49. 145 Pierre Cholet Manitoba Karting Association
50. 145 David Oryschak WF Botkin Raceway
51. 145 Cameron Glasgow Point Pelee Karting
52. 144.25 Logan Ploder Mosport Karting Centre
53. 144 Connor Peet Strathmore Motorsports Park
54. 143.5 Steven Navratil Mosport Karting Centre
55. 143 Pierre Valois Rotax Mojo Raceway
56. 142 Nate Franco Brechin Motorsport Park
57. 141 Callum Dunbar East Coast Karting
58. 141 Jacob Mercer Brechin Motorsport Park
59. 140.5 Mike Mcleod Point Pelee Karting
60. 140.25 Ben Israel Scotia Speedworld
61. 139.5 Gregor Hendry Rotax Mojo Raceway
62. 139 Tim Cody Scotia Speedworld
63. 137.25 Landen White East Coast Karting
64. 137 Derek Surerus Brechin Motorsport Park
65. 135.25 Tony Cossetti Goodwood Kartways
66. 135 Freddy Wallace Strathmore Motorsports Park
67. 134.5 Kevin Stoneman Scotia Speedworld
68. 134.25 Ilene Toerper Rotax Mojo Raceway
69. 133.25 Austin Reimer Martensville Speedway
70. 132 Avery Miller Mosport Karting Centre
71. 132 Bill Wallace Strathmore Motorsports Park
72. 130 Alex DaSilva Rotax Mojo Raceway
73. 130 Hiro Batolinio Rotax Mojo Raceway
74. 129 Mackenzie Milwain Mosport Karting Centre
75. 129 Johnny Mombourquette Brechin Motorsport Park
76. 128 Max Haverkate Mosport Karting Centre
77. 127 Will Black Martensville Speedway
78. 126.75 Jason McCumber Martensville Speedway
79. 124 Kyle Bolin Rotax Mojo Raceway
80. 124 Bennett Mackay Rotax Mojo Raceway
81. 124 Jarvis Noon Brechin Motorsport Park
82. 122 Riley Paladichuk Canadian Mini Indy
83. 121 Kristi Allen Rotax Mojo Raceway
84. 121 Dan Skilton Mosport Karting Centre
85. 121 Graham Zwicker Scotia Speedworld
86. 120 Stephen Orton Strathmore Motorsports Park
87. 119.5 Logan Ferguson Canadian Mini Indy
88. 119 Andres Lopez Canadian Mini Indy
89. 118 Kelsey Hann East Coast Karting
90. 117.25 Alex Murphy Mosport Karting Centre
91. 117 Adrian Koniarz Goodwood Kartways
92. 117 Carlos Sison Manitoba Karting Association
93. 116.5 Rich Folino Canadian Mini Indy
94. 115 Cashton Woolliscroft Scotia Speedworld
95. 115 Ritch Ainsley Brechin Motorsport Park
96. 113.25 Lane Trim Strathmore Motorsports Park
97. 113 Evan Sullivan Scotia Speedworld
98. 113 Craig Steane Mosport Karting Centre
99. 113 Steven Charko WF Botkin Raceway
100. 112.75 Kathy Taylor Rotax Mojo Raceway

Junior #1 – Kennedy Spier
Points: 204.25
Track: Horn Rapids Kart Track

Age: 10
Hometown: Kennewick, WA
School/Grade: 5th
Chassis: Righetti Ridolfi
Sponsors: Dad and Mom
Years Karting: 3

When and where did you get your start in karting? I started karting when I was 7 years old at Horn Rapids Kart Track in Richland, WA. A gentlemen had built a kid kart for his daughters but they didn’t have an interest in racing so he asked my Dad if we would try it.

What was your first kart? My first kart was a custom built kid kart by BJ Tidrick from Kennewick, WA.

When did you begin racing at the club you are currently racing at? My first kart racing track was at TCKC (Tri-Cities Kart Track). I started racing around August 2018 when I was seven years old.

What brought you to racing the Briggs 206 engine package? We decided to race the Briggs 206 engine class because it is the largest field of racers and has the most competition.

What are some of the great aspects you like about karting and racing at the club you are at? The greatest aspects about racing at TCKC for me is that all the club members are great sports and tough competition. I love getting in my kart and being up front and all the challenges of passing and taking corners correctly.

Junior Top-100

Pos. Points Driver Track Region
1. 204.25 Kennedy Spier Horn Rapids Kart Track USA
2. 202.5 Beckham Lewis G & J Kartway USA
3. 202.5 Cash Wyke G & J Kartway USA
4. 202.25 Reid Sweeney Gateway Kartplex USA
5. 202.25 Ava Hanssen Wolf Paving Raceway USA
6. 201.75 Eli Warren New Castle Motorsports Park USA
7. 198.25 George Deadman Strathmore Motorsports Park CANADA
8. 193.75 Michael Ing Goodwood Kartways CANADA
9. 193.5 Brady Schad Wolf Paving Raceway USA
10. 192.5 Stefano Picerno Goodwood Kartways CANADA
11. 192.25 Aidan Liber Gateway Kartplex USA
12. 191.5 Luke Wackerlin Concept Haulers Motor Speedway USA
13. 191 Adler Klein G & J Kartway USA
14. 191 Travis Varney Action IMI SBR Grand Junction PPIR USA
15. 189.5 Lukas Klimek Stockholm Karting Center USA
16. 189.5 Jordan West Canadian Mini Indy CANADA
17. 189.25 Michael Mastandrea Pittsburgh International Race Complex USA
18. 189 Nolan Tidwell Action IMI SBR Grand Junction PPIR USA
19. 188.25 Sebastian Day Mosport Karting Centre CANADA
20. 187.5 Gunnar Ray PKRA USA
21. 187.25 Sean Dale Stockholm Karting Center USA
22. 187.25 Anthony Martella Mosport Karting Centre CANADA
23. 187 Louis Skaja Stockholm Karting Center USA
24. 186.25 Emmett Eddolls North Texas Kartway USA
25. 185.75 Hudson Tran Stockholm Karting Center USA
26. 185.75 Lucas Veinotte Scotia Speedworld CANADA
27. 185.5 Isaac Wells Gateway Kartplex USA
28. 185.5 Clayton Slipher Wolf Paving Raceway USA
29. 185 Logan McMurray Mosport Karting Centre CANADA
30. 183.75 Tyler Johnson Gateway Kartplex USA
31. 183.25 Wes Schroeder G & J Kartway USA
32. 183.25 Teagan Fletcher Horn Rapids Kart Track USA
33. 182.5 Logan Pacza Canadian Mini Indy CANADA
34. 181.75 Landon Buher New Castle Motorsports Park USA
35. 181.25 Carson Bowers PKRA USA
36. 180.5 Brady Atwood Sandy Hook Speedway USA
37. 180 Race Beckman Gateway Kartplex USA
38. 179.75 Jordan Taylor Sandy Hook Speedway USA
39. 179.5 Philip Winegeart North Texas Kartway USA
40. 179.5 Trestin Moore Horn Rapids Kart Track USA
41. 179.5 George Wheeler GoPro Motorplex USA
42. 179.25 Wesley Gundler GoPro Motorplex USA
43. 177.75 Theodore Gaffer Stockholm Karting Center USA
44. 177.5 Braedon Fowler Goodwood Kartways CANADA
45. 177.5 Cale Cannon New Castle Motorsports Park USA
46. 177.5 Colson Chiesa Horn Rapids Kart Track USA
47. 177.25 Gavin Goldie Goodwood Kartways CANADA
48. 175 Mitchell Morrow Canadian Mini Indy CANADA
49. 174 Matteo Quinto Action IMI SBR Grand Junction PPIR USA
50. 173.75 Evan Hanson Wolf Paving Raceway USA
51. 173.25 Sam Tutwiler New Castle Motorsports Park USA
52. 173.25 LeoLuca Di Carlo Goodwood Kartways CANADA
53. 173.25 Oliver Gaffer Stockholm Karting Center USA
54. 173.25 Simon Hansen PKRA USA
55. 173 Conrad Skeen Strathmore Motorsports Park CANADA
56. 173 Aiden Hanson Horn Rapids Kart Track USA
57. 172.5 Kayden Williams Desert Park Raceway USA
58. 172 Gavin Isaacs Pittsburgh International Race Complex USA
59. 171.75 Jonathan Schwyn PKRA USA
60. 171.5 Boss Patel Strathmore Motorsports Park CANADA
61. 171.25 Christopher McKeithan GoPro Motorplex USA
62. 171 Luka Jakimovski Goodwood Kartways CANADA
63. 170.5 Adam Wein Lamar County Speedway USA
64. 170 Rhys Bowman Action IMI SBR Grand Junction PPIR USA
65. 170 Indy Andersen New Castle Motorsports Park USA
66. 169.75 Gage Pasowisty Strathmore Motorsports Park CANADA
67. 169.5 Ethan Bound Mosport Karting Centre CANADA
68. 169.25 Logan Perl CTECH Manufacturing Motorplex USA
69. 169.25 Porter Trudell CTECH Manufacturing Motorplex USA
70. 169.25 Jacob Modjeski Wolf Paving Raceway USA
71. 169.25 Evan Pfeffer New Castle Motorsports Park USA
72. 169 Louis Palmisano Wolf Paving Raceway USA
73. 169 Joseph Sheppard G & J Kartway USA
74. 168.75 Collin Lloyd AMR Motorplex presented by MG Tires USA
75. 168.25 Jacob Parker Point Pelee Karting CANADA
76. 168 Hudson Williams Sandy Hook Speedway USA
77. 167.25 Nolan Hofrichter Canadian Mini Indy CANADA
78. 167.25 Braden Heber G & J Kartway USA
79. 167 Carter Riddle Gateway Kartplex USA
80. 167 Kase McKinney Horn Rapids Kart Track USA
81. 166.75 Peter Kays Scotia Speedworld CANADA
82. 166.5 Jack Grote Glenn Morgan Raceway USA
83. 166.25 Evan Huber Scotia Speedworld CANADA
84. 165 Kaleb Keck Horn Rapids Kart Track USA
85. 164.5 Cayden Fretwell CTECH Manufacturing Motorplex USA
86. 164 Micah Brewer Twin Fountains USA
87. 163.5 Giovanni Santora PKRA USA
88. 163.25 Evan Dale Stockholm Karting Center USA
89. 163.25 Jeremiah Nobles Desert Park Raceway USA
90. 163 Nathan Dupuis Goodwood Kartways CANADA
91. 163 Mayla Johnson G & J Kartway USA
92. 162 Jerome Rondeau Action IMI SBR Grand Junction PPIR USA
93. 161.75 Tyler Desrosiers Point Pelee Karting CANADA
94. 161.5 Cade Jaeger CTECH Manufacturing Motorplex USA
95. 161.5 Natalie Parker-Lajoie Point Pelee Karting CANADA
96. 161.5 Ethan Alexander CTECH Manufacturing Motorplex USA
97. 161.5 Carter McMurray GoPro Motorplex USA
98. 161.25 Carter Perl CTECH Manufacturing Motorplex USA
99. 161.25 CJ Bowman Pittsburgh International Race Complex USA
100. 160 Alfred Alvarez del Castillo North Texas Kartway USA

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