Superkarts! USA Announces Weight Changes for Swift and X30 Divisions

The following is a statement from Superkarts! USA regarding weight changes to the Swift and X30 divisions. EKN confirmed with SKUSA that weights for the Junior divisions along with the KA100 Senior class will remain unchanged for 2022.

For the past couple of years, there has been much discussion about class weights and how much extra ballast is being carried on karts at SKUSA events. At the Pro Tour event back in August at New Castle, the 2021 SKUSA Mexico events as well as the recent SuperNats, we conducted studies about how much extra ballast was being carried on karts in Micro Swift, Mini Swift, X30 Senior and X30 Masters.

The average identified:

Micro Swift – 13.52 lbs

Mini Swift – 20.57 lbs

X30 Senior – 23.29 lbs

X30 Masters – 27.07 lbs

Based on this information, we will be adjusting the class weights effective immediately:

Micro Swift – 220 lbs (reduced by 5)

Mini Swift – 235 lbs (reduced by 10)

X30 Senior – 355 lbs (reduced by 10)

X30 Masters – 385 lbs (reduced by 15)

These reductions apply to all SKUSA events including SKUSA MEXICO. We will further monitor this situation during 2022 to see if additional changes are needed.

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