Over Fifty Drivers for Birel ART North America at SKUSA SuperNationals

With day one and two already complete at the annual Superkarts! USA (SKUSA) SuperNationals in Las Vegas, Birel ART North America has seen more than fifty hungry and talented drivers aboard their equipment. Scattered across eleven dealer race programs, Birel ART North America has drivers from several continents, including the Birel ART Srl. Factory Program as they look to win big in the final North American event on the 2021 calendar.

“We have drivers from around the globe and have entries in every SKUSA class this weekend,” explained Birel ART North America’s Dominic Labrecque. “Again, we need to thank our dealer network for their strong support and outstanding growth throughout the 2021 season. Come Super Sunday, we are aiming to add SKUSA SuperNationals Champions to our race resume for this season.”

Please see the complete Birel ART North America driver list below:

Pro Shifter

Jake French (PSL)

Marijn Kremers (PSL)

Ricciardo Longhi (PSL)

Michael Stevens (PSL)

Axel Bengston (PSL)

Matteo Vigano (PSL)

Cooper Becklin (PSL)

Franck Meyer (PSL)

Jake Crawford (NASH)

Anthony Freese (WCM)

Ian Quinn (Mottaz Sport)

Master Shifter

Nicolas Bedard (PSL)

Ryan Kinnear (PGR)

Jordon Musser (PSL)

Ben Schermerhorn (PSL)

X30 Senior

Cristian Bertuca (Prime)

John Burke (PSL)

Pedro Hiltbrand (PSL)

Marco Maestranzi (PSL)

Marco Filice (Prime)

Jonathon Guevara (PSL)

Cedrick Lupien (BCR)

Samuel Lupien (BCR)

Tyler Mcintyre (Mottaz Sport)

Oscar Ponozzo (Mottaz Sport)

Lucas Pernod (BCR)

Laurent Legault (BCR)

Patrick Woods-Toth (Prime)

X30 Master

Ruben Cherres (SLA)

Jure Gaspar (Nevada Kartsport)

Steve Ryckebosch (Nevada Kartsport)

X30 Junior

Cooper Beasley (Mottaz Sport)

Frédérique Lemieux (PSL)

Mini Swift

Roman Kamyab (PSL)

Bobby Klein (Speedsportz)

Ryan Giannetta (PGR)

Erik Doan (WCM)

Jackson Lachapelle (BCR)

Michael McGaughy (PSL)

Matthew Roach (Prime)

Regan Saville (Speedsportz)

Pearce Wade (Prime)

Devin Walz (RDX)

Drew Walz (RDX)

Micro Swift

Leonardo Gorski (PSL)

Jackson Pearsall (PSL)

Jesse Philips (PSL)

Rocco Simone (Mottaz Sport)

KA100 Senior

Marco Filice (Prime)

Patrick Woods-Toth (Prime)

Luka Veskovic (Speedsportz)

KA100 Junior

Jack Schrady (Nevada Kartsport)

Cameron Smith (PGR)

With drivers already on track for practice and qualifying, wheel-to-wheel heat races begin tomorrow and run through Saturday with main events on Super Sunday. Stay tuned to the Birel ART North America social media pages for news, information, results, and photos from SuperNationals 24.

For more information to become part of the Birel ART, Ricciardo, Charles Leclerc or TM Racing dealer networks or information on how to join the PSL Karting / Birel ART North America Race Team for the 2022 season, please contact Dominic@PSLKarting.com

Birel ART North America (PSL Karting) is the National Importer and Distributor of Birel ART products and accessories, including Ricciardo Kart, Kubica Kart, and Freeline accessories. Birel ART North America is also a new North American importer for the TM Racing line of products. Visit www.pslkarting.com to find a retailer near you. Follow our racing team and product updates via our social media @pslkartingofficial

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