Final Events Ahead for 2021 Briggs Weekly Racing Series Program

The Briggs & Stratton Weekly Racing Series powered by RLV is nearing the end of the seventh season with the month of October the final stretch of events included for this year’s program. The Briggs Weekly Racing Series program puts local club sprint kart racers from all over North America against one another in a point standings championship format. Junior category welcomes drivers from both Canada and the United States, while the Senior/Master divisions are split for the two countries to provide three different championship standings.

“The Briggs Weekly Racing Series powered by RLV has always been about rewarding the club racer who digs deep, runs the whole season, and performs consistently,” stated Briggs & Stratton Director of Motorsports Dan Roche. “In 2021, we’ve seen a big uptick with track involvement throughout North America. Consequently, the competition is tougher, with 38% more drivers enrolled than in 2020.”

Overall, a total of 3,420 Briggs Racers are enrolled for this year’s Briggs Weekly Racing Series. Of the top-30 entering the final month, only nine of them are from Canada while the Stockholm Karting Center claims seven drivers alone. Two of them are at the top of the standings with Hudson Tran and Sean Dale currently 1-2. From the recent CKNA Grand Nationals 5 in the Junior and Sportsman divisions, only two drivers from the top-30 were in the fields – including Sportsman driver Brady Schad (Wolf Paving Raceway) and Junior pilot Travis Varney (Colorado Karting Tour).

The Canadian Senior/Master standings has five of the 10 provinces represented with Manitoba, Alberta, Ontario, Saskatchewan, and Nova Scotia with nine tracks within the top-30. Rotax Mojo Raceway in Warburg, Alberta has the highest number of competitors thus far in the top-30 with seven drivers. The top Senior driver is Jeff Bachalo (Manitoba Karting Association) sitting first overall with top Master driver Josh Perepeletza (Rotax Mojo Raceway) holding second overall.

A large majority of the drivers in the top-30 of the Senior/Master USA standings with one month to go were at CKNA Grand Nationals 5. Among them is current leader Avery Scott (TNT Kartways), who is just 1/3 of the Scott karting family that includes brother Riley and father Jeff. Her home track is also one of the oldest circuits in North America for karting, with a vast history of the sport taking place at the Quincy facility. Only two drivers in the top-30 are listed as Master, led up to this point by Michael Bergren (Colorado Karting Tour). Colorado is well represented with six drivers inside the top-30.

The point totals include all events up to the end of September, with the drop races not yet calculated. Those drives with the best average finishes as of now include Ava Hanssen (Wolf Paving Raceway) in 14th for Junior, Skylar Dunning (Rotax Mojo Raceway) in 10th for Canada and Adam Crepin (Gateway Kartplex) holding third in USA standings.

One of the key components of the Briggs Weekly Racing Series is the prize vault. This year’s total value is at $76,500, which equates to 31% more than 2020. The top prize includes a new MGM Espionage kart chassis. Other companies to provide prizes for 2021 include RLV, Weber, Milwaukee Tool, Vega Tires, TS Racing along with returning supporters Cup Karts North America, Franklin Motorsports, Target Distributing, Hilliard Clutches, and AMSOIL.

“It’s great to see new brands joining the WRS Prize Vault. I’m confident racers will see that these prizes fit what they bring to the track and match the effort it takes to win the series.”

The 2021 Briggs Weekly Racing Series is set to come to a close on October 31 with the final events to be calculated and the final tabulations for the standings to follow. EKN will have a complete breakdown of all three standings, with highlights to the three champions. Briggs & Stratton has told EKN the program will return in 2022, with a possible expansion of the event calendar.

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