Five Things You Need To Know: US Rotax Trophy Series West

Fresh off the success of the 2021 US Rotax Trophy Series East, Race Rotax has established the new Trophy Series West. The two-event program is set to begin on the August 27-29 weekend at the Grand Junction Motor Speedway facility in Colorado before moving to the Phoenix Kart Racing Association circuit on October 1-3 in Arizona.

To help bring the karting community up to speed on the upcoming opening weekend, EKN is providing you with a ‘Five Things You Need To Know’ about the US Rotax Trophy Series West program.

  1. Two Amazing Facilities

Grand Junction Motor Speedway is the crown-jewel for the state of Colorado in terms of karting. Situated on the western side of the state, GJMS has hosted many national and regional events during its tenure. The Phoenix Kart Racing Association is among the more historic circuits in its few decades of existence. PKRA is used for many national and international programs, winter and summer series. Each provide their own unique challenges. GJMS has great elevation changes while PKRA is among the most challenging layouts in the country.

  1. Simplified Class Structure

Since it’s creation, the Rotax Max Challenge program has followed a simplified class structure. From the youngest to the eldest, there is a class for you. Micro Max (7-11 years old) and Mini Max (10-13) have a long history in the United States for producing some of the top drivers in the sport over the last few decades. Junior Max (12-14) is another division with a long history of driver development, and is the first category a driver from the United States of America won the Rotax Grand Finals (Juan Manuel Correa – 2013). Senior Max (14+) and Masters Max (32+) round out the categories on for the Rotax Trophy Series West.

  1. Rentals From Engine Service Centers

The Rotax Max Challenge program has put its focus on the engine service centers since its inception. Each center is certified by Race Rotax to provide service to all models of the Rotax engine platform. A number of Service Centers will be supporting the Rotax Trophy Series West program trackside with engine rentals available; Forward Direction Motorsports, Ruthless Karting, CB Motorsports, Revolution Kart Racing, and PKS.

  1. Rotax Grand Finals Tickets on the Line

One of the most elusive events in the world is the Rotax Grand Finals. Established in 2000, the event has grown to be the ‘Olympics of Karting’ welcoming drivers from over 50 countries each year to compete in their respective categories. Team USA have had three drivers earn the Rotax Grand Finals titles, including Correa, Diego LaRoque (Micro-2016), and Brent Crews (Micro-2018). Each of the five champions from the Rotax Trophy Series West program will earn tickets to the Rotax Grand Finals, with each runner-up to receive a package for the 2022 Trophy Series West that includes paid entry and tires. Third place in the standings take home tires for next year’s program.

  1. Registration Remains Open Until August 26

It’s not too late to be part of the inaugural Rotax Trophy Series West program. Registration will remain open until August 26 for the Grand Junction Motor Speedway weekend. On track action begins Friday, August 27 with five 10-minute sessions. Practice continues with five more sessions on Saturday, August 28 before qualifying at the end of the day. Sunday, August 29 will include a warm-up, two heat races and the Final for each of the categories. The event will also feature a 206 Option class to complete the weekend.

For more information, head to Race Rotax Trophy Series West page.

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