CROC Promotion Chassis Remains in United States with New Importer

Successful chassis brand finds new home for North America with Croc Promotion USA

One chassis that has enjoyed significant success here in the United States in recent years has been CROC Promotion. The brand has evolved from year to year, learned from the past experiences, and now, found a new home here in North America. HMA Export-Import Inc. has taken over the rights as CROC Promotion USA for the chassis brand, which is manufactured in Europe.

Ethan Lampe is piloting a CROC Promotion MC01 OK in the KA100 Senior category at the California ProKart Challenge (Photo: Spencer Russell – PhotosBySMR)

Ivan Bodnar is the owner of HMA Export-Import Inc. and now CROC Promotion USA. The Californian has a long history within the karting industry, dating back to 1997. Bodnar has worked with other chassis brands in the past, serving as a chassis distributor and importer, and returns with an in-depth knowledge of the karting business.

“I’m very excited about the new opportunities and future we have with CROC Promotion chassis,” stated Bodnar. “Karting is nothing new to me, and I am happy to be working directly with the CROC Promotion factory. This brand is here to stay for a very long time. The manufacturer has over 40 years of experience in the sport. Because of the quality and performance of this product, the dealer network is expanding all over the world.”

The CROC Promotion chassis is manufactured in Europe by EL.ZET Ltd taking the ownership of the brand in 2019. EL.ZET is ranked over the last two decades as a leader in component suppliers for multiple karting brands and moved into the chassis side when they took over the ownership of the CROC Promotion line.

Three models of the CROC Promotion chassis are available worldwide and through CROC Promotion USA. The MC01 KZ is the successful shifterkart 30mm frame that has won at the SKUSA Pro Tour, SKUSA SuperNationals and other major events in the United States. The MC01 OK for single-speed karts features many of the same features of the shifterkart version, and works for both 125cc and 100cc engine platforms in Senior, Junior and Masters competition. The MC-04 is the Cadet model for the younger drivers at the kart track, featuring a 28mm frame with updated hydraulic brake system and magnesium parts comes standard (hubs, bearing cassettes, wheels).

Mathias Coito won in the Pro Shifter division aboard his MC01 KZ chassis with CROC Promotion USA (Photo: CROC Promotion USA)

Through CROC Promotion USA, the MC-06 is available as the 4-Cycle chassis exclusively designed for the US market. The MC-06 is a combination of 28mm and 30mm tubing for the frame to achieve superior performance with the lower horsepower engine. It features the latest homologation hydraulic brake system with components available in aluminum or magnesium.

“The CROC Promotion chassis line has been developed specifically for the tracks and tires here in the USA by some of the top drivers, winning numerous championships including the SKUSA SuperNationals,” added Bodnar. “The chassis is manufactured using top quality components made in-house, proven and used also by many renowned karting brands. In the present, experienced karters such as Kimball Williams and others are working closely with the factory in Europe on the further development to make sure the karts will continue to work and win races throughout the United States.”

CROC Promotion USA is happy to announce a contingency program. The winner of any race in the United States will receive up to $100 in ‘CROC Money’ that competitors can use toward purchase of OEM parts, such as brake pads, spindles, wheels, steering shafts and more.

Product and chassis for the CROC Promotion line can be purchased directly from CROC Promotion USA along with its new growing dealer network.

MDG Karting: Orange, CA – (714) 305-6123
Kimball Williams Racing: St, Perris, CA – (909) 838-9229
V&R Racing: Canby, OR – (503) 380-6843
CROC Promotion Indy: Whiteland, IN – (765) 318-8208

Bodnar continued, “Our goal is to establish a firm dealer network throughout the US, Canada and Mexico. Our advantage is a quick response to our customer’s needs, technical support and, large variety of parts for each chassis. We are passionate, driven and motivated to constantly improve and progress.”

For more information about CROC Promotion USA or for those who are interested in becoming a dealer, simply send an email or visit

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