Face2Face: EP40 – Brittany Lobaugh – Texas Sprint Racing Series

eKartingNews has launched a new program for social media and the EKN Radio Network – Face2Face. The show is broadcasted live over Facebook, with the audio version making its way to the only 24 hour / 7 days a week radio station.

The 40th episode welcomes Brittany Lobaugh of the Texas Sprint Racing Series. The Superkarts! USA / International Kart Federation sanctioned program has become the top regional program in the southern portion of the United States. The opening two events of 2021 both fell just short of the 200-entry mark with a focus on the grassroots categories, competitors while welcoming the big teams and top drivers. Rob Howden and David Cole discuss the evolution of the series and what to expect for the remainder of the 2021 season in the Lone Star State.

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