So Cal Oval Karters Return to Perris Auto Speedway This Saturday

After a year and a half off due to COVID, the So Cal Oval Karters will be back in action for the second month in a row at world famous Perris Auto Speedway this Saturday, May 29th.  Saturday’s event will include the YOA Racing Engines KT100s, Rogue Specialties Open Class, Burris Racing F200s, Caymus Vineyards Senior Clones, Uncle Franks SR L206, JR LT206, Junior Clones and Junior/Junior classes.  Gates will open at 9:00 a.m. with practice at 10 and racing to follow.

The SCOK relaunched April 17th on a track cut into the infield at the famous Riverside County half-mile oval.  In addition to karts, a group of Mini Dwarf Cars was also on hand.  Between the minis and the karts, nearly 40 entries crowded into the pits.

In the YOA Racing Engines KT100 class, Whittier’s Luis Calderon notched the season opening win ahead of Torrance resident Gary Long and “Hubcap” Mike Collins of Lake Forest.  When the green flag signaled the start of the 16-lap race, Collins, who has also won races at Perris in sprint cars and Street Stocks, was the first karter into turn one.  Calderon quickly moved up to second and going into three on the first circuit, he raced inside Collins for the lead.  An early yellow for a kart stopped on the back chute prompted  a restart .  The restart got as far as turn three before a multi-kart tangle that began when Bryan Drollinger of Torrance climbed the left rear of Collins.  Other karts ended up getting involved and by the time it was done, Scott Gaynor of Banning and Drollinger were both damaged and  knocked out of the race.

Calderon was at the point for the next restart with 14 laps to go.  Gary Long of Torrance and Duane Lawson were second and third.  Within two-laps, Calderon had put a half straightaway cushion between himself and Long.  Things proceeded well until lap 13 when Mel Murphy of Riverside lost a wheel and spun on the back straight bringing out yet another yellow flag.  The final three laps went without a hitch and Calderon won by five-lengths over Long.  After being sent to the back due to the lap three restart tangle, Collins clawed his way back to a third-place finish.  Lawson and Sam Gentry rounded out the top five in the 11-kart field.

Perennial contender Chris Southern of Hesperia went wire to wire from the pole in his Italian powered GM Speedway Motorcycle engine kart to take home the trophy in the Rogue Specialties Open Class.  Southern and San Diego’s Jason Bishop split the two heat races and started side by side on the front row in the main.  For the early portion of the race, Bishop stayed fairly close to Southern. Just past the halfway point Southern started to increase his lead.  That is, he increased his lead until he encountered lapped traffic. Bishop once again closed in, but in the end, he was seven kart links behind Southern.  Collins picked up his second third-place trophy of the day after a hard-fought battle with Scott Rogers who finished fourth.   El Cajon’s Marty Wolf rounded out the top five.

Kart racing hockey player Tyler Rose Bohle captured the first-place hardware  in the Uncle Frank’s SR L206 class.  The Fountain Valley teenager won the first heat and placed second to Michael Cangelosi in the second heat.  The heat race winners lined up alongside each other for the main event with Bohle getting to the finish line first for her first SCOK trophy of 2021.  Cangelosi finished second with Mike Erickson and Doug Lieser taking the final two spots.

The nicest guy in the SCOK, Norm Reynolds of San Marcos, got the job done in the Burris Racing F200 class main event.  The Illinois native came from the pole to take the win over Bohle and Gaynor.   Reynolds, who also won the first heat of the afternoon, put his #38 out front at the outset with Gaynor close behind.  Gaynor stayed close to the leader over the first three laps and even gave him a small bumper check on the second go around.  However, from that point on, Reynolds moved away and took the checkers with nearly a full straightaway to spare.  Bohle ended up in the second spot with Gaynor third.

The Caymus Vineyards Senior Clones and the Junior Clones raced together in their main event.  Past SCOK champion Mike Demelo of Wildomar in the Seniors and San Diego’s Lauren Bishop in the Juniors each led their respective classes all the way.  The racing was tight all the way and much of it run on a string with Demelo, Bishop and Whittier’s Bryan Drollinger running nose to tail until a lapper split them late in the race.  When all was said and done, Demelo was first across the line in the Seniors ahead of Drollinger and Luis Calderon.  Bishop bested Michael Cazares in the Juniors.

Michael Cangelosi was the lone competitor in the Junior LT 206s.  The Junior/Juniors were on hand with Abigail Southern of Hesperia and Ethan Aldridge.

A group of Mini Dwarf Cars from So Cal and Arizona took part in the show as well.  Bradley Brink took top honors in their main event.  Colton Murphy, Emerson Akutagawa, Melanie Ross, and Sadie Talkington finished behind the young winner.

YOA Racing Engines KT-100 Season Opening Main Event Finish and Points

  1. Luis Calderon – Whittier, CA – 20
  2. Gary Long – Torrance, CA – 19
  3. Mike Collins – Lake Forest, CA – 18
  4. Duane Lawson – 17
  5. Sam Gentry – 16
  6. David Dowell – 15
  7. Mel Murphy – Riverside, CA – 14
  8. Scott Gaynor – Banning, CA – 13
  9. Mark Switzer – 12
  10. Kit Ribera – Rancho Cucamonga, CA – 11
  11. Bryan Drollinger – Torrance, CA – 10

Rogue Specialties Open Class Season Opening Main Event Finish and Points

  1. Chris Southern – Hesperia, CA – 20
  2. Jason Bishop – San Diego, CA – 19
  3. Mike Collins – Lake Forest, CA – 18
  4. Scott Rogers – 17
  5. Marty Wolf – El Cajon, CA – 16
  6. George Wolf – El Cajon, CA – 15
  7. Michelle Munoz – 14
  8. Richard Fitzgerald – San Diego, CA – 13
  9. Doug Staff – Apple Valley, CA – 12

Uncle Franks SR L206 Season Opening Main Event Finish and Points

  1. Tyler Rose Bohle – Fountain Valley, CA – 20
  2. Michael Cangelosi – 19
  3. Mike Erickson – 18
  4. Doug Lieser – 17

Burris Racing F200 Season Opening Main Event Finish and Points

  1. Norm Reynolds – San Marcos, CA – 20
  2. Tyler Rose Bohle – Fountain Valley, CA – 19
  3. Scott Gaynor – Banning, CA – 18

Caymus Vineyards Senior Clone Season Opening Main Event Finish and Points

  1. Mike Demelo – Wildomar, CA – 20
  2. Bryan Drollinger – Torrance, CA – 19
  3. Luis Calderon – Whittier, CA – 18

Junior Clone Season Opening Main Event Finish and Points

  1. Lauren Bishop – San Diego, CA – 20
  2. Michael Cazares –  – 19

Junior LT 206 Season Opening Main Event Finish and Points

  1. Michael Cangelosi – 20

Junior/Junior (Non-Points Class)

Abigail Southern – Hesperia, CA

Ethan Aldridge

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The spec station where all fuel is to be bought is the 76 station located in Perris at 19248 Harvill Avenue (92570).

2021 So Cal Oval Karters Schedule

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