Product Spotlight: Comet Kart Sales

The warehouse in Greenfield, Indiana is filling up with new products available through Comet Kart Sales. One of the most historic kart shops in USA karting industry continues to provide the best service for karters in the Midwest and around the country with the newest and latest products. Below is a rundown of the newest products to reach the showroom floor, and are all available on the online store at

IAME KA100 Airbox Rain Hood Cover:

Rain racing is here and one product to keep your engine from flooding with water is the new IAME KA100 Airbox Rain Hood Cover. The hood fits on top of OEM KA10 airbox, attached by a mounting o-ring. You can purchase just the rain hood, or the complete kit including the KA100 airbox, rubber boot, hose clamp, and rain hood – to have ready in the trailer should wet weather roll through. (CLICK HERE)

IAME Swift Airbox Rain Hood:

Those competitors in the Micro and Mini Swift categories can take advantage of the new Swift Airbox Rain Hood from Comet. It provides a quick and easy transition to a rain setup for your engine. The unique ‘rain gutter’ fits on top of OEM Swift airbox to help keep moisture from entering the intake. This is available as just the rain hood, or a complete kit including the Swift airbox, rubber boot, hose clamp and rain hood. (CLICK HERE)

Dual Overflow Catch Tank:

A new design for the dual overflow catch tank provides two reservoirs – one for the carb fuel overflow and the other for oil breather overflow. The overflow catch tanks are the perfect solution for the Briggs 206, Animal, or World Formula engines. The kit comes with all the hardware, including an aluminum mounting arm with an 8mm hole to attach to the rear axle cassette. (CLICK HERE)

Comet Racing Oils – 4 Stroke:

A new oil has been produced by Comet Kart Sales for the 4-Cycle engines in karting. The Comet Racing 4 Stroke Oil has been dyno tested for longevity and performance with the Briggs 206 engines. Engines using the oil won five of the seven classes at the Cup Kart North America Grand Nationals in 2020. It is recommended for use in all Comet Racing Engines 4 Stroke and is available by the quart. (CLICK HERE)

KG 507 Driver Panel:

Achieve the best aerodynamic advantage in a kart with the new KG 507 Driver Panel. The driver fairing is wider than most on the market, offering a better aero package for drivers that are ‘bigger’ than average. The KG 507 Driver Panel includes pre-molded mounting holes with rubber mounting grommets. (CLICK HERE)

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