Florida Winter Tour Shifts Focus to Vortex Engines Only Beginning 2021

With the most popular winter karting program in North America set to begin in less than one month, ROK Cup USA has adopted a Vortex only platform for all classes.

“We’ve had many discussions over the past year about refocusing directly to the Vortex brand,” explains ROK Cup Promotions Director of Operations Garett Potter. “It’s important that ROK CUP USA focus on the brand that supports us, and our efforts to build a strong Vortex ROK following around the world. This change will also give us the ability to support all the engines in the paddock unlike years past. I know not everyone will agree to the Vortex only platform for all ROK CUP USA promoted races, but hope they understand why.”

ROK Cup USA has a full supply of Vortex engines in stock, available and ready to ship. Please contact your local Vortex dealer for more details.

For more information on ROK Cup USA or ROK Cup Promotions, please feel free to contact ROK CUP USA at (407) 476-5635 or info@rokcupusa.com or Garett Potter at garett@rokcupusa.com

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