Badoer and Morgatto take difficult pole positions in Portugal

(Photo: KSP)

The 2020 FIA Karting World Championship – OK & Junior in Portugal has just started in wet weather on Friday 6th November. After the Qualifying Practice sessions that were complex to manage, Brando Badoer (ITA) took the Junior pole position and Matheus Morgatto (BRA) remained the fastest in OK.

Most of the Drivers entered for the major Competition of the season were present at the Kartódromo Internacional do Algarve with 163 names on the Qualifying Practice list. Each category was divided into four groups and the sessions alternated between Junior and OK. Although the rain tyres, LeCont in OK and MG in Junior, were used, the temperature remained mild for this time of the year.

Before the start of the Qualifying session, the participants had the opportunity to get familiar with the track conditions during their two Free Practice sessions that opened the day. Despite the rain, the hilly configuration and the quality of the Portimão surface ensured good visibility and regular grip on the 1531 metre (0.95 miles) Portuguese track. The rain stopped in the middle of the afternoon, but the circuit didn’t really dry out and the times didn’t change significantly. The hierarchy that has been set up on Friday has some surprises in store and may have a significant impact on the rest of the Competition.

OK: Morgatto ahead of Antonelli

Matheus Morgatto

Matheus Morgatto (BRA) drew the right card by going out in the first session, the fastest of the four. His time of 1’11”444 has never been beaten and he obtained a very rewarding pole position in the World Championship against Andrea Kimi Antonelli (ITA), the European Champion and favourite of the competition, who was four tenths further back at the front of the second session. Leader of the third session, Callum Bradshaw (GBR) took third place in front of Pedro Hiltbrand (ESP), the fastest driver of the last session. Morgan Porter (GBR) and Alexander Hartvig (DNK) finish in 5th and 6th places. Among the fast drivers, Lorenzo Travisanutto (ITA) took an interesting 7th position, followed by Taylor Barnard (GBR) and Luigi Coluccio (ITA). On the other hand, this phase was unsuccessful for Nikita Bedrin (RUS) 23rd, Joe Turney (GBR) 30th and Rafael Chaves Camara (BRA) 32nd.

#55 – Arias Deukmedjian (USA) – Kart Republic – KR / IAME
Practice 1 – Series 4: 9th – 1:12.101 +1.195
Practice 2 – Series 4: 9th – 1:11.951 +0.929
Qualifying – Series 4: 14th – 1:13.405 +0.885
Qualifying Practice: 56th
Heat Group: A (Row 12)

#72 – Cole Morgan (USA) – Ward Racing – Tony Kart / Vortex

“Today was very tough for me here in Portugal. It was very wet for all of my sessions today. We struggled quite a bit finding pace in the practices and qualifying. Tomorrow is a new day and it should be dry, so it’s time to pick my head up and do some work in the heats.”

Practice 1 – Series 3: 17th – 1:12.959 +2.461
Practice 2 – Series 3: 17th – 1:12.743 +1.911
Qualifying – Series 3: 15th – 1:13.767 +1.618
Qualifying Practice: 63rd
Heat Group: C (Row 13)

Junior: Badoer takes his chance

Brando Badoer

The performances didn’t seem to evolve throughout the four timed sessions of the FIA Karting World Championship – Junior. Evan Giltaire (FRA), the fastest in the first session was for a long time a probable poleman. Only two Drivers managed to beat him, at the end of the fourth session. Brando Badoer (ITA) finally set the best time of 1’12”509 ahead of Christian Ho (SGP) 63 thousandths later. Badoer took an important pole position against Giltaire. Leader of the second session, Tymoteusz Kucharczyk (POL) took third place and Ean Eyckmans (BEL) took fourth thanks to his speed in the third session. Among the top Drivers of the season, Tuukka Taponen (FIN) was 12th, European Champion Ugo Ugochukwu (USA) 14th and Arvid Lindblad (GBR) 33rd.

#101 – Ugo Ugochukwu (USA) – Sauber Karting Team – KR / IAME
Practice 1 – Series 1: 13th – 1:11.628 +0.900
Practice 2 – Series 1: 13th – 1:12.757 +1.040
Qualifying – Series 1: 4th – 1:12.815 +0.109
Qualifying Practice: 14th
Heat Group: B (Row 3)

#149 – Connor Zilisch (USA) – Ward Racing – Tony Kart / Vortex

“It was wet all day today. In the practice prior to qualifying, I was able to clear the group by three tenths. I made a few mistakes in qualifying and ended up P7 in my group. Tomorrow is a new day starting from row 5 in the heats. I think I can do pretty well now that the track will be dry again.

Practice 1 – Series 1: 16th – 1:11.846 +1.118
Practice 2 – Series 1: 1st – 1:11.717
Qualifying – Series 1: 7th – 1:12.966 +0.260
Qualifying Practice: 26th
Heat Group: B (Row 5)

#181 – Carson Morgan (USA) – Ricky Flynn Motorsport – Kosmic / Vortex

“Today was very difficult for me in Portimao. We qualified in the rain and I was struggling to get used to the OKJ engine. I’m going to keep my head down and keep pushing for the next few heats tomorrow.”

Practice 1 – Series 3: 18th – 1:13.354 +1.756
Practice 2 – Series 3: 19th – 1:13.866 +1.134
Qualifying – Series 3: 16th – 1:14.324 +0.929
Qualifying Practice: 64th
Heat Group: D (Row 11)

Provisional program of the Portimão Competition

Friday 6th November

08:00 – 13:15: Free Practice
14:00 – 16:28: Qualifying Practice

Saturday 7th November

08:00 – 09:40: Warm-up
09:55 – 16:55: Qualifying Heats

Sunday 8th November

09:00 – 10:40: Warm-up
10:45 – 12:20: Qualifying Heats
13:35 – 15:25: Finals

The Portimão Competition can be followed on the official FIA Karting Championship app for mobile devices and on the website

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