State Championship Schedule Update

The State Championship is heating up as the season comes to a close! Points have tightened with an unexpected rain event at the last round at NJMP. With an extra five points awarded to the competitors that accepted the tough conditions, we look forward to the last two races. That is correct you heard right the recent poll regarding the Turkey Race it was decided in overwhelming favor to add it to the official State schedule. Of course we made sure not to inconvenience anyone that sees this as a conflict. The previous announcement making this season a no drop year has now made the Turkey Race on Nov 14th and 15th an optional drop race.

Englishtown Raceway Park is the host of the annual Turkey Race and we look forward to a usual good time with special podium trophies and as always super competitive racers. The schedule and class structure will of course follow the State Championship. For details and questions please check or send and email to

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