Industry Insider: A-Maxx Racing

Driven by passion, new race team is focused on driver development for every level

(Photo: A-Maxx Racing)

Charles Maxwell of A-Maxx Racing (Photo: EKN)

A new race team has been storming the industry throughout the 2020 season, competing in programs from the grassroots of the sport to the national level of competition. A-Maxx Racing is making a name for themselves and they’re gaining ground as a new stable for drivers of all ages and all backgrounds, driven by a focus on driver development for each racer under the tent.

A-Maxx Racing is led by Charles Maxwell. A native of Indiana, Maxwell is a former karter himself. Charles raced on the dirt ovals during his late teens and early 20s throughout southern Indiana. While the passion was there to continue behind the wheel, Maxwell stepped out of the sport to focus on his family and his business. Today, Maxwell has a truck repair service in downtown Indianapolis, and a family that includes four children and wife Brandi.

The push back into the sport of karting came from his son Adam, who is now 15-years-old. When they got Adam into a Kid Kart, Charles bought the entire family a kart to race at nearby Whiteland Raceway Park. Maxwell’s eldest son and daughter eventually stepped away from the sport while Adam showed the most enthusiasm for racing. Looking to take the next step, Charles took Adam’s progression from Whiteland and New Castle into regional and national racing.

The start of A-Maxx Racing with the Maxwell family (Photo: A-Maxx Racing)

From their progression through Kid Kart, Cadet and Junior racing, Charles saw an opportunity to help provide something he was never able to receive as a driver himself. This realization led to the creation of A-Maxx Racing. The race team, which began early on with just the family, opened to an extended family as the 2019 season progressed. Maxwell began welcoming in drivers and karting families to be part of A-Maxx Racing to provide an opportunity to teach and navigate those looking to develop both on and off the race track.

“I’m in the mindset of putting in the effort to succeed and learn from every opportunity you take,” stated Maxwell in a discussion with EKN. “Our focus at A-Maxx Racing is to help educate our drivers and their families about the sport. We learned as we went, and sometimes were not always pointed in the right direction. It’s important to us to provide what our customers pay for, at an affordable rate, while keeping honest about what needs to be done and what changes should be made.”

Maxwell is all about putting in the effort and time to educate his racers on how to improve, and is honest about how different the path is for each driver and team.

“I love to watch the progress that both the kids make and their parents as they understand and learn what works and what doesn’t,” continued Maxwell. “We understand that each customer needs something different. For some, its maybe one or two weekends with us and they move on. One thing remains – they are always going to be part of the A-Maxx family. We’ll be on the fence cheering them on no matter what. That’s how we are under the A-Maxx tent; we’re a big family here to help one another and have a good time doing it.”

Driver development is a key component under the A-Maxx Racing tent (Photo: A-Maxx Racing)

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, A-Maxx Racing has had a busy 2020 with numerous events throughout the season. The team followed the full WKA Manufacturers Cup Series program, along with the Route 66 Sprint Series. These programs are in addition to club races at the Whiteland Raceway Park and special events such as USAC Karting Battle at the Brickyard at Indianapolis and Cup Karts North America Grand Nationals 4 at New Castle.

One aspect that A-Maxx Racing has established is an open chassis operation. No matter the chassis, A-Maxx welcomes customers under the tent. Over the 2020 season, A-Maxx drivers have won and stood on the podium throughout the year on Top Kart, Intrepid, EVO, Merlin, iKart, and more. In total, A-Maxx scored 31 top-five podium finishes at the Route 66 Sprint Series in 2020, including 12 pole awards and 12 victories. Adam Maxwell won the 206 Heavy championship while Bryce Mersberger was the vice-champion in KA100 Junior. Earlier in the year, Austin Olds secured the WKA Winter Tour Mini Swift title.

In addition to their trackside services, A-Maxx Racing is in the progress on building a full-service kart shop. Their Indianapolis, Indiana location will be the home of the race team, along with a storefront for the many products they sell. On the chassis side of the business, A-Maxx Racing is connected to the Intrepid and EVO lines through importer Grand Products. From Kid Kart up to the Masters level, A-Maxx is ready to provide a new or used package to get new or former racers back on the track. The team still calls the Whiteland Raceway Park home, and is able to provide one-on-one sessions at the facility.

Racing under the A-Maxx Racing banner makes you part of the family (Photo: A-Maxx Racing)

Charles is not the only one behind A-Maxx Racing. His wife Brandi Maxwell is the backbone behind the team, the leader under the tent. She navigates the race team and works with all the customers under the tent in providing what they need throughout the race weekend. They are joined by Aaron Maxwell, Rick Eaton, Cassidy Frost, Briggs & Stratton Weekly Racing Series top driver Eric Fagan and veteran industry member Jeff Snelling. A-Maxx continues to grow and will be expanding their network of mechanics working with the team throughout the 2021 racing season.

The 2021 season is shaping up to be a busy year. Everything begins with the WKA Daytona KartWeek, where A-Maxx Racing will have tent space, arrive-and-drive programs, driver development and tuning assistance for the December 28-30 event at the Daytona International Speedway. The remainder of 2021 for A-Maxx Racing will include the WKA Manufacturers Cup Series and Cup Karts North America events, club races at the Whiteland Raceway Park and New Castle Motorsports Park, along with trips to the SKUSA SummerNationals and SKUSA SuperNationals 24.

A-Maxx Racing is excited about creating a personalized program for you, from full arrive-and-drive packages to joining them under the tent with your own equipment. Be sure to follow them on social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram) and contact them calling 317-437-5886.

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