New Jersey Motorsports Park Reopens at Full-Tilt

New Jersey Motorsports Park announced yesterday, June 9th, that under the statement made by the Governor of New Jersey they will be fully reopening effective June 9th, 2020. Albeit this full reopening will contain remnants of past restrictions at a much lesser scale, and NJMP will be following precautionary safety guidelines set forth in their COVID-19 Reopening Manual. The full manual can be read here.

This reopening will include the entire NJMP facility and will give the green light to all daily track rentals and events that have not been canceled up to this date, all Tempest Karting operations and events, Finish Line Pub outdoor operations and events, and will allow for the reopening of the many facility amenities. All event organizations will be required to follow the suggested limitation on outdoor gatherings, utilize proper PPE when inside the facility, and continue to demonstrate proper social distancing methods. The decision making process to reschedule major events will be ongoing to match dates set by the State of New Jersey increasing the outdoor gathering limitation numbers. All events currently on the schedule for June are labeled as “private”, or, participant and crew only. An update on the allowance of spectators will be sent out when available.

In a statement from Brad Scott, President & COO of NJMP, he states “NJMP as a whole is ecstatic this decision was made, and it could not have come at a better time. The health of our customers and employees is still a major concern, and New Jersey Motorsports Park will take whatever actions are necessary to ensure that we are following the protocol set forth by the Center for Disease Control. We are certainly glad to be back, and hope all of our many fans feel the same.”

The public is asked to refer to the park’s website and Facebook page(s) for updates on the reopening as well as other important news related to COVID-19 and its impact on operations. Park officials can be reached by calling 856-327-8000, or email at

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