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CRG Rental Kart Centurion line

The CRG brand is one of the most reputable and successful manufacturers in karting around the world. The list of names to carry the CRG colors during their time in the sport of karting is legendary; Zanardi, Liuzzi, Kubica, Hamilton, Rosberg, Verstappen, Thonon, De Conto, and many more. The brand was founded in 1986, but its roots date back into the 1970s. During its tenure, CRG has earned several international victories and titles, including 39 World Championships and World Cups. The success on the competition side of the sport is driven by development and ingenuity.

The E-Drenaline is the electric rental karts from CRG.

CRG is racing, but it’s also is a leader on the entertainment side of the karting business. Rental karts and indoor karting continue to be both an entry point into the sport and a way back into the racing seat, not only in the United States, but throughout the world. The CRG Rental Kart program was born in 1988 when their first rental karts rolled off the line. The company then took that side of their business to the next level with launch of the Centurion line of karts.

The Centurion model is manufactured for the CRG Rental Kart program and comes in six different versions. The ‘Senior’ package is the top-line ‘keys in hand’ product that many facilities around the world utilize for the racing-to-rental concept. The ‘Big Foot’ model is for the larger-size racers with many of the same features of the Senior package. The engine on the Big Foot is located behind and center of the driver, and comes with front brakes to increase the stopping power.

The ‘Mini’ is made especially for the younger drivers (age 7-12), and is equipped with a roll bar and four-point seat belt.

To provide drivers of all different sized in the age range, CRG has unique components to ensure a safe and fun experience. The thrill of driving a kart can be experienced without even turning the wheel or pinning a pedal. The 2-Seater provides the option of one driver, one passenger to enjoy racing around the track.

The CRG Rental Kart fleet at the Kart Circuit Autobahn in Illinois.

In 2015, the Centurion line expanded into the electronic side of karting with the ‘E-Drenaline’. Interest in electric vehicles has been increasing around the world, and karting is no different. CRG took it a step further with the launch of E-Drenaline, developing an electric-powered rental kart together with Linde, which is one of the leading companies world-wide in the electric forklift sector. Their combination has developed the most advanced technologically electric rental kart on the market. It is not only for not only full-size drivers, but also in a mini version for junior drivers.

Safety is the number one factor in designing the CRG Rental Kart line, and this included all aspects of the Centurion. One aspect that dates back to the early years for CRG is their ‘IAS’ – Impact Absorption System. The IAS features two gliding leaf springs, one in the front and one in the rear that absorbs an impact and dampens the shocks. This system is featured on all of the CRG Rental Karts around the world.

Their focus on safety elevated even further when CRG became the first major manufacturer at the international level to obtain certification under the European Community safety guidelines, specifically for rental karts. The principles of CE safety certification originally applied to the Centurion 270 model, but it now applies to every model in the Centurion line to form a foundation of all future CRG research and development plans. To receive the European Community seal of approval, the CRG Centurion line had to pass a complex evaluation including a pendulum impact test, brake system performance test, vibration test, and a noise emission test among others.

CRG Rental Karts has a strong presence in North America, including both indoor and outdoor facilities. The following is a list of the facilities that currently use CRG for their rental karts:

AMR Motorplex – Homestead, Florida
Circuit of the Americas – Austin, Texas
GoPro Motorplex – Mooresville, North Carolina
Kart Circuit Autobahn – Joliet, Illinois
Lone Star Kartpark – Fort Worth, Texas
Oakland Valley Race Park – Cuddebackville, New York
Rimrock Raceway – Odessa, Texas
Speedway Indoor Karting – Speedway, Indiana
Speedway Indoor Karting – Daytona Beach, Florida (Opening Soon)
TAG E-Karting & Amusement – Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada (Opening Soon)
Whiteland Raceway Park – Whiteland, Indiana

Kart Circuit Autobahn (KCA) General Manager Alan Bertagnoli is focused on providing a place where driving is more than a sport, and the CRG Rental Kart line is providing the foundation. “KCA’s professionally designed outdoor karting circuit gives you the ultimate karting experience. We’ve taken every safety precaution, including professional LED lighting on the track, top-of-the-line all new CRG Centurion Karts were purchased in 2019 and we couldn’t be happier with our choice of using CRG. All our karts are equipped with the super reliable Honda GX270 cc engine, full-body perimeter bumper system, easy-to-use pedal and seat adjustment, 4-point Sparco safety harness system, roll Hoop with head rest. These karts are capable of hitting 50 mph on our near half-mile course.”

CRG has been great to deal with and Euan Jeffrey is always available if we have any questions or need assistance from CRG. Euan and his team came to KCA last year to personally set up all 25 of our karts and test each one individually. Talk about customer service! CRG is second to none.

The 24 Hours of Italy is the highlight CRG Rental Kart event of the last few seasons.

At the beginning of 2020, Euan Jeffery was named the head of rental kart sales department at the CRG Factory and will be working with other sales executives across the world to provide the best customer support globally. The longtime member of the CRG factory has carried several positions within the company and, most recently, alongside Eddy Tinini helped to establish the CRG Nordam operation here in North America. Based in the Houston, Texas area, CRG Nordam has a stocked warehouse of parts and rental karts in addition to all the competition karts in-house. Their centralized location for North America allows for next day shipping of any parts need to CRG dealers and rental kart customers.

One of the highlights each year for CRG Rental Karts is their massive annual event – the 24 Hours of Italy – which features teams from all over the world competing in CRG Centurion karts around the Adria Raceway in a ‘twice around the clock’ race. Over 40 teams converge to battle endurance and to test the durability of the Centurion machines for a chance to end up on the podium. This year’s event was scheduled for the end of March, but was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A new date and location has not been confirmed at this time.

Bermuda driver Scott Barnes has spend over a decade karting here in the United States and experienced his first trip to the 24 Hours of Italy in 2019. “It was an amazing experience. The CRG team ran a first-class event that was run flawlessly and first class. The facility, on track and off, was perfect. Team Bermuda was excited for the opportunity to race in Italy and the experience is one that none of us will ever forget. CRG provided 40 brand new Centurion karts and maintained them for the teams thru out the 24 hours of racing. We learned so much and when we go back, we’re confident we can run up front and compete for a podium finish. Team Bermuda can’t thank CRG and the Barbosa family for such an amazing race week experience.”

Now is the perfect time to secure a fleet of karts for a club, track or indoor facility. CRG is providing financing and leasing options for you to purchase a new fleet with monthly rates from 2 to 7 years along with an innovative plan of paying rates during operation season. For new fleets that are purchased, CRG provides one technician from the factory to be present for installation of the karts upon their arrival. This trackside support allows track employees to learn about general maintenance and running procedures.

CRG is also building up their dealer network for the Centurion line and are offering dealer opportunities to interested parties. Like Entertainment Karting LLC from Florida, who is also now supporting the CRG Rental Kart Line and is available to provide sales support.

Learn more about the CRG Rental Kart from contacting Euan Jeffery via email

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