SaniBoXX Launch Ride Safe UVGI Helmet Decontamination Unit

Ride Safe is a new product from SaniBoXX for UVGI Helmet Decontamination

SaniBoXX was launched during the Covid 19 pandemic, to help the medical community due to the shortage of medical grade face masks. The Portable SaniBoXX FFR Decontamination Unit, which meets US CDC dosing requirements to inactive the SARS CoV virus, is now helping in the efforts. “Our heart is in motorsports and we recognized that the rental kart and racing community would be facing a problem as they try to get back to business,” stated SaniBoXX founder David Hosie.

It is foreseen that a large number of customers will have a problem wearing a helmet that someone else has just been breathing into. SaniBoXX decided to take the technology used in our Mask Decontamination unit and apply it to a purpose designed Helmet Decontamination Unit for the rental kart and motorsport industry.

Ride Safe uses a short wavelength UV-C UVGI light at 254nM. The system is non ozone producing. The US EPA have issued warnings about using ozone for decontamination where people could breathe in residual ozone, as it is known to cause respiratory problems. Our technology is part of the US CDC guidance for FFR Decon. UVC Sterilization is not new, it has been used in water and air purification systems for many years. UV light has been shown to inactivate 99.99% of germs, virus, and pathogens. UV-C light with high dosing levels damages the RNA and DNA of the virus stopping its ability to replicate. It has been demonstrated to be effective against the SARS-CoV virus base.

Ride Safe is a fully self-contained cabinet that houses 12 full face helmets. Each helmet is treated by 6 GTL3 3W UVGI (Ultraviolet Germicide) lamps. Helmets reach the necessary dozing levels through an automatic 8 minutes cycle.

To ensure that your customers know that your Ride Safe is effective, we also provide our customers a Quality Assurance System utilizing medical grade UV-C dosimeter cards that are used monthly for efficacy confirmation of the system. This allows for monthly maintenance and recertification of the system to be performed internally by your own personal.

Ride Safe is part of the SaniBoXX product line manufactured in Houston, Texas by DAMZ INC. Technical and service support is provided with full parts support from our Houston Facility. SaniBoXX has partnered with Entertainment Karting for marketing, sales, and establishing worldwide distribution and representation.

For more information or to order yours today please contact Zack Skolnick at +1 908-472-5988 or email

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