Gran Turismo Sport Delivered Awesome Event to F-Series

Congratulations to all who participated in our first virtual F-Series event, from our perspective it was an incredible race. Great racing, respectful and very competitive! Of course, any racing event without equipment cost or the fear factor could get deice, however it was great to see such respect among the drivers! Excited to announce our next event is right around the corner. But before that we would like to highlight our podium finishers.

The F-Series KZ 2

1st Place Mike Fontanetta
2nd Richard Walker
3rd Marco Oldhafer

The F Series KZ 1

1st Place Ryan Burgess
2nd Ryan Stanton
3rd Christian Oldhafer

For anyone that missed it and wants to get into race two, this is a very simple platform, drivers must have an account within the PlayStation 4 network and simply join “The F Series” community. Our second event is scheduled for Saturday, April 4 at 7pm EDT. The event will be hosted at Autodrome Lago Maggiore-East 11 and it will be run utilizing the only kart available in the game the 125cc Shifter kart. The tuning options will be very limited to ensure the driver is the biggest equation in these races. Manual or Automatic transmissions are an option however no other options will be open to choose including driving assists.


Track Autodrome Lago Maggiore-East 11

Rules…… Grid Start, No Tuning, No Driving Assists, Shifter Kart ONLY

Friday, April 3: Practice 7 pm to 9 pm Both rooms will be running KZ 1 KZ 2

Saturday, April 4

7 PM Practice 60 Minutes Both rooms will be running KZ 1 KZ 2

KZ 1: 8 PM Qualifying 15 minutes

KZ 2: 8:15 PM Qualifying 15 minutes

KZ 1: 8:30 PM 20 Lap Race

KZ 2: 8:50 PM 20 Lap Race

Winner Receives an F-Series Prize Package!

Any further questions please email us at

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