2020 Cup Karts North America Class Structure Announced

The following is a statement from Cup Karts North America regarding their class structure for the 2020 season.

With 2020 fast approaching, CKNA is excited to announce it’s revised class structure for 2020!

Don’t worry, we’re not reinventing the wheel. What we have done is used all the data from 2018 and 2019 to adjust a few classes to better fit our racers. We believe these changes will increase entries AND the level of competition.

Kid Karts:
CIK bodywork
Ages 5-8
Kid Kart Chassis (170lbs.)
Cadet Chassis (185lbs.)

Open bodywork
Ages 8-12 (265lbs.)

Open bodywork
Ages 12-15 (310lbs.)

Senior Light:
CIK bodywork
Ages 15+ (340lbs.)

Senior Medium:
CIK bodywork
Ages 15+ (365lbs.)

Senior Heavy:
CIK bodywork
Ages 15+ (390 lbs.)

CIK bodywork
Ages 35+ (390 lbs.)

Open bodywork
Ages 15+ (375lbs.)

As you can see, we adjusted quite a few things (printed in red). All of these changes we’re made by looking both at the entries from the past two seasons as well as feedback from our racers over the off season.

The most notable changes come in the Senior division. The addition of the Senior Light class is the most exciting. We feel confident that we now have enough entries to add this class, which will allow for an easier transition for Junior racers moving up, as well as allowing lighter adults to race without putting a crazy amount of lead onto their karts. This also allowed us to equalize the weight increase per class.

And there is still an adult class for open bodywork! Even though the number of these entries began to decrease towards the end of 2019, we know there are still racers that are not ready to convert to CIK. As we have always said, so long as racers continue to show up, we will do our best to have a place for them to race! Our hope is that by setting the weight at 375lbs, the majority of them will still be able to participate.

2020 is going to be an exciting year! We look forward to seeing all of our racing family very soon!

For more information, head to cupkarts.com

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