USAC Karting Set Class Structure for 2020 Battle at the Brickyard

The 4th edition of USAC Karting’s Battle at the Brickyard is set for more growth as 18 classes are included for this years running. The main focus of one of the largest karting events is being all encompassing for kart racers from all walks of life and the most diverse class structure in karting. The Battle at the Brickyard has become a melting pot in karting. While the event has been hailed as one of the best running events that adheres to a very strict schedule; it also gives the racers a relaxed experience while racing the Racing Capital of the World. A walk through the expansive pit area will further add to the experience as competitors from all over spend the weekend together. You will see everything from families pitting out of the back of their pickup truck parked next to a canopy housing 12 karts. In all we will see 18 classes do battle this July as many of the classes will return.

Changes have been on going with USAC and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. A new date was announced in the fall: July 23-26 will become the date for this years running. Thursday the 23rd will be the traditional load in day. Karts will take to the track on Friday morning the 24th with practice and qualifying. Saturday and Sunday will continue with the qualifying races and feature events. Along with a date change is the new ownership of the famed yard of bricks as the Penske Entertainment Group has purchased the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. For the competitors the largest change to the event will see Hoosier Kart Sport becoming the official tire of the Battle at the Brickyard.

As the Briggs and Stratton powered 206 CIK classes continue to grow in size there will be no class structure changes. With the medium and heavy classes continuing to grow, both of the Medium and Heavy classes are set to see changes to their heat races and pre-finals to set the feature line up. With 70 entries in 2019, 2020 will see both of the classes be split into an A and B and then combined for their feature events. The 206 class will also see the return of the Masters and Junior classes. The Junior class is set to once again share the track with Margay Ignite Junior.

What has become the best entry level program to bring in new competitors to the sport: Margay will return with three Ignite classes. Margay will once again run Senior, Masters, and Junior. The Margay arrive and drive program is a one of a kind experience for all competitors from IndyCar veterans to the working parents. The Margay Ignite classes have provided close competition and racing throughout the entire field.

The shifter classes entered a transitional period in 2019 and will continue through 2020. The IAME 175cc engine has grown along with the growing popularity of the KZ throughout the country. That combined with the production of the stock Honda coming to an end there was a clear shift in the different engines raced at the 2019 Battle of the Brickyard. With parity of the engines USAC has realigned the shifter kart classes for 2020. This year will see the 175cc engines getting their own set of classes sharing class time with the KZ, Rok, and Honda class with appropriate weights and engine rules. The 4 classes will once again see 2 spots in this year’s schedule.  Also making their return to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway will be the X-30 Senior and Masters classes.

Last year saw the KA100 junior class making their debut at the Battle at the Brickyard. New this year will be the FK100 class in both Senior and Junior. In senior the FK100 will be similar to classes that have run on both the upper east coast as well as the west coast. FK100 will feature the newer KA-100 and VLR 100cc as well as allowing the older Yamaha Pipe and HPV engines. The FK100 Junior class will only feature the KA-100 along with the VLR 100cc engines. The long running staple of 2-cycle racing will be included as well featuring the Yamaha Can classes making their 4th return. Yamaha will feature a Junior, Senior, and Masters class as in the previous years of the event.

Also making a return will be the popular Vintage Karting Exhibition. Last year saw many drivers from across the world the first running of this exhibition.

A race to get to the race has started over the first three years as drivers compete to be the first to enter. Registration will open on February 1 at midnight and will run through Saturday July 18. Another USAC tradition will be honored at this year’s running as only the defending race winners will be allowed to carry the famed number 1. We will be providing several event details throughout the coming months.

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