Proudly Presenting:The MYLAPS TR2 Transponder

We’re excited to present our newest and most innovative transponder for car, bike, motocross and kart racing. Many years of development resulted in our brand new TR2 Transponder: reliable hardware, flexible subscription options and easy registration & activation from your smartphone. The TR2 Transponders go with all MYLAPS systems. The TR2 Transponder is available in two versions: TR2 with subscription and the TR2 Timer without subscription.

The TR2 Transponder is the world-leading standard when it comes to accuracy, just like our other transponders. It will guide racers to faster laps, as the free MYLAPS Speedhive app offers insights into their performance. Equipped with the latest Bluetooth technology, the TR2 Transponder is also the easiest transponder in the market:

✔ Register and activate the transponder from your smartphone with the Speedhive App via Bluetooth

✔ Flexibility with 1, 2 & 5 year subscription options

✔ Check your battery and subscription status in the Speedhive app

✔ Renew and activate your subscription from your phone

✔ The TR2 Transponders work with all MYLAPS systems

✔ The TR2 Transponders are supported at every circuit and track that has a MYLAPS system installed

The TR2 Timer Transponder is the newest addition to the X2 System for timers. The Timer Transponder is the fastest manageable transponder in bulk. The TR2 Timer comes in the TR2 Charger Case, which contains 34 Transponders.

✔ No subscription: the TR2 Timer Transponder is a one time buy

✔ Update new transponder firmware from your smartphone with the Speedhive App via Bluetooth

✔ Up to date status of battery level in the Speedhive App

✔ Quick and easy charging with the TR2 Charger Case

The TR2 Transponder is a rechargeable transponder that comes with a 1, 2 or 5 year subscription. For Direct Power transponders, we recommend the current MYLAPS X2 Transponder. During the introduction phase of the TR2 Transponder, we still offer the X2 Transponder (rechargeable and Direct Power).

If you have any questions, please contact your local MYLAPS partner or fill in our contact form.

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