EKN Job Board: Oakland Valley Race Park – General Manager

OVRP is looking for a General Manager for the 2020 Season. The ideal candidate would have a minimum of 5 years Management experience. Candidates must have a knowledge and passion for karting / motorsports. Ideal candidate also needs to be well rounded, be able to multitask, and work well under stress. Primary focus will be on overseeing Business Operations, managing the staff and ensuring an great customer/ guest experience. Those interested in applying can email geoff@ovrp.net with your resume and a summary of qualifications. Salary, benefits, timing and additional items will be shared with qualified applicants. OVRP is a family owned small business with a focus on driver/rider education and kart/ bike racing. To learn more about OVRP & Hannen Morotsports please visit OVRP.NET.

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