2019 IAME International Final – Thursday Report

Wet to dry to end in wet for third day of competition in France - Team USA led by Miles who won his final heat race

USA driver Christian Miles (left) won his final heat and starts the Mini Prefinal from P4 (Photo: iif.iamekarting.com)

Day three of competition for the 2019 IAME International Final saw better weather when compared to the previous day at the Le Mans Karting International circuit. The day began with a wet track and was able to dry out, with even some sun shining down briefly onto the famed French facility before the clouds opened up again as the final heat race of the day was concluding. The Mini and Master grids for the main events on Saturday have been decided with their B-Mains set for tomorrow. The X30 Junior and X30 Senior have heat races left Friday morning before their heat points have been decided, and the grids set for their C-Main, B-Main and Saturday events. The 15 drivers representing North America – including IAME USA East and IAME USA West – had some highs and lows, with the better bet on strong results banking on the Mini and Master contingent.

Live timing and video will be available throughout the event at the IAME website

Time Table

X30 Mini (70 entries)

The stage is set for the remaining B-Main, Prefinal and Final events for the Mini category. Three North Americans qualified for the big show on Saturday, along with SKUSA Pro Tour X30 Junior champion Freddie Slater. The young driver who is not eligible for the Junior class this year at the IIF, and finished runner-up to USA driver Brent Crews in 2018 is set to lead the field to the green flag in Saturday’s Prefinal. After winning his second heat yesterday, Slater was able to add a second today in challenging damp conditions on dry Komet tires. In that same heat, top qualifier and USA driver Max Garcia was ‘smashed’ off the track in the opening lap, and rejoined in 14th. Miguel Costa had a challenging day as well, getting shuffled back in the same group after starting on Row 2, yet stayed in the top-10. Leading the way for Team USA on the day was United States Pro Kart Series champion Christian Miles. In a bit of drier conditions, Miles put himself in the right places to come out of the winner in the BvsC heat race. That win now puts him outside Row 2 for the Prefinal with Slater starting from the pole. Garcia drops to Row 4 with Costa starting right behind him to put three USA drivers in the top-10. Canadian Ian Qiu came five spots short of making the big show on Saturday. He, along with Mexico driver Ivanna Richards, will race in Friday’s B-Main. Qiu starts fifth, where the winner is granted a position in the Prefinal on Saturday. The other four have Friday off to prepare for the two races on Saturday.

#802 – Ivanna Richards (Mexico) – Parolin

Warm-Up (Group 2): 32nd – 1:15.998
Heat Group: D (Row 14)
Heat AvsD: 30th
Heat Points: 62nd – 83 points

#806 – Freddie Slater (GBR) – Kart Republic

Warm-Up (Group 2): 4th – 1:13.647
Heat Group: D (Row 2)
Heat AvsD: 1st
Heat Points: 1st – 3 points

#839 – Ian Qiu (Canada) – Parolin

Warm-Up (Group 1): 19th – 1:15.267
Heat Group: B (Row 4)
Heat BvsC: 21st
Heat Points: 38th – 62 points

#858 – Christian Miles (USA) – Kart Republic

Warm-Up (Group 1): 13th – 1:14.813
Heat Group: C (Row 1)
Heat BvsC: 1st
Heat Points: 4th – 9 points

#859 – Max Garcia (USA) – Kart Republic

Warm-Up (Group 1): 1st – 1:13.817
Heat Group: A (Row 1)
Heat AvsD: 13th
Heat Points: 8th – 18 points

#860 – Miguel Costa (USA) – Kart Republic

Warm-Up (Group 2): 5th – 1:13.782
Heat Group: A (Row 2)
Heat AvsD: 11th
Heat Points: 10th – 21 points

X30 Junior (108 entries)

The opening heat races on the day began with the X30 Junior class. Among the first was USA driver Kyffin Simpson, racing thanks to his ticket from the Sunshine State Karting Championship. Simpson had issues quickly, getting spun around in the opening corner of the BvsE heat race. He drove back up to 27th in the six laps but was given a pushback bumper penalty. In his second heat of the day, Simpson battle to stay in the top-10 but was shuffled down in the closing laps. Mexico driver Ian Aguilera had a difficult day, unable to improve on his position and fell to the tail of the results sheet each heat with a pushback bumper penalty.

#3 – Ian Aguilera (Mexico) – Exprit

Warm-Up (Group 3):
Heat Group: E (Row 10)
Heat BvsE: 34th +5-second penalty
Heat CvsE: 33rd +5-second penalty

#23 – Kyffin Simpson (USA) – Exprit

Warm-Up (Group 2): 19th – 1:12.203
Heat Group: B (Row 3)
Heat BvsE: 30th +5-second penalty
Heat BvsD: 14th

X30 Senior (135 entries)

It was nearly a three-peat for Florida driver Zach Hollingshead of getting into the top-20 in all three of his heat races. The United States Pro Kart Series representative climbed seven and nine positions in the opening two heat races, running lap times similar to the front runners. The third race saw a torrential downpour with Hollingshead able to maintain his position in the closing laps but still short of the top-20. The day was full of gaining positions for Edward Portz, who was not able to record a time in the qualifying session and starting last in all of his heat races. The first two today saw great starts, including 11 spots on the opening lap in one and 9 in the other. In each, however, those spots would get lost. The first heat was contact in turn one, while contact before the halfway point in the second cost him positions. Each race, Portz received a pushback bumper penalty to further the damage. The third heat race was clear of contact, and gained 10 spots in 11 laps. Mexico driver Ricardo Escoto improved in his first heat but fell to the back of the order in the second.

#203 – Ricardo Escoto (Mexico) – Parolin

Warm-Up (Group C): 29th – 56.338
Heat Group: C (Row 14) – 107th overall
Heat CvsH: 24th
Heat CvsG: 33rd +5-second penalty

#228 – Zach Hollingshead (USA) – TB Kart

Warm-Up (Group A): 29th – 56.025
Heat Group: A (Row 13) – 97th overall
Heat AvsG: 18th
Heat AvsH: 16th
Heat AvsD: 22nd

#252 – Edward Portz (USA) – Tony Kart

Warm-Up (Group F): 25th – 55.742
Heat Group: F (Row 17)
Heat BvsF: 27th +5-second penalty
Heat DvsF: 29th +5-second penalty
Heat FvsG: 24th

X30 Master (59 entries)

Like the Mini category, the X30 Master class wrapped up their heat races for the event. All the drivers had one heat race on the day to set the heat points order. SKUSA Pro Tour champion Matt Johnson maintained his position through a much drier track, about three seconds off qualifying times. Despite the bad second heat, Johnson only loses one spot when compared to qualifying to start inside the top-20 of the Prefinal on Saturday. The three other North Americans will be in the B-Main on Friday. United States Pro Kart Series champion David Galownia starts 17th, coming off his best heat race of the three today, improving eight spots. Overall, Galownia has improved four positions compared to his qualifying effort. The two Mexican drivers Maya and Frigolet start the B-Main just ahead of him in 11th and 13th respectively.

#402 – Gerardo Maya (Mexico) – Kart Republic

Warm-Up (Group 2): 15th – 1:11.840
Heat Group: A (Row 9)
Heat AvsD: 27th +5-second penalty
Heat Points: 44th – 64 points

#403 – Carlos Frigolet (Mexico) – Tony Kart

Warm-Up (Group 1): 27th – 1:18.741
Heat Group: C (Row 15)
Heat BvsC: 27th
Heat Points: 46th – 65 points

#468 – Matt Johnson (USA) – Tony Kart

Warm-Up (Group 1): 21st – 1:12.692
Heat Group: C (Row 5)
Heat BvsC: 9th
Heat Points: 20th – 39 points

#469 – David Galownia (USA) – CompKart

Warm-Up (Group 2): 18th – 1:12.251
Heat Group: B (Row 14)
Heat BvsC: 19th
Heat Points: 50th – 68 points

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