2019 Rok Cup Superfinal – Saturday Report

Myers and Jader-David place runner-up as Crupi and Zilisch score top-five results to represent North America

(Photo: ROK Cup USA - CKN)

The 2019 Rok Cup Superfinal closed out on Saturday with the final heat races, the special trophy main events and the Finals contested at the South Garda Karting in Lonato, Italy. The over 400 drivers from 52 countries took part in the annual event to crown this year’s champions in the seven Rok Cup categories. In total, North American drivers secured five top-five results in four classes, including a victory by Jamaican Alex Powell.

Mini ROK

Jamaican Alex Powell with all seven event winners (Photo: ROK Cup Global)

A total of three North American drivers made the Final out of 130 total drivers entered in the event. Jamaican Alex Powell had the best starting spot, from Row Two with USA driver Kai Sorensen starting from Row 5 when combining the top 17 drivers from Series 1 and Series 2. Powell, who finished runner-up in 2018, never fell out of the top-three. Running third with two laps remaining, Powell put himself into second and came out of a wild last lap to score the victory. In the hunt was Sorensen with a great start to get inside the top-five. During the race, hard contact with Columbian Sebastian Garzon slowed Sorensen but he continued on with a fear of a ‘pushback’ bumper. He muscled forward and at one point was P2 on the final lap, crossing the line in third. Sorensen was penalized 10 seconds after the race for “Front fairing in incorrect position”. It dropped him down to 21st in the final order. That promoted Miguel Costa to the top finishing USA driver, placing 16th after starting 21st.

Three others competed in the Singha Trophy event (B-Main). Challenge of the Americas champion Enzo Deligny led the way, starting second and eventually finishing 5th. Matias Orjuela was seventh with Xander Reed a DNF after the opening lap.

#612 – Salvador Della Vecchia (Exprit)

Warm-up (Group 5): 23rd – 57.490
Heat Group: I (Row 12)
Heat HvsI: 20th
Heat Points – Series 2: 59th – 87 points

#632 – Casey William Moyer (Formula K)

Warm-up (Group 5): 25th – 57.574
Heat Group: E (Row 12)
Heat AvsE: 21st
Heat Points – Series 1: 53rd – 85 points

#637 – Enzo Deligny (Tony Kart)

Warm-up (Group 3): 3rd – 55.449
Heat Group: F (Row 5)
Heat FvsL: 15th
Heat Points – Series 2: 18th – 34 points
Singha Trophy: 5th

#655 – Xander Reed (Tony Kart)

Warm-up (Group 2): 16th – 56.666
Heat Group: F (Row 7)
Heat FvsL: 7th
Heat Points – Series 2: 25th – 50 points
Singha Trophy: 34th – DNF

#663 – Caleb Gafrarar (Birel ART)

Warm-up (Group 4): 14th – 55.988
Heat Group: I (Row 6)
Heat HvsI: 14th
Heat Points – Series 2: 50th – 75 points

#670 – Kai Sorensen (Tony Kart)

Warm-up (Group 5): 1st – 54.974
Heat Group: A (Row 1)
Heat AvsE: 1st
Heat Points – Series 1: 5th – 12 points
Final: 21st +10-second penalty

#697 – Miguel Costa (Kart Republic)

Warm-up (Group 3): 5th – 55.472
Heat Group: A (Row 5)
Heat AvsE: 8th
Heat Points – Series 1: 11th – 20 points
Final: 16th

#704 – Matias Orjuela (Praga)

Warm-up (Group 2): 9th – 55.985
Heat Group: I (Row 4)
Heat HvsI: 8th
Heat Points – Series 2: 20th – 35 points
Singha Trophy: 7th

#710 – Alex Powell (Energy)

Warm-up (Group 3): 4th – 55.459
Heat Group: E (Row 3)
Heat AvsE: 4th
Heat Points – Series 1: 2nd – 7 points
Final: 1st

Super ROK

Jace Denmark-Gessel had his main event cut short early with a spin (Photo: ROK Cup USA – CKN)

Throughout the week, Jace Denmark-Gessel had shown the speed to contend for the victory in the Super Rok category. JDG finished the 2018 edition in 13th, and with another year under his belt the experience showed. Jace started the Final in the fifth position and was able to get away as the green flag waved. Going into the hairpin right in front of the paddock, Jace locked up the brakes trying to avoid hard contact with the driver defending in front of him. It spun JDG sideways and stalled at the apex, ending his race after three corners.

#305 – Jace Denmark-Gessel (Tony Kart)

Warm-up: 4th – 48.407
Heat Points: 5th – 17 points
Final: 24th – DNF

Shifter ROK

AJ Myers on the Shifter ROK podium in second place (Photo: ROK Cup USA – CKN)

The focus for Team USA in Shifter ROK was all on AJ Myers, the EKN Driver Rankings powered by Bell Racing #1 pilot. The CRG Nordam driver was among the quickest drivers throughout the week, and secured a Row 2 starting position. A great holeshot nearly put him into the lead at the start of the Final, although he fell back to fourth, trailing the top-three by at least one second for much of the race. He was able to run them down as they fought for position. On their bumper for the final lap, Myers slid by for second as the top two went wide going side by side in the penultimate corner, allowing him to earn the runner-up position. Costa Rican Daniel Formal improved four positions to 11th, improving on his finish from 2018. David Greco led Team Canada, improving six positions to 24th while Challenge of the Americas champion Ron White was unable to complete a lap in the Final.

Joshua Conquer led the North American squad in the Vortex Trophy race, improving four spots to finish fourth on the podium. Andre Martins was the top USA driver, placing ninth.

#402 – AJ Myers (CRG)

Warm-up (Group 2): 2nd – 47.661
Heat Points: 4th – 8 points
Final: 2nd

#407 – Joshua Conquer (Tony Kart)

Warm-up (Group 2): 7th – 47.910
Heat Points: 42nd – 61 points
Vortex Trophy: 4th

#412 – Victor Jimenez (Tony Kart)

Warm-up (Group 1): DNS
Heat Points: 38th – 57 points
Vortex Trophy: 30th – DNF

#418 – Ron White (CRG)

Warm-up (Group 1): 17th – 48.132
Heat Points: 29th – 47 points
Final: 32nd – DNF

#438 – Daniel Formal (Formula K)

Warm-up (Group 1): 19th – 48.224
Heat Points: 15th – 27 points
Final: 11th

#446 – Andre Martins (Tony Kart)

Warm-up (Group 2): 25th – 48.784
Heat Points: 47th – 68 points
Vortex Trophy: 9th

#450 – Cooper Becklin (Birel ART)

Warm-up (Group 2): 13th – 48.254
Heat Points: 49th – 74 points
Vortex Trophy: 16th +5-second penalty

#459 – Rod Clinard (CRG)

Warm-up (Group 2): 18th – 48.545
Heat Points: 50th – 75 points
Vortex Trophy: 20th +5-second penalty

#465 – Davide Greco (Exprit)

Warm-up (Group 2): 11th – 48.182
Heat Points: 30th – 47 points
Final: 24th

Expert ROK – Plus

Renato Jader-David and Joe Crupi on the podium for North America in Expert ROK (Photo: ROK Cup USA – CKN)

The best shot all week long at podiums and a victory was in the Expert ROK division with four drivers starting inside the top-eight for North America in the Final. The start was one of the worst of the day, as the outside line was slow at the drop of the green. That dropped Challenge of the Americas champion Derek Wang back and Ariel Castro was collected in contact in turn two, dropping him to the tail of the field and eventually retiring. Brazilian Renato Jader-David, racing under the Team USA banner, remained inside the top three all race long, and was able to secure a runner-up finish. Wang ended up dropping to seventh. Joe Crupi led Team Canada with a fifth place result.

#501 – Derek Wang (FA Kart)

Warm-up: 9th – 50.556
Heat Points: 4th – 15th
Final: 7th

#504 – Yannick Rolland (Exprit)

Warm-up: 10th – 50.575
Heat Points: 21st – 68 points
Final: 28th – DNF

#505 – Renato Jader-David (Tony Kart)

Warm-up: 1st – 49.830
Heat Points: 3rd – 8 points
Final: 3rd

#512 – Ariel Castro (Exprit)

Warm-up: 7th – 50.383
Heat Points: 6th – 17 points
Final: 30th – DNF

#519 – Joe Crupi (Tony Kart)

Warm-up: 4th – 50.215
Heat Points: 7th – 25 points
Final: 5th

#520 – Vatche Tatikian (Birel ART)

Warm-up: 18th – 51.195
Heat Points: 26th – 76 points
Final: 17th

#549 – Tim Meyer (Praga)

Warm-up: 23rd – 52.220
Heat Points: 20th – 65 points
Final: 31st – DNF

Senior ROK

Top-25 finish for Emma Delattre in Senior ROK (Photo: ROK Cup USA – CKN)

Emma Delattre won the OMP Trophy main event in 2018, and was able to qualify for the Final in 2019. Starting inside the top-20, she fell back to 21st by the end of the Final. Team Canada was top-10 in the OMP Trophy, led by Nicholas Hornbostel with a podium finish in third.

#215 – Emma Delattre (Exprit)

Warm-up (Group 2): 10th – 49.375
Heat Points: 17th – 32 points
Final: 21st

#235 – Nicholas Hornbostel (Kosmic)

Warm-up (Group 2): 12th – 49.398
Heat Points: 37th – 54 points
OMP Trophy: 3rd

#247 – Xavier Harris (Exprit)

Warm-up (Group 1): 24th – 50.460
Heat Points: 55th – 76 points
OMP Trophy: 8th

Junior ROK

Connor Zilisch P5 in Junior ROK (Photo: ROK Cup USA – CKN)

Thanks to his heat race win Saturday morning, USA driver Connor Zilisch earned a front row starting spot for the Final. The 2017 Mini ROK champion did not get a good jump when the green flag waved from the outside of the front row, dropping to third on the opening lap. He slipped back to sixth by the halfway point, just not showing the pace as the top-three drivers. Zilisch kept the leaders in sight, but was only able to get up to fifth in the closing laps. FIA Academy Trophy USA driver Luca Mars was able to improve on his 19th starting spot to gain seven positions in the 16 laps. Canadian Dale Curran ended this year’s Final as he did last year with contact forcing him to retire early. That gave Andrew Maciel as the top Canadian finisher in 31st.

#816 – Connor Zilisch (Tony Kart)

Warm-up (Group 1): 3rd – 51.520
Heat Group: B (Row 2)
Heat BvsC: 1st
Heat Points: 2nd – 9 points
Final: 5th

#818 – Gianluca Savaglio (Kosmic)

Warm-up (Group 3): 8th – 50.844
Heat Group: F (Row 6)
Heat AvsF: 14th
Heat Points: 56th – 96 points
Bridgestone Trophy: 22nd

#837 – Emmo Fittipaldi (FA Kart)

Warm-up (Group 1): 17th – 52.027
Heat Group: D (Row 7)
Heat DvsE: 31st
Heat Points: 69th – 109 points

#850 – William Ferguson (Exprit)

Warm-up (Group 3): 20th – 51.187
Heat Group: F (Row 10)
Heat AvsF: 16th
Heat Points: 46th – 85 points
Bridgestone Trophy: 32nd

#853 – Andrew Maciel (Tony Kart)

Warm-up (Group 3): 16th – 51.068
Heat Group: E (Row 8)
Heat DvsE: 13th
Heat Points: 29th – 60 points
Final: 31st

#869 – Luca Mars (Tony Kart)

Warm-up (Group 3): 4th – 50.794
Heat Group: D (Row 6)
Heat DvsE: 15th +5-second penalty
Heat Points: 19th – 42 points
Final: 12th

#874 – Santiago Biagi (Exprit)

Warm-up (Group 3): 14th – 51.031
Heat Group: F (Row 12)
Heat AvsF: 34th – DNF
Heat Points: 59th – 101 points
Bridgestone Trophy: 33rd

#875 – Dale Curran (Kosmic)

Warm-up (Group 3): 3rd – 50.790
Heat Group: B (Row 4)
Heat BvsC: 10th
Heat Points: 27th – 57 points
Final: 33rd – DNF

4:00 – Driver’s Parade
1:18:00 – Shifter ROK Vortex Trophy
1:44:00 – Senior ROK OMP Trophy
2:10:00 – Junior ROK Bridgestone Trophy
2:32:00 – Mini ROK Singha Trophy
2:52:00 – Mini ROK Final
3:20:00 – Junior ROK Final
3:45:00 – Expert ROK Final
4:18:00 – Super ROK Final
4:52:00 – Shifter ROK Final
5:24:00 – Senior ROK Final

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