2019 Rok Cup Superfinal – Friday Report

Myers remains at front in South Garda with North Americans surviving full day of heat races

AJ Myers (Photo: ROK Cup USA - CKN)

The second full day of competition concluded at the South Garda Karting facility in Lonato, Italy for the 2019 Rok Cup Superfinal event. The over 400 drivers from around the world completed Friday’s schedule on the track which included 28 heat races for the six ROK categories. Many of the ROK Cup USA / Canada competitors in attendance followed up Thursday’s action with similar performances – with the main goal of staying out of trouble. Four of the categories completed their heat races and the grids are set for the B-main events and Finals, with Mini ROK and Junior ROK still with some remaining heat races Saturday morning before their grids are locked in.

B-Main Events begin at 7:00am EDT with the Finals set to begin at 8:35am EDT.

Mini ROK

Kai Sorensen (Photo: ROK Cup USA – CKN)

California driver Kai Sorensen led the Team USA contingent on Day 2 with a win and second place to keep himself toward the front of the grid for Saturday’s main event. Jamaican Alex Powell is making progress after not putting up the result he hoped in qualifying, earning top-three results on Saturday. Challenge of the Americas champion Enzo Deligny, Xander Reed, Miguel Costa and Matias Orjuela all finished inside the top-10 on the day, which could load the main event with a number of North Americans. One heat race remains for all the groups except B and G, which does not include any of the North Americans.

#612 – Salvador Della Vecchia (Exprit)

Warm-up (Group 5): 23rd – 58.346
Heat Group: I (Row 12)
Heat GvsI: 25th – DNF
Heat FvsI: 22nd

#632 – Casey William Moyer (Formula K)

Warm-up (Group 5): DNS
Heat Group: E (Row 12)
Heat CvsE: 24th
Heat BvsE: 20th

#637 – Enzo Deligny (Tony Kart)

Warm-up (Group 3): 9th – 56.098
Heat Group: F (Row 5)
Heat FvsH: 9th
Heat FvsI: 5th

#655 – Xander Reed (Tony Kart)

Warm-up (Group 2): 10th – 56.156
Heat Group: F (Row 7)
Heat FvsH: 11th
Heat FvsI: 9th

#663 – Caleb Gafrarar (Birel ART)

Warm-up (Group 4): 19th – 56.412
Heat Group: I (Row 6)
Heat GvsI: 22nd
Heat FvsI: 25th +5-second penalty

#670 – Kai Sorensen (Tony Kart)

Warm-up (Group 5): 2nd – 55.186
Heat Group: A (Row 1)
Heat AvsC: 1st
Heat AvsD: 2nd

#697 – Miguel Costa (Kart Republic)

Warm-up (Group 3): 21st – 59.488
Heat Group: A (Row 5)
Heat AvsC: 5th
Heat AvsD: 4th

#704 – Matias Orjuela (Praga)

Warm-up (Group 2): 7th – 56.050
Heat Group: I (Row 4)
Heat GvsI: 13th
Heat FvsI: 8th

#710 – Alex Powell (Energy)

Warm-up (Group 3): 1st – 55.389
Heat Group: E (Row 3)
Heat CvsE: 3rd
Heat BvsE: 1st

Super ROK

Jace Denmark-Gessel (Photo: ROK Cup USA – CKN)

JDG is keeping his composure throughout the first two days, and remained in the fifth position after dropping to seventh in the opening heat race. The category ran progressive heats, placing you on the grid where you finished the last heat, and thus staying out of trouble was a key element in the three motos. Now with the main event left, Jace can push the limits as one of the quickest drivers thus far, as he has shown in warm-ups and qualifying.

#305 – Jace Denmark-Gessel (Tony Kart)

Warm-up: 2nd – 48.387
Qualifying: 4th – 48.308
Heat 2: 5th
Heat 3: 5th
Heat Points: 5th – 17 points

Shifter ROK

With nine drivers from North America in the Shifter ROK division, all are inside the top-50 of the 66 driver field. Leading the way is EKN Driver Rankings #1 AJ Myers. He improved his position from qualifying, and now will go from outside row 2 for the main event. Last year’s top ROK Cup USA driver Daniel Formal was top-10 all day, and starts from Row 8. Challenge of the Americas champion Ron White and Canadian Davide Greco made it through to the main event, starting in Row 15 and 16 respectively. The remaining drivers will compete in the Shifter ROK Vortex Trophy race.

#402 – AJ Myers (CRG)

Warm-up (Group 2): 1st – 47.525
Heat Group: D (Row 2)
Heat BvsD: 2nd
Heat AvsD: 4th
Heat Points: 4th – 8 points

#407 – Joshua Conquer (Tony Kart)

Warm-up (Group 2): 7th – 47.784
Heat Group: A (Row 12)
Heat AvsC: 16th
Heat AvsD: 22nd
Heat Points: 42nd – 61 points

#412 – Victor Jimenez (Tony Kart)

Warm-up (Group 1): 20th – 48.385
Heat Group: D (Row 9)
Heat BvsD: 13th
Heat AvsD: 15th
Heat Points: 38th – 57 points

#418 – Ron White (CRG)

Warm-up (Group 1): 13th – 48.017
Heat Group: B (Row 11)
Heat BvsD: 16th
Heat BvsC: 15th
Heat Points: 29th – 47 points

#438 – Daniel Formal (Formula K)

Warm-up (Group 1): 14th – 48.059
Heat Group: B (Row 5)
Heat BvsD: 7th
Heat BvsC: 6th
Heat Points: 15th – 27 points

#446 – Andre Martins (Tony Kart)

Warm-up (Group 2): 24th – 48.635
Heat Group: C (Row 14)
Heat AvsC: 22nd
Heat BvsC: 26th
Heat Points: 47th – 68 points

#450 – Cooper Becklin (Birel ART)

Warm-up (Group 2): 23rd – 48.567
Heat Group: B (Row 13)
Heat BvsD: 23rd
Heat BvsC: 25th
Heat Points: 49th – 74 points

#459 – Rod Clinard (CRG)

Warm-up (Group 2): 27th – 48.797
Heat Group: D (Row 14)
Heat BvsD: 27th
Heat AvsD: 25th
Heat Points: 50th – 75 points

#465 – Davide Greco (Exprit)

Warm-up (Group 2): 13th – 48.224
Heat Group: C (Row 11)
Heat AvsC: 14th
Heat BvsC: 20th
Heat Points: 30th – 47 points

Expert ROK – Plus

Renato Jader-David (Photo: ROK Cup USA – CKN)

A total of four drivers from North America will start the Expert ROK main event from inside the first four rows. Renato Jader-David picked up the pace on Friday, and finished inside the top-three in the progressive format heats to earn an inside row two starting position. On the outside of him will be Washington’s Derek Wang, who finished inside the top-six in both heat races today. Add in Ariel Castro – back for redemption after missing out on the podium last year for a mechanical issue – and Canadian Joe Crupi, and North America makes up half the front eight for the main event tomorrow. Tim Meyer is the lone Expert ROK Plus driver for North America, and is seventh heading into the main event.

#501 – Derek Wang (FA Kart)

Warm-up: 8th – 51.290
Qualifying: 2nd – 49.825
Heat 2: 6th
Heat 3: 5th
Heat Points: 4th – 15th

#504 – Yannick Rolland (Exprit)

Warm-up: 20th – 52.064
Qualifying: 14th – 50.331
Heat 2: 29th
Heat 3: 19th
Heat Points: 21st – 68 points

#505 – Renato Jader-David (Tony Kart)

Warm-up: 1st – 50.608
Qualifying: 7th – 49.977
Heat 2: 2nd
Heat 3: 3rd
Heat Points: 3rd – 8 points

#512 – Ariel Castro (Exprit)

Warm-up: 6th – 51.069
Qualifying: 12th – 50.214
Heat 2: 4th
Heat 3: 6th
Heat Points: 6th – 17 points

#519 – Joe Crupi (Tony Kart)

Warm-up: 7th – 51.152
Qualifying: 8th – 50.006
Heat 2: 7th
Heat 3: 9th
Heat Points: 7th – 25 points

#520 – Vatche Tatikian (Birel ART)

Warm-up: 13th – 51.726
Qualifying: 23rd – 50.737
Heat 2: 19th
Heat 3: DNS
Heat Points: 26th – 76 points

#549 – Tim Meyer (Praga)

Warm-up: 25th – 52.220
Qualifying: 27th – 51.076
Heat 2: 18th
Heat 3: 29th
Heat Points: 20th – 65 points

Senior ROK

Emma Delattre (Photo: ROK Cup USA – CKN)

After winning the B-main last year, Emma Delattre has qualified to compete in the big show in 2019. Delattre stayed out of danger, recorded a top-10 finish, and will go from Row 9 in the Final. The two Canadians Nicholas Hornbostel and Xavier Harris will race in the B-Main. Hornbostel missed making the Final by two points, equating to two positions in any of the three heat races.

#215 – Emma Delattre (Exprit)

Warm-up (Group 2): 8th – 49.771
Heat Group: C (Row 6)
Heat AvsC: 10th
Heat BvsC: 13th
Heat Points: 17th – 32 points

#235 – Nicholas Hornbostel (Kosmic)

Warm-up (Group 2): 16th – 49.981
Heat Group: C (Row 9)
Heat AvsC: 27th
Heat BvsC: 16th
Heat Points: 37th – 54 points

#247 – Xavier Harris (Exprit)

Warm-up (Group 1): 21st – 50.429
Heat Group: D (Row 12)
Heat BvsD: 23rd +5-second penalty
Heat AvsD: 24th +5-second penalty
Heat Points: 55th – 76 points

Junior ROK

Connor Zilisch (Photo: ROK Cup USA – CKN)

A round of heat races still remain for the Junior ROK division. For Connor Zilisch and Dale Curran, it’s about staying out of trouble. Zilisch – the 2017 Mini ROK champion – was runner-up in both his heat races and is vying for a front row starting spot in the main event. Canadian Curran is showing that similar pace he had last year until contact took him out of contention in the main event. FIA Academy Trophy USA driver Luca Mars is steadily making up ground through his heat races, and could end up within the top-20 when the Final grid is formed. All eight North Americans had a finish inside the top-15 in their respective heats, the others needing more of that tomorrow to try and secure a spot in the Final, or improve their position for the Junior ROK Bridgestone Trophy.

#816 – Connor Zilisch (Tony Kart)

Warm-up (Group 1): 7th – 50.280
Heat Group: B (Row 2)
Heat BvsF: 2nd
Heat BvsD: 2nd

#818 – Gianluca Savaglio (Kosmic)

Warm-up (Group 3): 16th – 50.798
Heat Group: F (Row 6)
Heat BvsF: 10th
Heat CvsF: 20th +5-second penalty

#837 – Emmo Fittipaldi (FA Kart)

Warm-up (Group 1): 9th – 50.423
Heat Group: D (Row 7)
Heat AvsD: 15th
Heat BvsD: 24th

#850 – William Ferguson (Exprit)

Warm-up (Group 3): 11th – 50.626
Heat Group: F (Row 10)
Heat BvsF: 30th – DNF
Heat CvsF: 15th

#853 – Andrew Maciel (Tony Kart)

Warm-up (Group 3): 10th – 50.625
Heat Group: E (Row 8)
Heat CvsE: 10th
Heat AvsE: 14th

#869 – Luca Mars (Tony Kart)

Warm-up (Group 3): 13th – 50.657
Heat Group: D (Row 6)
Heat AvsD: 10th
Heat BvsD: 8th

#874 – Santiago Biagi (Exprit)

Warm-up (Group 3): 2nd – 50.239
Heat Group: F (Row 12)
Heat BvsF: 15th
Heat CvsF: 16th

#875 – Dale Curran (Kosmic)

Warm-up (Group 3): 12th – 50.641
Heat Group: B (Row 4)
Heat BvsF: 7th
Heat BvsD: 3rd

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