WKA Announces Changes for Manufacturers Cup Series Program for 2020 and Beyond

After careful planning, the World Karting Association (WKA) has made some aggressive enhancements to its Bridgestone Manufacturers Cup for 2020, and beyond.

Adding to the popular IAME classes for 2020, WKA will create a true manufacturers cup with the addition of the Vortex ROK powered classes to the program.  Stacking the classes even further, WKA will even bring back the popular sound of shifters to the series, with the inclusion of the potent, yet reliable, Vortex ROK Shifter categories.

With the enhancement of both IAME and ROK categories next year, event race format will further add to the excitement; changing to the globally popular Heat Race, Pre-Final, Final format.  Racers will begin each event weekend with Free Practice and Qualifying Practice on Day 1, then a full day of Heat Races on Day 2, peaking with the pinnacle test of the event of Pre-Final and Final on the final day.  Although points will be awarded throughout the Heat Races, Pre-Final, and Final, only one true winner in each category will emerge at the conclusion of each Final.

Finally, with so much racing available to karters around the country each year, WKA is making the courageous step to reduce its Bridgestone Manufacturers Cup calendar from six to four events in 2020, in a move that frees up more weekends for the karting community. Two of the four events of the 2020 campaign have already been solidified, beginning with the famed Daytona International Speedway, December 28-30 for Kartweek.  Additionally, the second annual Charlotte Motor Speedway WKA Karting Challenge has recently been secured, April 17-19.  Dates and locations for the remaining two events are nearing finalization and will be announced very soon.

“Our team has spent a great deal of effort looking back at the fractioning of karting over the past two decades, and we came to the conclusion that WKA needs to do its part to sew some of those pieces back together while strengthening the sport in general,” stated WKA President, Kevin Williams. “The people who really benefit from these bold enhancements to our program are the kart racers and the entire karting community.  That’s the foundation of a karting association.”

“It is this kind of togetherness and forward thinking that will help grow karting from the local clubs to the big national series,” explained ROK Cup Promotions Director of Operations Garett Potter. “This partnership with WKA the iconic name, the history in our industry, it’s an honor for us to be part of it. The ROK teams are ready and eager to get started, we looking forward to helping WKA in anyway we can to build the sport of karting, the growth of ROK over the past few years has been impressive but there is still a lot of work to do. I personally would like to thank the staff at WKA and Kevin Williams for bringing a great idea to fruition. “

With this exciting partnership, other synergies will benefit the racers, such as trusted race officials, common event formats, and point structures. Stay tuned for more information on the revamped WKA Bridgestone Manufacturers Cup.

Future announcements for Manufacturers Cup class structures, motor manufacturer prize packages, race event formats, venue dates and locations, and for all other WKA programs will be made in the very near future, and can be found at www.worldkarting.com

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