California ROK Championship and Formula Karting Championship Combine Forces

Season finale for both programs set for Labor Day weekend ‘Summer ROK Party’ at CalSpeed Karting

The summer season is coming to a close, as is a number of karting programs across North America. To celebrate the end of their 2019 seasons, the California ROK Championship and Formula Karting Championship are combining forces and working together to offer the ‘Summer ROK Party’. The August 31-September 1 event is sending out invitations to all ROK competitors along the west coast to compete at the CalSpeed Karting facility in Fontana, California. The Labor Day weekend event will serve as the season finale for both programs, with a number of unique and exciting prizes to be awarded to those standing on the podium.

“The 2019 season has gone by very quickly, and it is shocking to be at the end of our inaugural California ROK Championship season,” stated promoter Andy Seesemann. “We had a year of growth with our Challenge of the Americas during the winter, and experienced a great first season for the Cali ROK program. We have a lot in the works for the 2020 season, but first we need to close out the summer championship at CalSpeed.”

Trophies for the Summer ROK Party are ready to be handed out for the Labor Day weekend event at CalSpeed Karting with California ROK Championship and Formula Karting Championship (Photo:

The categories offered are a combination of the California ROK Championship and Formula Karting Championship programs. ROK Shifter and ROK Shifter Masters have been the headline divisions of the Cali ROK series and will be joined with the updated TaG Senior, TaG Master and TaG Mini. These three divisions will be open to racers with either ROK and IAME powerplants. TaG 100 has been the popular divisions with the FKC series, with TaG 100 Senior, TaG 100 Masters and TaG 100 Junior featuring both the Vortex and IAME engines. The KPV 100cc Senior and Masters along with Shifter 125 Senior and Shifter 125 Master complete the class lineup for the Labor Day weekend event. All Cali ROK categories, including the TaG 100 divisions, are slated to compete on the Bridgestone YLR tires while Shifter 125 and KPV will race on either Le Cont or Bridgestone.

The format for the weekend includes four rounds of practice to begin Saturday, with qualifying at the end of the day. Sunday hosts two rounds of heat races before running the main events. At the end of the on-track action on Saturday, ROK Cup USA is hosting a free barbecue for all competitors, teams and family in attendance.

“I’m excited to be working with the Formula Karting Championship program for our series finale,” added Seesemann. “Too many times we see programs fighting against one another, so it is very exciting to see our two championships combine for a fun, safe and exciting two days of competition at CalSpeed. We have opened the door for everyone to come and join us, no matter what engine you have.”

And the prizes on the weekend are the icing on top of the Labor Day weekend event at CalSpeed. Winners in the TaG Senior, TaG Master, TaG Cadet, TaG 100 Senior, TaG 100 Junior, TaG 100 Masters, ROK Shifter Senior and ROK Shifter Masters divisions each earn a ticket to compete at the ROK the RIO event on October 28-November 2 at the Rio All-Suites Hotel & Casino. Champions in the California ROK Championship for Mini ROK, Senior ROK, ROK Shifter Senior and ROK Shifter Masters categories all earn tickets to ROK the RIO as well. Any ticket earned by a competitor who already possesses one, that will be given to the next eligible racer, per series management.

“The 2019 edition of ROK the RIO is shaping up to be one of the largest events of the season here in North America,” said Seesemann. “Drivers from all over the world will compete in the Vortex ROK divisions, including many who will race at the ROK Cup International Final in Italy this October. A victory in Vegas is big and a great way to carry momentum going into the 2020 season, where we are set to host the 13th season for Challenge of the Americas.”

To register for all 100cc and Open Shifter divisions, visit the Formula Karting Championship page.

To register for all California ROK Championship divisions, visit fill out their Entry Form.

The deadline to pre-register is Monday, August 26

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