Tony Kart: European Podium for the Racing Team in Genk for OKJ

Great performances for the Tony Kart Racing Team and well-deserved podium with Alex Dunne on the circuit in Genk in the second round of FIA Karting European Championship OK and OKJ, in spite of the difficult weather conditions.

Also on the occasion of the second round of FIA Karting European Championship, the Tony Kart Racing Team has to face up to the unfavourable weather. However, despite the difficulties, in Genk, theater of the event, our drivers once again show off their tenacity and their ability to achieve excellent results by fully exploiting the material at their disposal.

OKJ. Nikita Bedrin and Alex Dunne are the protagonists of an almost perfect weekend. Respectively first and second of their groups in the tough and wet qualifying heats on Friday, the two Tony Kart drivers are the authors of great performances on Saturday, on a not perfectly dry track, where the Tony Kart Racer 401 R chassis powered by Vortex does very well. Nikita Bedrin conquers four victories in the Qualifying Heats, definitely getting the pole, while Alex Dunne gains three victories and a 2nd place.

Both our drivers do very well in Final: Dunneends second for only 6 tenths after leading most of the 19 laps, while Bedrin manages to brilliantly defend the third place after an intense fight. Unfortunately a penalty forces him in the fifth position after the finishing line.

The race for Josep Maria Martì is harder due to a non-perfect qualifying heat. Despite this, our Spanish standard-bearer does not lose heart, makes the most of the material by OTK at his disposal and once again proves to be up to the situation, repeatedly placing in top ten in the Heats and recovering 10 positions in the final.

The general rating after two championship weekends is excellent, with all three drivers of our team in top ten: Dunne is third, Bedrin fifth and Martì tenth.

The performances in the OK category are less brilliant, where the rain compromised the qualifying heats of Matheus Morgatto, Ryan Li Mingyang and Sebastian Montoya. Better Noah Milell, who places in top 20.

Starting from the backlines, every heat is a battle and recovering positions, against a fierce line-up and with an important presence of expert drivers, is not simple. Morgatto is the author of a successful undertaking in his last race by conquering the 2nd place after recovering 14 positions, while Montoya manages to get twice into the top ten by skilfully exploiting the drivability of the Racer 401 R. Despite the placings, however, they both cannot enter the final.

Milell instead, manages to run the final, after gaining a second, a fifth and an eight place in the Heats. The start from the second part of the line-up does not make the race easy for our standard-bearer, but despite the pouring rain, which makes the last phases of the heat even more excited, Milell, after a great comeback of 12 positions, ends 15th.

The quality of the OTK material is strongly reaffirmed by Dino Beganovic (WARD Racing) who brings the Tony Kart Racer 401 R powered by Vortex onto the third step of the podium at the end of a weekend where he has always played a leading role.

The Tony Kart Racing Team will be back on track with the OK and OK Junior categories for the third round of FIA Karting European Championship scheduled on the Kritianstad circuit in Sweden, from 30th May to 2nd June.

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