Event Preview: Sunshine State Karting Challenge – AMR Motorplex

The 3rd and 4th Rounds of the 2019 Sunshine State Karting Challenge take racers back to the venue that hosted the series’s inaugural event in late Spring of 2018. The AMR Homestead-Miami Motorplex presented by MG Tires is an extremely physical circuit, clocking in at 7/10ths of a mile long with 12 corners.

IAME Bambino

The IAME Bambino class is split right down the middle in the championship chase, with Alessandro Truchot (BirelART / Pole Position) and Benja Fernandez (BirelART / VMotorsport) each taking a win on the opening weekend. Both drivers call AMR Motorplex home, so home track advantage will matter very little as they get set to duel once more.

3 Maxwell Macha Praga   Fort Myers, FL USA
5 Benja Fernandez BirelART Vmotorsport Miami, FL PUR
17 Alessandro Truchot BirelART Pole Position Motorsports Miami, FL FRA


IAME Micro Swift

Two drivers in the IAME Micro Swift division stood out in Ocala: Oliver Wheldon (Kosmic / JC Karting) and Enzo Vidmontiene (Benik). They are both on the entry list for Homestead and will undoubtedly be bringing their A-game. Anastasia Markovic (TB Kart) and Kai Johnson (Energy / AKT) both showed promise in the opening rounds as well, and they very well could be in the hunt come Saturday.

4 Oliver Wheldon Kosmic JC Karting St. Petersburg, FL USA
17 Kai Johnson Energy AKT Racing Team Gulfport, FL USA
49 Asher Ochstein Benik Team Benik Miami, FL USA
78 Anastasia Markovic TB Kart   Seminole, FL USA
95 Enzo Vidmontiene Benik America Parts Motorsports Boca Raton, FL BRA



Although we’re missing a few drivers on the pre-entry list that should be in attendance, TB Kart USA team captain Farshad Bagheri (TB Kart) and Patrick Otto Madsen (Zanardi / ANSA) are both ready for action in the gearbox category.

505 Farshad Bagheri TB Kart TBKart USA St. Petersburg, FL USA
699 Patrick Madsen Zanardi ANSA Motorsports Boca Raton, FL HAI


IAME KA100 Junior

Kyffin Simpson (Tony Kart / Speed Concepts Racing) was untouchable in the KA100 Junior class debut back in Ocala. However, he’s got a bigger and more experienced grid ready to do battle here in Homestead. Local drivers EJ Tamayo (Praga / DucTard) and Luke Welcome (Tony Kart) both have logged plenty of laps around the 7/10ths of a mile circuit, and they are primed for action this weekend.

22 EJ Tamayo Praga DucTard Racing / JP Star Miami, FL USA
848 Luke Welcome Tony Kart VMotorsports Cutler Bay, FL USA
877 Kyffin Simpson Tony Kart Speed Concepts Racing Bridgetown BAR


Briggs Senior

While Colin Warren (VLR / TSRacing) did manage to stand on top of the box once again in Ocala, he far from dominated on the racetrack. Margay’s Hunter Fox (Margay) was able to match his pace in nearly every session, but some bad luck and other issues kept Fox from challenging for the win. When you add in local hotshoes Michel Garrido (Tony Kart) and Frankie Barroso (BirelART), the field gets even more interesting. It could very well be a large lead pack battling for the win by the time the main events are rolling for Round 3.

3 Hunter Fox Margay Fox Motorsportz St. Petersburg, FL USA
6 Ruben Caceres Tony Kart   Port Orange, FL USA
7 Elmer Edmonson MGM MOE Racing Lehigh Acres, FL USA
15 Jed Perkins Margay   St. Petersburg, FL USA
29 Miguel Ruiz TB Kart JaM Racing Keystone Heights, FL PUR
108 Luis Fernandez BirelART   Hollywood, FL USA
136 Dylan Amundsen MGM DP Racing Brooksville, Florida USA
211 Colin Warren VLR TS Racing / TB Kart USA Naples, FL USA
248 Frankie Barroso BirelART RYSA Miami Shores, FL USA
601 Michel Garrido Tony Kart   Miami, FL USA


Briggs Heavy

Almost all of the talent in the Briggs Heavy class from SSKC’s opening weekend have put their names back in the hat for weekend number two. Jorge Ruiz (TB Kart / JaM Racing) had a breakout weekend back in March, putting on his most dominating performance to date. The driver from Savannah, Georgia, is back this weekend in Miami.

He’s got a host of local talent stacked against him. Topping the list is a few drivers from the RYSA Racing camp, including the likes of Dan Breitenstein (BirelART / RYSA), Manny Sola (BirelART / RYSA), and Franco Cipullo (Praga / RYSA). With that said, there are still plenty of Central Florida drivers who could play spoiler with Neil Breitenbach (MGM), Gabe Kuret (Tony Kart), and more filling up the rest of the entry list.

5 James Perkins Margay Perkins St. Petersburg, FL USA
10 John Morris Comet Eagle Slo-Mo Racing St. Augustine, FL USA
12 Gabe Kuret Tony Kart JaM Racing Orlando, FL USA
14 Roy Avery TB Kart HRA Motorsports Tarpon Springs, FL USA
21 Manny Sola BirelART RYSA Racing Miami, FL USA
46 Franco Cipullo Praga RYSA Racing Miami, FL USA
52 Heath Baker Comet Eagle   Yulee, FL USA
88 Neil Breitenbach MGM MGM Tampa, FL USA
92 Jorge Ruiz TB Kart JaM Racing Savannah, GA USA
606 Dan Breitenstein BirelART RYSA RACING Miami Beach, FL USA


IAME Mini Swift

With two frontrunners from the opening weekend absent from the pre-entry grid, Miguel Costa (Parolin / MC Racing), Jorge Ortiz (Tony Kart / SuperTune USA), and Max Garcia (Kart Republic / KartSport) now find themselves on the top of the championship standings. However, that doesn’t mean the series’s stop in Homestead will see just the three of them up front. Jakub Kolar (Formula K / DucTard Racing) is always stellar when it comes to defending his home turf, and JC Karting’s Sebastian Wheldon (Kosmic / JC Karting) has been picking up steam lately as well.

12 Beckham Jacir Kosmic JC Karting Miami, FL USA
88 Salim Hanna Tony Kart Team Montoya Barranquilla COL
101 Beckham Toupikov Energy AKT Racing Team Kingston JAM
105 Miguel Costa Parolin MC Racing Miami, FL USA
110 Jorge Ortiz Tony Kart SuperTune USA Orlando, FL USA
111 Scarlett Toupikov Energy AKT Racing Team Kingston JAM
129 Tom Shoecraft Energy AKT Racing Team Port Charlotte, FL USA
140 Max Garcia Kart Republic KartSport NA Coconut Grove, FL USA
196 Jakub Kolar Formula K DucTard Racing / JP Star Key West, FL USA
198 Sebastian Wheldon Kosmic JC Karting St. Petersburg, FL USA


TaG Senior / TaG Master

Colin Warren (TB Kart) and Brandon Simeone (Kart Republic) each came away from Ocala with a main event win under their belt. They should come in as the early favorites in the TaG Senior division, but Miami drivers Jack Copeland (BirelART / RYSA) and Joshua Wright (BirelART / RYSA) have both been quite fast as of late. There should still be a few additions to the grid before racing gets underway on Saturday, as the TaG Senior division in Florida continues its rebirth.

3 Jack Copeland BirelART RYSA Racing Miami Beach, FL USA
10 Joshua Wright BirelART RYSA Racing Coral Springs, FL USA
34 Brandon Simeone Tony Kart   Jupiter, FL USA
311 Colin Warren TB Kart TB Kart USA Naples, FL USA
333 Kai Palomino BirelART Andersen Racing Team Miami, FL USA
391 Glauber Granero Tony Kart VMotorsport Miami, FL BRA


604 Adam Wright BirelART PRD West Palm Beach, FL USA


IAME X30 Junior

Once again, the highest entry total comes in the IAME X30 Junior division. Zanella Racing’s Jeremy Fletcher (Tony Kart / Zanella Racing) put on one heck of a showing in Ocala. However, as the series heads south, so does Fletcher’s hometrack advantage. Now, home territory falls in favor of the likes of Lucas Rodriguez (Kart Republic / KartSport), Leonardo Hassan (Tony Kart / MedStep), and 2018 TaG Junior Champion Alessandro de Tullio (Exprit / AM). The stacked field of 15+ drivers is no joke, and guessing a winner will be far from easy.

7 Emerson Fittipaldi Exprit Fittipaldi Racing Sao Paulo BRA
207 Nikita Johnson FA Kart AKT Racing Gulfport, FL USA
216 Alessandro De tullio Exprit AM Racing Team Doral, FL USA
225 Aaron Benoit Comp Kart URace Jupiter, FL USA
229 Kekai Hauanio Tony Kart Newt Racing Riverview, FL USA
233 Artie Flores Exprit Fittipaldi Racing Mexico City MEX
243 Joey Atanasio Tony Kart D-Max motorsports Windermere, Fl USA
701 Jack Jeffers Tony Kart Orsolon Racing San Antonio, TX USA
722 Jeremy Fletcher Tony Kart Zanella Racing St. Cloud, FL USA
727 Hayden Bradley BirelART Andersen Racing Team Seminole, FL USA
728 Michael Mallardi BirelART Andersen Racing Team St. Petersburg, FL USA
738 Tyler McIntyre BirelART Andersen Racing Team Palmetto,  FL USA
777 Kyffin Simpson Tony Kart Speed Concepts Racing Bridgetown BAR
778 Ashton Chilton TB Kart TB Kart USA Key Largo, FL USA
786 Leonardo Hassan Tony Kart MedStep Racing Miami, FL USA
795 Lucas Rodriguez Kart Republic KartSport NA Miami, FL USA


204 Bobby Bears Tony Kart   Oldsmar, FL USA


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