ROK Sonoma Presented By Sanzaru Is Ready to ROK Sonoma for Race 2

With a beautiful spring forecast, Race #2 should make for lots of fun in the sun. The track layout will be the challenging Reverse Sprint and Junior ROK will be the Feature Class.

Junior ROK has produced many great Champions and 2019 looks to be on be on this same track. At Race #1, there were many drivers from Junior ROK of 2018 that moved up to Senior ROK. The Challenge of the Americas 2019 Junior ROK Champion, William Ferguson is now racing in Senior and was the 1st Place winner in Race #1. But his competition is tough with last year’s Seniors that have returned: Bijoy Garg, Dakota White, Aiden O’Neill, and Eddie Shimmon. There are also some newcomers Rithik Ranadive, Matt Winfrey, Jim McKinney, Sandler Hoffman and Ryan Martin with the possibility of Wesley Boswell returning this race.

Master ROK Shifters have almost doubled from last year with many new faces to challenge last year’s contenders, Patrick O’Neill. Kevin Woods, Michael Guasch, Jim Inglebright, Travis Bowles and Aaron Farris to name a few, many of who have have returned for 2019. Let’s hope the new faces such as Jim Van Sickle, Neil Joseph, Dayo Gomih, Jeff Mills, Arman Afifi, Raza Uddin, Greg Hoff, and Dee Baldwin can take on the challenge for all year long.

On-Line Registration – We’ll be using to manage our registrations, making it quick and easy for you to check into our events. Our upcoming ROK Sonoma Race #2 on April 27-28 is now open for registration. Here’s the link to sign up: If you don’t already have a MotorsportReg account, you will be prompted to create one as part of the registration process. If you have questions about how to use MotorsportReg, email: and they’ll help you out. If you have questions about the event, contact Paula at

Simraceway will have an Arrive and Drive race during our Saturday practice. These drivers are possible future ROK drivers so please support and encourage them. Arrive & Drivers will have seven sessions of practice, qualifying, and racing. ROK drivers will have 10-minute practice sessions in the morning and early afternoon. After 2 pm we will return to our regular 15-minute sessions until 5 pm possibly 6 pm. ROK drivers will have a discounted practice rate of $50.

The race weekend will start with a Practice day on Saturday. All ROK Sonoma classes will be able to get in as many as nine practice sessions during the day. Practice starts at 8:10 am and runs to 5:00 pm but possibly 6:00. Registration will open at 7:00 am. Practice is open to all drivers who are up to normal racing speeds with a kart that meets current karting safety specifications. Cost is $50.

Sunday’s race day begins at 8:10am with a quick round of practice for the six race groups followed by a five-lap timed Qualifying session, two Pre-Mains giving Micro/Mini 10 laps and remaining classes 12 laps. The Main will have Micro/Mini 15 laps Senior & Master Shifters 25 laps and 18 laps for the remaining classes. Registration opens at 6:45 am. Race Entry is $110 for the first class, $75 for the second. $15 for transponder rental if needed, $250 Full-size Bridgestones, $235 Cadet Bridgestones, $85 5 gals VP fuel, $21 for Motul oil, $10 for all crew and spectators, and kids under 12 are $5.

Fuel, Oil and Tires purchase is required for ALL classes. VP C12 Fuel – 5 gals, Motul 2t Oil, 1 liter and Bridgestone YLR tires will be a required purchase at each race for all classes except Micro, Mini & 100cc classes. Micro, Mini & 100cc are only required to purchase as needed, and the Bridgestone tires will be Stamped. Micro, Mini & 100cc tires will be checked at the scales after qualifying. If the driver in those classes is not running stamped tires, the driver will be required to change to stamped tires and start in the rear of his class.

2019 Supplemental rules are posted on the Sanzaru Karting website

Registration is at the Guest Services building on the left side as you enter Sonoma Raceway, look for the Sanzaru Games Registration sign.

You can get more information about the Sanzaru Games Karting Championships as well as the weekend schedule by going to

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