2018 Briggs & Stratton Weekly Racing Series Standings Profile – Cayden Fretwell

Road America Karting Club Sportsman champion among the top-10 in North America

The 2018 season marked the fourth year of the Briggs & Stratton Weekly Racing Series Presented by RLV. The purpose of the effort is to promote the grassroots Briggs 206 program across North America, providing racers with the opportunity to match up against other drivers from across the United States and Canada. Through the support of their racers, clubs and tracks signed up for the program and, in return, both the tracks and racers received prizes at the end of the season, including many products produced by Briggs & Stratton.

The 2018 Briggs WRS program welcomed a combined 3,400 racers in Senior/Masters and Junior competition, enjoying just over 50 participating tracks throughout North America. Over the past four years, the program has welcomed a total of 15,000 competing racers and, with the help of RLV, the Hilliard Corporation and Amsoil, over $150,000 in prizes have been awarded.

eKartingNews.com is now recognizing the top-10 overall in the USA and Canada Senior/Masters divisions and the Junior ranks. For complete rankings, visit the Briggs WRS 2018 Final Report and for more on the program, visit www.briggsracing.com

Top-10 Briggs Weekly Racing Series Junior Profiles

#10 – Lanie Buice

#9 – Kyle Sheard

#8 – Cale Zimmerman

Junior #7 – Cayden Fretwell
Points: 191.5
Track: Road America Karting Club

Age: 11
Sheboygan, Wisconsin
5th Grade Student at Pigeon River Elementary School
Just Kids Dental, Alaark Tooling and Automation, Dumper Dan Sportsfishing Charters, Faster Motors, O’Callahan’s Embroidery, On the Go Products, Falls Ace Hardware, ID Designs, Robert Rusch Inc., Angler’s Avenue
Years Karting:

2018 Briggs WRS Events

R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 R8 R9 R10 R11 Avg
0 27 0 25 29.25 13 25 29 27.25 29 0 23.9

Back to back drivers from the Road America Karting Club in the Junior standings. The club that races at the CTECH Manufacturing Motorplex inside the famed Road America facility. The RAKC hosts two championship series – a nine-round weekend series along with a 12-race weeknight series. A combination of races made up the 11 rounds to make up the RAKC schedule for the Briggs Weekly Racing Series program. The top driver from the RAKC is Cayden Fretwell. Fretwell finished the 2018 season as the RAKC champion in the weeknight series, earning five victories in 12 rounds. The combination of results from the two series put him seventh in the Junior Briggs WRS standings, which is a great improvement from 52nd in 2017 and 2016.

Cayden’s love for karting began with a family trip to Mt. Olympus Waterpark and Themepark in the Wisconsin Dells at age 7. With Cayden steering the wheel and dad controlling the pedal, that moment sparked his fire for kart racing. It only took a few days later before the family purchased a Tony Kart Kid Kart to race with the Road America Karting Club in 2015.

“Because of Cayden’s age when he started racing, we were only offered the option of racing a Comer or Briggs engine package,” stated Cayden’s mother Jenny. “We decided on the Briggs engine package because it was a reasonably priced engine option that could move with him as he progressed from the Kid Kart class into the Briggs Sportsman class at Road America Karting Club. The Briggs 206 engine package has been a reliable and affordable option as he was able to run the same engine for the last 4 years and be very competitive.”

“Racing at Road American CTech Motorplex has been an amazing experience for Cayden. The different track configurations and the technicality of the track have helped Cayden to grow into an exceptional racer. He enjoys heading to the track every Tuesday evening during the race season to spend time with the friends he has made. The people we have met through karting have become a family to us. We spend time together during the off season as well and have developed some great friendships with them over the last for years.”

Cayden also raced with the American Super Cup Series, where he drove a half-scale NASCAR on a paved oval track. He finished the series in 6th place on the season. His heart is in karting, and his focus will be on karting for the 2019 season, moving up to the Briggs 206 Junior class this season with eyes on the prize in the Road America Karting Club and Cup Karts North America series.

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