Shifter Classes Evolve for Gearup in 2019

Shifter kart racing has always added a cool factor in karting that has made the sport incredibly exciting. 45 HP, Six speeds and standing starts are definitely the highlight from a spectators view but the power and capability of a shifter kart is truly something special to command on a racing circuit. In our early stages of promoting events, the F-Series hosted shifter racing in conjunction with the NESKS and in the later stages realized joining the two programs would create an easier more complete racing program for our community. Over the past eight years we have enjoyed incredible racing, fabulous friendships and epic support from shops and manufactures such as Vortex racing engines. Staying true to our format and consistent platform has benefited us in many circumstances but also kept us from growing as this industry is ever changing. In the coming 2019 season the

F-Series shifter program will evolve into a program that will cater to an even broader shifter racer base.

Simply said KZ!

We are truly perplexed by the fact that this shifter class is not the standard in the US, as all major international karting promoters host incredible competitions with multiple levels of the KZ classes. While the platform has been largely ignored the F-Series has decided to double down and promote the the KZ 2 category as its written by the main authority of the rules the CIK / FIA. From the weight to the engine and all accessories the rules and regulations will be followed to the highest standard. Our objective is to bring the F-Series even further in line with our international partners and work on a streamline global program that works to finally bring continuity to our sport.

Formula Shifter

This new shifter category will give many racers with most current engines the opportunity to race the package of their choice. Included in this category will of course be the popular and clear choice of any spec shifter engine the ROK. The rules for this engine will be as per our long time partners ROK Cup USA have made them available. The reliable and steady workhorse of shifter racing the Honda motor will surely be a huge part of this competition. The rules for Honda will not change from the previous years set by Tag USA, this current set of engine rules have worked well while creating great reliability. Also included will be the KZ motor package this will have slightly modified rules from our CIK version. The KZ rules package will be very similar to our previous years regulations with a more accommodating approach were previously homolegated  parts and engines are easily used. The complete rules and regulations will be released shortly as our research must result in a fair and balanced class structure for all competitors.

Honda 385 – Rok 395 – KZ 405


As promised earlier in our release this new class structure will cater to a wider spectrum of drivers. The weights and rules will be spread out to be more accommodating thru our three classes. With weight and age being a huge factor in racing we feel it will certainly give everyone a competitive atmosphere while fun remains the main objective of the series and sport. Our IRONMAN category will offer a great balance for our veteran drivers over 43 years of age while Formula Shifter will be tiered slightly higher in weight than the KZ 2. The engine rules in IRONMAN will mimic the multi engine platform of Formula Shifter. With so many uncertainties and choices in our sport we feel these class options will make it easy for teams and drivers to participate while creating fields that will spark excitement nationally and internationally.

All details regarding these changes will be listed on and of course our 2019 technical manual.

Honda 405 – Rok 415 – KZ 425

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