2018 IAME International Final – Friday Report

Crews and Fletcher still leading Team USA in France

The third day was completed at the Le Mans Karting International circuit in France for the 2018 IAME International Final. Weather halted the action on Thursday, forcing a reschedule of Friday’s action to included those final heat races into the mix. While the day began with a damp track, no more rain provided a clean race track for the entire schedule. One more day left of heat races on Saturday remain before its main event time on Sunday.

Live timing and video will be available throughout the event at the IAME website

Time Table

Entry List

IAME Senior

It was not a great day for the Senior contingent of Team USA. United States Pro Kart Series champion Brandon Jarsocrak started the day off good, before a starter issue put him at the tail of the field in his second heat to gave him another result outside the top-20. The same for three-time SKUSA champion Ryan Norberg, who started the day out poorly before climbing up nine spots in his second heat. WKA ticket winner Josh Green suffered a pushback bumper penalty in his first heat, while improving his position in the other two motos. Texas ProKart Challenge champion Alejandro Jaramillo was inside the top-15 in both his races, while Florida driver Kai Palomino sat outside the top-20 in his three runs.

#242 – Josh Green (Kart Republic)

Qualifying Combined: 78th – Group F (Row 10)
Warm-up (Group 4): 17th – 56.064
Heat DvsF: 29th +5-second penalty
Heat FvsG: 16th
Heat CvsF: 16th

#309 – Brandon Jarsocrak (Kart Republic)

Qualifying Combined: 24th – Group H (Row 3)
Warm-up (Group 3): 5th – 56.561
Heat AvsH: 7th +5-second penalty
Heat EvsH: 25th +5-second penalty

#318 – Alejandro Jaramillo (Exprit)

Qualifying Combined: 37th – Group E (Row 5)
Warm-up (Group 1): 14th – 1:03.487
Heat EvsH: 9th
Heat BvsE: 15th

#334 – Kai Palomino (Birel ART)

Qualifying Combined: 141st – Group F (Row 18)
Warm-up (Group 1): 2nd – 1:00.798
Heat DvsF: 31st +5-second penalty
Heat FvsG: 23rd
Heat CvsF: 32nd +5-second penalty

#348 – Ryan Norberg (Birel ART)

Qualifying Combined: 81st – Group A (Row 11)
Warm-up (Group 1): 4th – 1:01.843
Heat AvsH: 32nd
Heat AvsD: 12th

IAME Junior

United States Pro Kart Series champion Nicholas Terlecki continues to fight back from a poor qualifying effort. Terlecki gained 31 positions in his three heat races on the day to put himself in contention for a B-Main bid. A pushback bumper penalty cost Canadian Leung from two top-10 results in his heat races. Still, he continues advancing tomorrow and may see himself near the transfer position.

#188 – Nicholas Terlecki (Kart Republic)

Qualifying Combined: 97th – Group F (Row 14)
Warm-up (Group 4): N/A
Heat DvsF: 18th
Heat FvsG: 17th
Heat CvsF: 18th

#189 – Jason Leung (Kosmic)

Qualifying Combined: 51st – Group B (Row 8)
Warm-up (Group 1): 9th – 55.985
Heat BvsE: 18th +5-second penalty
Heat BvsD: 7th


Leading Team USA thus far is Brent Crews and Jeremy Fletcher. Only two session on track today for the youngest category as Crews added another heat race win to his from yesterday. In the same race, Fletcher drove up from 12th to sixth in the first lap, just losing fifth on the final circuit. Their final heat is tomorrow to set the lineup for Sunday’s action.

#831 – Brent Crews (Kart Republic)

Heat Group: B (Row 1)
Warm-up (Odd): 1st – 1:01.448
Heat BvsC: 1st

#832 – Jeremy Fletcher (Kart Republic)

Heat Group: C (Row 6)
Warm-up (Odd): 2nd – 1:01.731
Heat BvsC: 6th

#866 – Yuchen Qiu (Falcon)

Heat Group: A (Row 16)
Warm-up (Odd): 35th – 1:04.699
Heat AvsD: 29th +5-second penalty

IAME Master

One of the classes that was postponed to today was the IAME Master CvsD heat race. SKUSA Pro Tour champion Leonardo Nienkotter was in that race, which was restarted. The Brazilian had dropped to 11th yesterday, and remained there. He finished off the day getting pushed back in his second heat race. United States Pro Kart Series champion Laurentiu Mardan lost five spots in his heat race for a pushback bumper penalty, hurting his chances at making the main event on Sunday.

#441 – Leonardo Nienkotter (CompKart)

Heat Group: D (Row 1)
Warm-up (Odd): 17th – 56.260
Heat CvsD: 11th
Heat AvsD: 10th

#482 – Laurentiu Mardan (Tecno)

Heat Group: A (Row 10)
Warm-up (Even): 19th – 57.029
Heat AvsD: 20th +5-second penalty

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