EKN Trackside: 2018 WKA Manufacturers Cup Series – New Castle Sunday Report

Double dip action from Garrison, Jarsocrak, Rogero, Wharff, Rubio-Luengo with Crews earning three

Austin Garrison added to his win total in IAME Senior (Photo: EKN)

The fifth event for the World Karting Association Manufacturers Cup Series came to a close Sunday at the New Castle Motorsports Park. The New Castle, Indiana facility hosted the Nitro Kart Nationals this weekend, as racers contested Round 9 and 10 around the ‘40’ layout, measuring out at 0.86-miles. Today saw no fog, and with the early starting time, competitors contested qualifying, Prefinal and Final to wrap up the weekend with perfect racing weather where seven drivers doubled up

A sixth victory on the season has all but locked up the championship for Austin Garrison (Fullerton) in IAME Senior. It was a near carbon copy of Saturday with Alexander Kardashian (CompKart), subbing for Terrin Odom on the weekend, setting fast time and winning the Prefinal. Garrison was giving chase in both, waiting for the 20-lap Final to pull the trigger. Taking the lead on lap three, Garrison never looked back and drove away to a three-second advantage. Kardashian settled for second once again, with Matthew Mockabee (Kart Republic) a close third. The fight on track was for fourth, including Mick Gabriel (FA Kart) and Tyler Trent (Tony Kart). Contact in turn one on lap 17 ended their chance at a top-five finish, allowing Colin Neal (Kart Republic) to finish fourth and Texan Jacob Loomis (VemmeKart) to fifth.

With Blake Hunt on the side of the kart, Brandon Jarsocrak swept the action on the day in KA100 Senior (Photo: WKA)

Brandon Jarsocrak gave Blake Hunt maximum points in his bid for a championship in the KA100 Senior division. Jarsocrak subbed for Hunt, who suffered a broken collar bone last weekend in a mountain bike incident, and was able to perform a sweep on the day. Jarsocrak piloted his KartSport North America / Kart Republic machine to fast time in qualifying, before leading all laps of the Prefinal and Final, including best lap in the main event. Emory Lyda (Merlin) was the top challenger all weekend, and attempted a last lap move in turn five, only to push wide on the exit and settle into second. Colin Neal (Kosmic) completed the podium with Brad Brittin (Merlin) fourth and Taylor Stanford (CompKart) fifth.

In her return to the driver’s seat in WKA competition, Ashley Rogero (Parolin) doubled up in Yamaha Senior on the weekend. The Nitro Kart driver coach did double duty, and was behind early on the day with Matthew Mockabee (Energy) setting fast time in qualifying and winning the Prefinal. Mockabee and Rogero went back and fourth during the 18-lap Final, with Ashley able to hold on to the victory at the line by 65 thousandths of a second. Hunter Peri (FA Kart) won the battle for third ahead of Geoffrey Crutchleo (Top Kart) and Caden Taylor (Energy).

Ashley Rogero double dipped in the Yamaha Senior class (Photo: EKN)

It was a bit of redemption for Connor Zilisch in IAME Junior. The Tony Kart driver had a victory taken away at the SKUSA event last month for a questionable jump start. Zilisch was among the contenders all weekend, but really shined on Sunday. Placing seventh in qualifying behind fast driver and Saturday winner Luca Mars (Tony Kart), Zilisch charged through the field to cross the line first in the Prefinal. It was taken away with a passing under yellow penalty to hand Connor Ferris (Top Kart) the race win and pole position for the Final. Zilisch started on the outside of row one, grabbing the holeshot and going on to lead all 20 laps for his first WKA victory. Mars drove to second with Ferris ending up third. Garrett Adams (FA Kart) drove from 13th to fourth with Hayden Jones (Kosmic) in fifth.

It looked as if Luca Mars (Kosmic) was going to sweep the action in the Yamaha Junior class. Mars set fast time in qualifying and then won the Prefinal. The fight for the win in the Final however was exciting. Not so much for Mars as he was shuffled back out of the lead group on lap six. This allowed Kaden Wharff (Top Kart), Garrett Adams (FA Kart) and Ian Quinn (Kosmic) to battle for lead, exchanging the top spots a number of times. Wharff was able to grab the lead late, and held off a challenge from Quinn, including a drag race to the line. The margin was 66 thousandths of a second with Wharff earning his seventh victory of the season. Quinn and Tyler Ferris (Top Kart) joined him on the podium as Mars fought back to fourth ahead of Adams, who recorded fast lap of the race.

Kaden Wharff locked up his seventh victory of the season in Yamaha Junior with a photo finish (Photo: EKN)

Mateo Rubio-Luengo (Parolin) joined list of double winners on the weekend by sweeping the main events in Mini Swift. Logan Adams (Benik) stole the fast time in qualifying before he lost the battle in the Prefinal to Mateo. Adams lost the draft in the Final as Rubio-Luengo and Brent Crews (Nitro Kart) pushed away. Mateo led at the white flag, running a defensive line through many of the corners. Coming out of the Monza, the two nearly made contact, with Rubio-Luengo coming away still leading and grabbing the checkered flag ahead of Crews. Adams ran solo in third with Thomas Annunziata (Nitro Kart) fourth and Ben Maier (Nitro Kart), making his Mini Swift debut in fifth.

Crews was however able to grab his third victory of the weekend, winning the Sunday in the Briggs 206 Cadet class again. Crews (Nitro Kart) was able to hold off Aryton Grim (Nitro Kart) in both the Prefinal and Final. The first by 95 thousandths and the Final by 89 thousandths. Top qualifier Danny Dyszelski (FA Kart) joined them on the podium with Ben Maier (Nitro Kart) fourth and James Overbeck (Nitro Kart) fifth.

Mateo Rubio-Luengo doubled up in Mini Swift (Photo: EKN)

Logan Adams (Benik) stopped Crews for earning a second victory in Yamaha Sportsman. Adams set fast time in qualifying with Crews (Nitro Kart) winning the Prefinal. The two pulled away in the Final. On the final circuit, Crews took over the lead in the Monza, but Adams was able to strike back at I-70. That move gave Adams the lead and the victory, with Crews settling for second. Annie Rhule (Energy) joined them on the podium with Danny Dyszelski (Parolin) and Addison Ianniello (Nitro Kart) completing the top-five.

Ben Maier (Nitro Kart) decided overnight to move up to the Mini Swift category, thus giving the opportunity for the first time winner in the category. Cameron Myers (Margay) set things up with fast lap in qualifying. Aryton Grim (Nitro Kart) edged him out for the Prefinal win by 92 thousandths of a second. In the Final, Cameron Weinberg (Nitro Kart) jumped from third to first in the opening lap. Weinberg led all 18 laps of the Final to score his first career victory. Last lap action for second put Grim on the sidelines, with Hoyt Mohr (Nitro Kart) coming up from sixth to second. Officials however penalized Mohr for contact, thus promoting Cameron Myers (Margay) to second and Miles Murray (Nitro Kart) to third. Carson Weinberg (Nitro Kart) and Caleb Tarter (Benik) were fourth and fifth.

Brent Crews won three times this weekend, including both Finals in Briggs 206 Cadet (Photo: EKN)

Hunter Floyd doubled up in the win column on the weekend, besting the field by 32 seconds in the Final ahead of JJ O’Neil. Casey Quinn broke up the perfect weekend for Floyd, earning fast time in qualifying. She would go on to finish third ahead of Sam Tutwiler and Chase Groh.

The 2018 WKA Manufacturers Cup Series will close out the season on October 26-28 at the GoPro Motorplex in Mooresville, North Carolina.

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