Superkarts! USA Confirms Class Structure for SuperNationals 22

Superkarts! USA has confirmed the revised class structure for the popular and world-renowned SKUSA SuperNationals for 2018. The model will also guide the 2019 SKUSA ProTour competition program, as SKUSA ushers in the long awaited SKUSA SSE Engine from IAME.

Based on empirical evidence and customer feedback, SKUSA has decided that they will be combining both the senior and masters shifter kart categories into two new classes: ‘Pro Shifter’ and ‘Master Shifter.’ S1 and S2 will now be ‘Pro Shifter’ and S4 and S4SM will now simply be ‘Master Shifter.’

“Naturally, this was a difficult decision to make,” remarked SKUSA president Tom Kutscher. “The opinions are deeply divided on each side of the argument, and some may note that this is the second time we’ve proposed this. We reversed course once in the interests of a vocal minority; however, the entries no longer justify the current class structure.”

Shifter Classes By The Numbers:
2017 SKUSA SuperNationals — 67% of capacity in 4 separate Honda classes
2018 SKUSA WinterNationals — 56% capacity in 2 Honda combined groups, 4 classes
2018 SKUSA SpringNationals — 48% capacity in 2 Honda combined groups, 4 classes

Lap times and overall customer experience were deciding factors in the decision, rooted in both driver safety and event efficiency. “The lap times of the particular classes tell the ultimate story,” SKUSA’s National Director of Competition Joe Janowski elaborated. “The numbers don’t lie, and you have drivers in the S2 class who are running as quick as, or quicker than, many of the S1 field. The same applies for pilots in the master classes. It goes without saying, a decision like this will upset some. But we feel at the ‘pro’ level of karting, fast drivers should race with other fast drivers.”

SKUSA’s Tom Kutscher was quick to cite the obvious, “The IAME X30 and Swift classes will remain untouched. The parity, competition, and entries in those classes are great as is and we see no reason to change anything.”

If there’s one question that ranks among the top two that Superkarts! USA receives on any given day, it’s easily between ‘Will SKUSA ever invest in or pursue enticing newcomers to the sport?’ and ‘Will SKUSA ever introduce new classes to the class structure?’ In an exciting bit of news, SKUSA is pleased to now say the answer to both is: YES.

SKUSA is proud to confirm that they will be introducing the popular KA100 class to both the regional and national class structures this year. The class format has been popular in the eastern United States for some time, and is steadily proliferating west. The continued interest in the class now makes it undeniable to consider at both the regional and national levels.

“The KA engine is something we’ve been keeping an eye on for a long time,” Tom Kutscher admitted. “It’s been arguably one of the most anticipated engines to the SKUSA program, short of the new incoming shifter. The format is one that excites me on many levels, primarily for the relative low cost and attractiveness for newcomers to the sport.”

SKUSA will offer both a KA100 Junior and KA100 Senior class in Vegas this year – although the engine will make its SKUSA debut at this year’s Streets of Lancaster Grand Prix on September 29-30. Here KA100 Junior and a combined KA100 Senior/Master class will be offered. Both event schedules are currently being optimized so that competitors wanting to enter both X30 and KA100 classes – and maybe even a shifter class – will have plenty of time between their sessions on track. Both KA100 SuperNationals classes will run on the harder Evinco Blue tires, with 7.10 sized rears and each competitor receiving two sets for the event.

With the new inclusions, many competitors are eager to see the finalized class structure for this year’s SKUSA SuperNationals, taking place at the Rio All-Suites Hotel and Casino this November 14-18, 2018. It is as follows:

Class Age Weight (Lbs) Class Capacity
Pro Shifter 15+ 385 44
Master Shifter 30+ 410 44
KZ 15+ 385 44
Micro Swift 7 to 10 225 44
Mini Swift 9 to 13 245 88
X30 Junior 12 to 15 320 88
X30 Senior 15+ 365 88
X30 Master 30+ 395 88
KA100 Junior 12 to 15 320 44
KA100 Senior 15+ 360 44

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