WORD Racing Introduces Karting Socks

Introducing the world’s first high performance kart racing socks. WORD Racing, based in the Pacific Northwest, has taken the lead on designing this unique product geared at providing a better feel for the pedal while also using keeping your feet comfortable. The new WORD Racing Karting Socks are ultra-thin, and super durable for the ultimate pedal feel. No slip design protects against chafing and blisters and doesn’t bunch up in your shoes. Sweat wicking technology and mesh upper for the best in cool comfort. Available in four sizes with tall cuff to work with all heights of racing shoes and prevent gaps between suit and shoe.

Manufactured in the USA by the same company that makes socks for many competitors in the Tour de France, these have been heavily field tested for durability, cooling, and keeping feet dry. Now with a taller cuff and other unique features, the WORD Racing Karting Socks are the perfect fit for kart racers and thin-soled racing shoes. Step up your game by stepping into some real karting socks for the best in comfort, performance, and control. Four different sizes are only available at WORD Racing – www.wordracing.com/kart-racing-socks.htm

WORD Racing high-performance kart shop is located in Clackamas, Oregon. WORD Racing is an authorized dealer for iKart Indianapolis and Tony Kart. WORD Racing also specializes in safety and performance accessories including Zamp helmets, and provides trackside support and coaching. Find out more at www.wordracing.com

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